Case Review: Case-Mate Hybrid Mix & Match

The Case-Mate Hybrid Mix & Match ($20) is a case system that allows you to choose from a bevy of colors for its two piece construction, and at the same time offers pretty serious protection.

The case comes in two parts: a soft inner skin and hard outer shell. The softer inner skin is available in 10 colors, the outer shell in eight. I picked up red and gray, which I think looks pretty good (though in these photos it looks a bit hot pink). The pieces come in at $15 a section, and they can be bought individually, so you can change whichever bit of it you like.

The inner skin slides on easily enough, but the outer shell takes a bit of wrestling to get in place properly. It’s very easy to be off by just a small amount, and have it not fit right. The first time I put the case on, the shell trapped the volume rocker, and constantly pressed on it, making it impossible for me to control how loud my iPhone was. If you don’t take your case on and off often, this won’t be an issue, but if you’re constantly changing what you want your phone to look like, it’s a pain.

The skin has openings for the lock, headphone port, speakers, and dock. Lock and volume are both covered. It’s pretty thick and substantial, which is great for protection, but gave me some grief with my headphones. One set I had were a bit too big around to fit into the hole in the silicone, and so didn’t have a great connection. However, this varies from headphone model to model, so your mileage may vary. There’s also a rather annoying but unavoidable part of the case, which is the thin strip of silicone at the dock connecter. It’s small enough that it catches on things and stretches.

Okay, enough of the bad stuff. Even though it seems like I’m slamming this case, I actually really liked it. The hard shell has a fantastic texture that makes it easy to grip, but isn’t overly abrasive. It stays easily in your hand, and is solid enough to offer great protection. The silicone inner sleeve is soft but resilient, and thick enough to take a nasty spill or to. It’s quite similar to the OtterBox Commuter TL, with a bit more style and slightly less protection.


The Case-Mate Hybrid Mix & Match ($20) takes some pretty decent protection, and gives you a some style to go with it. If you’re a fan of cases that aren’t just boring black, like the option to switch it up a little, the Hybrid system lets you keep the cool, without sacrificing safety. It’s comfortable, looks good, and will protect against bumps and bruises. Getting it on and off is a bit tricky, but once it’s in place, it’s just fine. We highly recommend this case 8.6/10