Review: iSkin Revo4 Case for iPhone 4

Designed with germophobes in mind, the iSkin Revo4 ($39.99) is a silicone case embedded with antimicrobial technology to prevent it from growing creepy crawlies all over it. Coupled with a snap-on screen protector called the ViSOR, the Revo4 is a unique take on a iPhone case — but is it good enough to warrant its expensive $40 price tag? Read on.

The Revo4 is a soft, two-tone silicone skin that not only protects the back and sides of the iPhone but also the front bezel. There is also a detachable ViSOR, which is a snap-on piece of clear plastic we’ll get to in a moment. The case comes with antimicrobial protection called Microban embedded in the silicone. The technology supposedly prevents bacteria and fungus from growing on the surface of the case. The Revo4 is also washing-machine safe, so if you are a clean freak about your iPhone, the Revo4 was designed with you in mind.

The Revo4 comes with a decidedly odd detachable visor, which is a hard, clear sheet of plastic that sits over the iPhone’s screen when it’s not in use. When in use, you slide the visor off and put it on the back of the case. The visor offers some annoyances — primarily that when it’s on the front, you can’t use the iPhone’s screen. Most clear protective screens allow you to still use the iPhone, but the Revo4’s does not. My other major beef with the visor is that its loose fit causes it to shift around and often separate from the case, requiring you to manhandle it back into place so that it sits flush and doesn’t catch on your pockets. And do we really want an easily lost detachable accessory on our iPhone? Remember PDA styluses?

I only have one other minor quibble: the silicone sleeve’s texture attracts dust and pocket lint. Other than that, the case has some nice design elements. There is an immensely pleasant tactility to it, with just enough grip that you can pull it out of pockets and hold on to it without trouble, but at the same time it’s not sticky or gummy at all. It’s also soft enough that you can jimmy it around oversized headphone plugs, always a good thing in my opinion. An attached docking port-protector (a silicone tab that fits over the iPhone’s docking port) does a grand job of protecting your vulnerable phone-orifice from getting gummed up.

iSkin also include a number of accessories, including stickers and cleaning products, which is always a sign of a company being a class act. It shouldn’t change your purchasing choice, but hey, it’s nice.


Clocking in at $40, the iSkin Revo4 ($39.99) ain’t cheap. Like seriously, not cheap. If I’m going to drop $40 on a case that essentially amounts to a silicone sleeve with a plastic cover, it had better be absolutely perfect. For less than that price, you can get any of our top ten cases. Unless you’re germphobic and terrified of what’s growing on your phone, it’s simply not worth the asking price. We give it a slight recommendation, 6.9/10, for bacteria-haters with a high budget.