The 150 Best iPhone Games of All Time


76. Call of Duty: Zombies (4 stars, $4.99) is a unique combination of World War II with horror elements; specifically, zombies. Defend your bunker against waves of Nazi zombies using WWII weapons like rifles, flamethrowers, and grenades.
77. Doom: Classic (4 stars, $6.99) is the classic first-person shooter for the iPhone. Includes the original three episodes as well a new fourth. Wield those infamous weapons such as chainsaw and the BFG 9000.
78. Doom: Resurrection (4 stars, $6.99) ain’t your daddy’s Doom. It features re-imagined controls that combine tilt aiming with an on-rails adventuring. Battle hellish monsters in a space setting. Escape the space station by killing everything with an assortment of weapons.
79. Metal Gear Solid Touch (4 stars, $7.99) is a well-designed shooting game featuring the classic character Snake. Battle through 20 stages set in 5 locations throughout the world. Easy to use aim and tap controls and challenging stages make this one of the best shooting games on the iPhone.
80. Flight Control (4 stars, $0.99) is an air-traffic control game where you must land planes and helicopters by drawing their paths with your finger. The sky quickly gets crowded, and some vehicles move slower than others. A challenging and unique game.
81. Rock Band (4 stars, $4.99) is a tap-music game that simulates the infamous guitar console game. Includes 32 songs to play through, including songs from Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, Blink 182, and more.
82. 3D Rollercoaster Rush (4 stars, $2.99) is a unique game where you control a rollercoaster as it travels along tracks through a desert. Race up and down hills, through loops, and across gaps in the track. The wilder the ride you give customers, they more they love it.
83. Asphalt 5 (4 stars, $4.99) is an arcade, smash-em up racer with fast cars and beautiful women. Race at locations around the world (Vegas, Aspen, etc), win, and update your cars (Mini Cooper S, Ferrari, etc) as well as your beautiful female companions. A fun racing game that doesn’t take itself too seriously.
84. Dungeon Hunter (4 stars, $4.99) is a fun hack-n-slash fantasy fighting game. Choose from a Rogue, Knight, or Mage, and battle your way through the Kindgom as you attempt to destroy the evil queen who has taken everything from you, including your life. Like an updated Gauntlet for your iPhone.
85. Vay (4 stars, $4.99) is a cult classic RPG updated for the iPhone with widescreen graphics. Defeat monsters in turn-based combat, earn money, and upgrade your equipment. Features nice retro graphics and fun music.
86. Espgaluda II (4 stars, $8.99) is a rails shooter where you dodge and weave through a forest of bullets and destroy enemies. Beautiful graphics and tense gameplay make this one of the most exciting iPhone games.
87. Super Quickhook (4 stars, $2.99) is a fast-paced survival game where the object is to use a grappling hook to swing through a variety of environments and escape an endless avalanche. It’s the sequel to the popular Hook Champ iPhone game. Grab coins and upgrade your character with gear that will help you survive.
88. Land Air Sea Warfare (4 stars, $4.99) is a real-time strategy game that, as the name implies, put you in control of land, air, and sea units in a massive war campaign. Expand your empire by improving your military technology, defeating enemies, and gaining ground.
89. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 (4 stars, $4.99) is a port of the console game that many consider to be one of the best games ever made. A skateboarding game with surprisingly good controls. Complete goals and earn cash to unlock new levels, and purchase new tricks and skateboards.
90. X2 Snowboarding (4 stars, $2.99) is a snowboarding game where the object is win races and along the way pull off some major trickage. The tricks earn you time warp power that lets you either slow time to pull of especially wicked tricks or to reverse time to fix mistakes.
91. Warpgate (4 stars, $4.99) is a combination space trader and space combat game. Explore galaxies, develop new trade partnerships (legal and illegal), and destroy anyone who tries to stop you. Features over 100 quests, 172 starships, and 35 star systems to explore.
92. Bounce On 2: Drallo’s Demise (4 stars, $3.99) is a platformer in the classic sense. Roll a red ball, collect gems, avoid or destroy enemies, and obtain special powers along the way to help you survive. Nice 3D graphics and 21 unique musical tracks. A well-designed game with lots of gameplay.
93. ZombieSmash (4 stars, $1.99) is a defense game where you must “flick” away waves of zombies trying to attack your house. Use special power-ups that fall from the sky when things get especially hairy. Funny cartoon violence and nice graphics makes it a joy to play all the through.
94. Osmos (4 stars, $2.99) is a puzzle game where the object is to maneuver a bubble-like object in space and consume only smaller bubbles to grow. The challenge is that you yourself grow smaller as you move, using your own mass as a propellent. Other obstacles, such as gravity from giant orbs and antimatter that will shrink you, complicate your task.
95. Hero of Sparta (4 stars, $4.99) is a hack-n-slash game in the same vein as God of War. Kill mythical monsters indiscriminately with sword and shield. Cool time-slowing effects and special fight sequences make the game visually spectacular.
96. Hero of Sparta II (4 stars, $6.99) is a sequel that continues the bloody hack-n-slash style of the original. Smash your way through monsters and take on extra tough boss creatures. A well-designed combat system offers a variety of attacks that, along with constantly introduced new monsters and weapons, keeps the game fresh.
97. Plunderland (4 stars, $2.99) is a unique pirate-theme game where the object is to gather as much booty (as in pirate booty) as you can. Unique control system combines tilting the iPhone to steer the ship with touch controls to aim and fire cannons. Interact with almost anything on the screen. One of the best games of 2010.
