Tip: How to Quickly Add Your Favorite NFL Football Team’s Schedule to Your iPhone’s Calendar

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Want to quickly and easily add your entire favorite NFL team’s schedule to your iPhone’s calendar? If you’re reading this on an iPhone or iPad, just find your favorite team in the list below, tap subscribe, then again tap subscribe from the pop-up that appears on your iPhone.

Note that, because these are subscription calendars, they will automatically update every year (as long as the calendar owner keeps them updated). Subscription calendars are also easily removed from your iPhone’s calendar if they annoy you. To delete, go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Subscribed Calendars, select the calendar, and tap Delete Account. Also note that some of calendars below have alerts set up for each game. You can turn off the alerts by sliding the Remove Alarms tab to On in the calendar’s account settings.

The subscription calendars below are provided by SportyCal.com, where you can find more links to your favorite sports teams.

Arizona Cardinalssubscribe
Atlanta Falconssubscribe
Baltimore Ravenssubscribe
Buffalo Billssubscribe
Carolina Pantherssubscribe
Chicago Bearssubscribe
Cincinnati Bengalssubscribe
Cleveland Brownssubscribe
Dallas Cowboyssubscribe
Denver Broncossubscribe
Detroit Lionssubscribe
Green Bay Packerssubscribe
Houston Texanssubscribe
Indianapolis Coltssubscribe
Jacksonville Jaguarssubscribe
Kansas City Chiefssubscribe
Miami Dolphinssubscribe
Minnesota Vikingssubscribe
New Orleans Saintssubscribe
New England Patriotssubscribe
New York Giantssubscribe
New York Jetssubscribe
Oakland Raiderssubscribe
Philadelphia Eaglessubscribe
Pittsburg Steelerssubscribe
San Diego Chargerssubscribe
San Francisco 49erssubscribe
Seattle Seahawkssubscribe
St. Loius Ramssubscribe
Tampa Bay Buccaneerssubscribe
Tennessee Titanssubscribe
Washington Redskinssubscribe
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    Pittsburgh is incorrectly spelt.

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    philadelphia eagles Calander won’t sync to iphone Calander. Can anyone help?

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