Review: Amzer Skin Jelly Case for iPhone 4

With the majority of iPhone cases costing in excess of $20, or else being ugly hunks of low-quality plastic, you have to wonder if it’s possible to get a decent case for your phone at a good price. The Amzer Silicone Skin Jelly Case ($10) comes in at a hair under $10, and while hardly without flaw, for that price it’s surprisingly good.

The Jelly is a simple soft silicone case, comprised of two different textures: rough and spackled around the edges and smooth on the back. The texturing reminds me of nothing so much as chew toy, hardly re-assuring. Personal views aside, the rough areas are pretty easy to grip, and pulling the phone from your pocket is a breeze.

The Amzer is is coated with “Organic Anti-Dust”, which the manufacturers claim is a special spray layer to help prevent the nooks and crannies of the case from picking up dust. I can honestly say after a couple of days of use, this case is decidedly fuzzy. The rough texture makes it a haven for pocket fluff.

There are openings for the mute switch, dock, headphones and camera. The headphone hole is a touch on the small side, and it took a bit of effort to keep my earbuds to stay. Unfortunately, there’s also a problem with the camera/flash opening — you get some weird discoloration in your photos if you use the camera flash. I’ve included some examples below, but once when out on the town, I had a photo come out much worse.

For all its flaws, the skin seems to offer some pretty good protection. It’s thick and soft enough that it’ll absorb blows. While it won’t do anything for the front of the phone, I’m pretty sure keys, drops, and the usual trouble that your phone gets into won’t be a problem.

The Amzer Jelly Cases are available in 10 different colors.


The Amzer Silicone Skin Jelly Case ($10) isn’t the sexiest case on the block. It’s simple, protects well, and will screw up your photos if you use the flash. However, it also goes for less than $10. If you’re looking for something with style and class, you’ll probably need to go elsewhere; if you need basic protection at a good price, and don’t mind a bit of a downside, the Amzer is a good choice. We recommend it — with reservations. 7.0/10