5 iPhone Apps That Password Protect Your Photos

There are plenty of good reasons why you might want to password protect photos on your iPhone, from protecting family photos from falling into the hands of strangers to keeping sexy photos from prying eyes. Here are 5 apps that can password protect photos on the iPhone.

My Secret Folder

My Secret Folder ($0.99) is our top choice for protecting your photos and videos, as it has several tricks up its sleeve to keep things private. First, the app’s icon camouflages itself as a folder filled with apps. Someone peepin’ your iPhone won’t suspect it’s an app at all! Next, the app requires a password to open. If someone tries to break in, the app records the password they enter and even displays the number of times someone tried to break in via a badge on the app’s icon! Download.


ePhotoChest (free) locks your private photos with a password. The app requires a password before granting access to photos. You can add photos from the iPhone’s Photo Album or via the camera. (For complete privacy simply delete the photos outside of the app.) The app supports multiple folders, landscape viewing, slideshows, and shake-to-lock. Even though your photos are protected inside the app, you can still move them in and out of the app and onto your computer easily enough if you choose to do so. Download.


PhotoFolders ($0.99) is a powerful little app that not only lets you protect your photos with a password, but also allows importing of photos from your computer via home WiFi network. Other features are drag-and-drop file support, email photos, slideshows, optional upgrade to video support. Download.

My Eyes Only Photo

My Eyes Only ($2.99) offers both password protection and encryption for your private photos. If your iPhone is stolen and hacked, 256-bit AES encryption keeps photos safe from prying eyes. Photos can be taken via the iPhone’s camera wihin the app and immedialtely be encrypted and password locked—no need to delete from the iPhone’s Photo Album. Other features include full data wipe if the wrong password is entered 6 times, sending of photos via MMS, and movement of photos back into the iPhone’s Photo Album.

Photo Safe Pro 2010

Photo Safe Pro 2010 ($1.99) password protects your photos and offers a ton of other features to boot. Probably the most powerful of the extras is the ability to transfer your photos from your computer into the app using an FTP connection. Other features include mutilple folders, slideshow, Snoop-Stopper, and a slick interface.


.folder ($0.99) is a simple app that let’s you password protect your photos. An interesting feature is a Recommended photo browser within the app that pulls sexy images from Flickr, ffffound, 4u.straghtline.jp, and tumblr. Supports importing of photos from the iPhones photo library or direct from camera.


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5 Responses

  1. John says:

    I discovered Crypt My Pic in the app store (http://cryptmypic.com) which looks the easiest and most secure, even if not so fancy.

  2. stonebyter says:

    Doc Vault does not only protect photos but any type of file.
    It works independant of the rest of the iPhone, that means the iPhone can be used as usual while the protected files need a separate pass key in order to access them.
    Included is a little browser that allows to hide the history and a tool to create pdf from text.
    Check it out here:

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