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3 Hidden Features of the iPhone Camera’s Panorama Mode

Buildings Vertical Panorama

The panorama mode in the iPhone’s Camera app is easy to use, but it also has a few non-obvious “hidden” features. Below are 3 of these hidden features. 1. Reverse the Panorama’s Direction By Tapping the Arrow By default, the […]


Tip: How to Easily Delete Accidentally Highlighted Text in iBooks (iPhone & iPad Tip)

iBooks icon

I love using iBooks to read books on the iPad & iPhone, but there is one feature that can be annoying: highlighting text. You see, iBooks lets you highlight text simply by dragging your finger over it. The problem is, […]


An iPhone Tip for Mac Owners: How to Import iPhone Photos Without Using iPhoto

Image Capture Mac App

When importing photos from my iPhone to the Mac, I’ve found the default method—using iPhoto—to be slow and clunky. There is a better solution, however. It’s called Image Capture, and it’s built right into the Mac. Image Capture is a […]


iPhone Tip: A Special Way to Enter Birthdays on the iPhone, and Its Benefits

Birthdays on the iPhone

Birthdays get special treatment on the iPhone. They have their own unique way for adding them to the calendar much different from other calendar events. And it’s done in the…Contacts app? Yep. This special method may take a little more […]


Tip: How to Quickly Add Your Favorite NFL Football Team’s Schedule to Your iPhone’s Calendar

NFL logo

Want to quickly and easily add your entire favorite NFL team’s schedule to your iPhone’s calendar? If you’re reading this on an iPhone or iPad, just find your favorite team in the list below, tap subscribe, then again tap subscribe […]


iPhone Tip: How to Insert a Photo Into an Email Without Leaving the Mail App

Tap Compose in Mail

Want to send a photo via email on the iPhone? Apple has now made it easier. Used to be, you had to start in the Photos app (not very intuitive, I know). But now, you can do it right inside […]


iPhone & iPad Basics: How to Use Flagged Emails and the New Flagged Inbox

Flagged Email on iPhone

The Flagged inbox is a new feature introduced in the iOS 6 software update that is useful as a way to sort important emails into one central place so you can find them easier. Flagged emails from different accounts all […]


iPhone Tip: How to Receive Notifications for Emails From VIP Contacts Only

iPhone Contacts app icon

Want to get a notification for only when a specific contact sends you an email? It’s now possible thanks to the VIP contacts feature in the Mail app. It’s easy to set up, just follow the step-by-step instructions below. 1. […]


iPhone Basics: How to Take a Panorama Photo Using the Camera App

iPhone Camera icon

The new panorama function in the iPhone’s Camera app is an incredibly useful feature that allows you to easily capture beautiful wide-shot vistas and landscapes. It’s a welcome addition to the Camera app, as previous to iOS 6, iPhone users […]


iPhone Tip: How to Check Monthly Data Usage for Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint By Dialing a Number

Data usage iPhone text-message from AT&T WIreless

Now that the iPhone has LTE, your monthly data cap can be used up much, much quicker. It’s now more important than ever to be able to track exactly how much data you’ve used up so far during the month. […]

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