Review: Kensington Car Dash Mount for iPhone

One obstacle after purchasing an iPhone car mount is finding the right location to place it. Some drivers like to mount their iPhones high next to the rear view mirror, others like them to sit low on the dash for less visual obstruction. Wherever you choose, the Kensington Dash Mount ($25) conveniently includes two methods of attaching itself to your car: a suction cup for windshields and a sticky tape holder for the dashboard.

The Kensington Dash Mount can hold just about any rectangle-shaped device less than four inches wide. A blue button on the back releases two padded clamps that grip your device. You place the iPhone in between, then squeeze the clamps together until the iPhone is held snug. The foam padding protects your iPhone from scratches and squeezes around the iPhone so that it’s held securely. There are also two pivotable padded feet that the iPhone sits on. To release the iPhone from the mount, simply press the blue button again.

The long curved arm of the mount can be adjusted to move up or down, then tightened with a knob so that it no longer moves. Near the head is a ball joint that allows you to tilt the face of the iPhone in a free-swinging manner. A knob near the ball joint can be tightened so that the head of the mount won’t move while the car is in motion. The ball joint also allows for the iPhone to be viewed on its side (in landscape).

For windshield mounting, the Kensington has a suction cup attached to the base of the arm. The suction cup comes with a special lever that you pull once the cup is stuck to the window that increases the suction and tightly holds it in place. In my testing, I was able to achieve a tight hold that supported the weight of the iPhone for the entirety of a 5-hour vacation drive. It even held when condensation built up on the foggy window.

Comes with a sticky pad mount too.

For mounting to a dashboard, the Kensington comes with what looks like a shallow cupholder, the base of which is covered with sticky tape. To mount, you simply stick it to your dashboard, then use the suction cup to attach the rest of the mount to the slick plastic “cupholder.” In my tests, the suction cup held securely in the holder, as did the sticky tape. WIth a little elbow grease, the sticky tap can be removed from the dashboard. I found no damage or reside after removing the holder.

(Does not come with car adapter cord)

The mount leaves both the top and bottom of the iPhone open, so there’s plenty of space to attach a car power adapter and an audio cord to plug into your stereo.

Most impressive about the Kensington’s performance was that it remained remarkably stable during my drives. I experienced no wobbling or shaking. With the adjusting knobs turned tight, the movable parts also stayed likewise stable.


The flexibility of the Kensington Dash Mount is what makes it one of the best choices for an iPhone car mount. Its dual mounting methods, a cradle capable of holding a myriad of devices, and its movable arm and ball-joint cradle means anyone can adjust and tweak until the iPhone sits just right in the car. We rate it a 9.5 out of 10, highly recommended.


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  1. I have the Kensington iPhone windshield mount myself and I agree, it works well. I also use it for my Jamie Oliver App when I’m cooking in the kitchen:) Yes, I am the cook in the house. My wife unfortunately has no desire to cook anything unless its a cute dessert. Anyhow, I suction the mount to the countertop and scroll through the cooking app’s steps. Very useful in the kitchen as well. Cheers!

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