Review: Crazy on Digital Folio iPad Case

The Crazy on Digital Folio iPad Case ($20) is high on looks, but low on functionality and features. And because its ultra affordable price can’t make up for its numerous flaws, iPad users should take a pass on this cheap (and cheaply made) case.

The Folio is made out of an attractive fake leather material that features two tones of brown: a light tan color along with reddish brown accenting. The case has stitching visible around the rim of the case as well as on the darker brown strap that runs across the case’s middle. The case has an old-fashioned yet professional look to it, and its appearance is its strongest feature.

The inside of the case is lined by a gray felt material that we found annoying. The upside of this material is that it protects the case from rubbing up against and scratching the iPad’s screen. The downside is that, when the lid of the case is pinned to the back of the iPad for normal tablet use, it feels very dry and unpleasant to hold. The felt lining has three pockets: one large pocket that is, unfortunately, not big enough to hold normal 8.5 X 11 paper sizes, and two smaller, credit-card sized pockets.

The case’s most annoying flaw is a leather flap that juts out from the case and generally makes a nuisance of itself when not in use. To keep the case closed, the flap tucks into a slot on the front of the case. But when the case is open, the flap wags around and generally gets in the way.

Elastic straps cover up buttons.

Sleep button is almost entirely covered up.

The iPad is held inside the case via elastic straps that fit over the corners of the iPad. While they do a good job of holding the iPad stable, the straps also cover up portions of the volume rocker, orientation lock, and the iPad’s microphone. While we never experienced the strap actually activating the volume button, it nevertheless is a minor nuisance. Thankfully, it’s elasticity makes it easy to move it aside to access those areas.

The case offers good accessibility to the headphone and USB docking ports. It’s possible to plug in headphones/USB docking cord when the case is closed and sitting on your desk.

In the area of protection, the Folio performs well, especially when closed, as the iPad is tucked inside without any corners/sides exposed in case of an accidental drops.

In terms of size and weight, the case is relatively slim and lightweight. It is equivalent of most leather professional portfolios with the addition of the iPad’s 1.5 pounds inside of it.


The only things going for the Crazy on Digital Folio Light Brown Leather iPad case ($20) are its good looks and its inexpensive price tag. But an annoying flap that gets in the way and a felt lining that is unpleasant to the touch ruins what should be a simple, comfortable case. We rate the Folio a 6.3 out of 10, average.


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