Early iPad Testers Must Black Out Their Windows, Tie Device Down

According to BusinessWeek, a select few developers have received iPads early for testing, but they must follow strict rules from Apple and send pictures proving they’re complying:

Would-be testers of the tablet-style computer, due to be released Apr. 3, must promise to keep it isolated in a room with blacked-out windows, according to four people familiar with the more than 10-page pact that bars partners from disclosing information about the iPad.

To ensure that it can’t be removed, the iPad must also remain tethered to a fixed object, said the people, who asked not to be named because their plans for the iPad have not been made public. Apple (AAPL) won’t send out an iPad until potential partners send photographic evidence that they’ve complied.

Almost sounds like they require a torture chamber. Anyone seen a dungeon at the New York Times?


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  1. Claudiu says:

    Not fair! Every developer wants to test the Ipad, so why some of us can have one, and others don’t?

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