Review: Trexta Snap On Leather Racing Series iPhone Case

While not quite “soft Corinthian leather,” the Trexta Snap On Leather Racing Series case ($25) for iPhone 3G/3Gs is made out of real stitched cowhide, and while the protection it offers might not blow you away, it adds a rather elegant touch of style.

The Racing Series cases by Trexta are available in a number of different colors for both case and racing stripes, of which I reviewed the rather fetching white-black-white on red version. In terms of protection, it’s the same as just about every other slim, molded case on the market—offering protection from everyday scratches but very little shock absorption. But it does a gorgeous job in terms of aesthetics.

The inside surface of the case is matte and slightly soft to the touch, so if any particles are trapped between your phone and the plastic, it feels like they won’t scuff or scrape.

Fit-wise, Trexta have done an admirable job of making these cases fit very well, with a tight, snug cling all the way around the body. It has gaps in the shell for the camera, ports and switches, and a purely aesthetic logo cut through the case in the bottom right.

The protective capabilities of the case don’t feel particularly great. Large openings for the headphone ports, dock and volume controls combined with fact that the case only covers up to the base of the bezel means that there are a number of situations this case won’t protect from. Drop it on the back, and it’ll be okay, but you’ll still suffer scrapes and bruises around the front.

The selling point of the Trexta case is the design, and you can easily see why. The multiple pieces of leather with exposed stitches look drop dead sexy. I’m pretty sure the threading has no functional value, but it looks sleek. The line is called “leather racing series”, and the colors, stripes and material are all designed to invoke the look and feel of the golden age of motor sport. My only complaint? They don’t offer a British racing green version! Well, I do have one other niggling issue — the leather strips on the case are different textures. That’s not an issue in and of itself, but the glossy red areas pick up fingerprints and smudges like nobody’s business. Why couldn’t they have constructed the entire thing out of the much nicer matte material, like they did with the dark stripe.


The Trexta Snap On Leather Racing Series Slim Case ($30) is pretty much the definition of style over substance — but that’s okay! There’s nothing wrong with intentionally buying something that looks good. Sure, there are better protective cases out there. And yes, it is rather pricy compared to other, simple plastic cases. But if you want a case that looks sleek and stylish, and you don’t mind paying a bit extra for a case that’ll draw admiring eyes and a compliment or two, then we recommend it, 8.0 out of 10.