Preview: iPhone 5 Cases from Case-Mate

Case-Mate Pop case for iPhone 5 with stand

Case-Mate Pop! with Stand
The Case-Mate Pop! comes with a flip-out stand built into its back, convenient for viewing while sitting at a desk or on an airplane. This year’s Pop! cases are available in a new array of “high energy” colors along with the tradition black or white. The Pop! is a two-layer protective case with a soft rubber interior and hard polycarbonate exterior. Check it out at the official Case-Mate Pop! website.
Case-Mate Tough Extreme case for iPhone 5

Case-Mate Tough Xtreme
We really liked the previous generation of the Tough (review) for its excellent protection. This year’s Tough Xtreme has been upgraded with a built-in screen protector, similar to the popular Otterbox Defender. Case-Mate says the Tough Xtreme delivers its “highest level of protection in the thinnest possible construction.” Check it out at the official Case-Mate Tough website.

CaseMate Barely There case for iPhone 5

Case-Mate Barely There
The Barely There is a Case-Mate classic. A thin, snap-on, hard plastic case with a soft-touch finish that feels comfortable holding in your hand. Available in a veritable rainbow of colors. Available soon at the official Case-Mate Barely There website.
Case-Mate Snap case for iPhone 5

Case-Mate Snap with Stand
The Snap case comes with a built-in spring-action stand that Case-Mate describes as “rapid deploy.” You’ll poke your eye out! The Snap is made from “soft material” and has a raised bezel around the front screen to offer some added protection. More info at the official Case-Mate Snap website.

Case-Mate Pop ID case for iPhone 5

CaseMate Pop! ID
Leave your wallet at home with the CaseMate Pop! ID. The Pop! ID can hold two credit cards in a specially designed pouch on the back of the case. The Pop! has a dual-layered design for solid protection that features a soft impact-resistant interior layer and a hard durable exterior layer. Available soon in several different colors from the official Case-Mate Pop! ID website.
Case-Mate Quilted case for iPhone 5

Case-Mate Madison Quilted
The stylish Case-Mate Madison Quilted case makes quite a fashion statement. The premium style means a premium price. Check out the Official Case-Mate Madison Quilted website for when more info becomes available.
Case-Mate RPET 100 Percent Recylced iPhone 5 Case

Case-Mate rPET Recycled
The Case-Mate rPET is a translucent case that is, yes, made from 100% recycled material. Feel good about yourself and still have your iPhone looking stylish, available in a wide array of translucent colors. The case looks best with a white iPhone (in my opinion). More info at the official Case-Mate rPet website.
Case-Mate Artistry Woods case for iPhone 5

Case-Mate Artistry Woods
The Case-Mate Artistry Woods offers a more natural look with its “genuine exotic hardwoods.” The cases are accented with brush aluminun accents to add durability. The case has an inner silicone rubber lining to add cushioning and shock absorption for your iPhone 5. Check it out at the official Artistry Woods website.
Case-Mate Artist Series cases for iPhone 5

Case-Mate Artist Collection
The Artist Collection from Case-Mate is a version of the Barely There case featuring special designer prints from various talented artists. The collection currently has over 80 unique designs available. You can browse through them all at the official website for the Artist Collection series.
Case-Mate Xing case for iPhone 5

Case-Mate Xing Panda
The Case-Mate Xing case features a cute panda design along with a special charm that hangs off the bottom corner. Case-Mate has 3 more animals available: a peacock, monkey, and penguin, all with their own special charms. Available from the official Case-Mate Xing website.
  1. Amy says:

    I bought the rPet and it arrived last week. I wasn’t impressed with how it felt – it is a very thin piece of plastic that I can’t believe they have the nerve to charge $35 for. Anyway, it broke as soon as I tried to put it on my new phone! :-( I’ve emailed Cast-Mate to see what they’ll say…

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