Review: Sonix Snap Slim iPhone 4 Case

If you’re looking for the absolute tiniest case imaginable, then you can’t really get much more petite than the Sonix Snap Slim Case ($24). However, while it’s light and tiny, it also feels flimsy, and likely it wouldn’t survive more than a fall or two.

The Snap Slim is designed for those who want to add as little size or weight as possible to their phone, which is where it excels. It weighs next to nothing and adds less than a millimeter in any direction. More than any other case I’ve used, you just don’t notice the extra size at all. When it’s in your pocket, there’s not that feeling of bulk that can sometimes accompany protection.

The case has a “rubberized coating”, meaning it has a slightly soft touch, which makes it less harsh to handle, and easier to grip than just raw plastic. You can grab it out of your pocket easily, and it feels like you won’t drop it.

An odd feature are the case’s “stilts”, four small projections on the screen-side of the case, designed so that when it sits face-down, it’s raised ever-so-slightly. Most companies just put a lip on the case, but not Sonix. I can’t say I’m a fan, as it ruins the otherwise straight lines of the case, and I don’t buy that it adds much.

All the buttons and ports on the iPhone 4 are completely open. Since it’s a hard shell, controls like the volume and lock have to be exposed in order to used.

These exposed areas are the start of the case’s problems. See, the downside of being so thin and light, is inherent fragility. The edges and corners of the openings and at the top of the case are all obvious weak spots, and the Amazon reviews are full of people who have accidentally snapped off small pieces of the case. The Snap Slim feels like it would only take one or two drops before it would be useless for protecting your iPhone.

Another issue, is that the case doesn’t fit very well. When you’re selling a shell of this type, one which lives or dies based on its minimal profile, it needs to fit the phone like a second skin. The one I received was noticeably loose near the base of the iPhone, and it wiggled slightly when held.


The Sonix Snap Slim Case ($24) is tiny, sleek, and absolutely minimalist — all things we appreciate. After all, Steve Jobs called this the slimmest smartphone ever, so the last thing you want to do is go around adding huge amounts of bulk to it. That said, the Snap Slim also feels excruciatingly fragile, and doesn’t fit well. If you treat your phone like an infant, it’ll probably do okay, but we can’t rely on that. Due to these issues, and the relatively high price tag, we think the case is average, and rate it 6.1 out of 10.