98. Helsing’s Fire (4 stars, $0.99) is a puzzle game where the object is to reveal monsters by cleverly aiming the light from torches, then destroying the monsters by using the correct potions. A unique concept along with just the right amount of humor. Features over 90 stages to play through.
99. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (4 stars, $4.99) squeezes the entire Playstation 2 console game onto the iPhone. A combination of a platformer along with a healthy dose of combat fighting. Use multiple blades to slice up your enemies using dance-like deadly manaeuvers. Time-shift your way out of trouble. Stunning graphics that push the boundaries of the iPhone.
100. StarDunk (4 stars, free) is a unique basketball game set in space. Correctly aim and estimate the trajectory of the ball to make a basket. Earn special bonuses like wider baskets and shooting three balls at once. Spectacular graphics, unique gameplay, and a fast pace makes the game a blast.
101. Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor (4 stars, $2.99) features unique gameplay where you play a spider that you flick about the screen creating webs and catching insects, all the while trying to solve the mystery of an abandoned house. Features 38 levels with beautiful backgrounds.
102. Zombie Infection (4 stars, $2.99) is a zombie shooter in the same vein as Resident Evil. A toxic spill in South America has created zombies from just about every living thing. Fight your way to the source, use special finishing moves to create some spectacular zombie deaths.
103. Alive 4-ever (4 stars, $2.99) is a top-down survival shooter where you must blast away endless waves of zombies, all the while gathering ammo, health kits, and cash to improve your lot. Choose from 4 different characters who each have unique survival characteristics. Gory fun.
104. Alive 4-ever Returns (4 stars, $2.99) is a sequel to the well-loved survival-shooter original. Updated 3D graphics, 4 new characters to play, and lots more blood takes everything up a notch. 40 levels to play through.
105. 100 Rogues (4 stars, $4.99) is an arcade-style dungeon crawler featuring beautiful retro graphics and music. Gather weapons, armor, and spells to aid you in your overall quest to destroy Satan. Yup, the big evil-one himself. A well-designed game that saves your progress so that it’s perfect to play in small bites.
106. Fishing Kings (4 stars, $4.99) is an arcade-style fishing game that takes much of the waiting out of fishing. Fish in five exotic locals as you attempt to use the correct tackle land particular types of fish. Slowly reel in your line to lure fish, tug the line with a quick shake of the iPhone to attract fish. Once a fish bites, don’t reel in to quickly else the line will break.
107. Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front (4 stars, $4.99) is a WWII first-person shooter with lots of well-designed missions that follow a script, but are nonetheless challenging to complete. Compelling WWII environments and situations and fast-paced action are what make this game fun to play through.
108. Cake Mania 3 (4 stars, $4.99) is a time-management game where you must keep customers satisfied by filling their orders for cake. This version adds a fun time-travel element to create baked goods throughout time (using modern equipment though). Challenging game and cute graphics.
109. Ranch Rush (4 stars, $1.99) is a farm-simulator where your rush against the clock to fulfill orders for a farmer’s market by growing the correct crops. Nice strategic elements such as having the correct farm layout as well having to create more complex items such as cheese and jam from your various farm elements.
110. Supermarket Mania (4 stars, $2.99) is a casual time-management game where you must run a successful supermarket. You play a bubbly blond teen who is responsibe for keeping customers happy and the store hopping by stocking shelves, dealing with juvenile delinquents, and cleaning up trash customers drop. Earn money and purchase better items for the supermarket to sell. Sounds like work but it’s actually fun. Features pleasant cartoon graphics.
111. ElementalMonster TD (4 stars, $3.99) adds a new twist to the tower defense genre: playable cards (choose 5 cards from a deck of 63) that represent monsters you put into play to fight off the waves of enemies. The monsters represent elements that have advantage over their opposites (for example, fire over wood). Defeat enemies, gain mana, and level up your monsters. Use money from you successes to purchase more elemental monsters.
112.The Creeps! (4 stars, $1.99) is a tower-defense game for everyone. Fend off waves of creeps (monsters) by strategically placing defensive towers that destroy enemies. Upgrade your towers to deal even more damage. Features pleasant cartoon graphics and funny sound effects.
113. World Series of Poker Hold’em Legend (4 stars, $0.99) is an online multiplayer Texas Hold’em poker game that works with Apple’s GameCenter. Features a single player career mode too. Take on complete strangers, build up cash. A polished, well-designed game that keeps the action moving.
114.Strategery (4 stars, $1.99) is a Risk clone whose simplified style works great on the iPhone. Updated to feature online games against random opponents (along with chat). Conquer the world by taking over territories, defending, and placing your bonus armies strategically.
115. Knights Onrush (4 stars, $0.99) is a castle defense game where the object is to flick your enemies off the screen using your finger, or crush them, blow’em up, and use various other methods of destruction at your disposal. Features a campaign with 12 castles to defend, as well as endless siege and “madness” modes. Fast-paced, chaotic fun.
116. Buckingham Palace: Hidden Mysteries (4 stars, $4.99) is a hidden object game with spectacular graphics. The object of the game is to solve a mystery that’s been plaguing the royals for centuries, but you also get a nice historical tour of the Buckingham Palace as you progress throughout the game. Features pleasant classical music that works well with the overall theme.
117. Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Sunnyville (4 stars, $0.99) is a hidden object game where the object is to decorate your empty new home with the items you discover, all the while competing against your annoying neighbor. Bring home your discovered treasures and dress them up before putting them in your home. A great all-around game with good sound and nice animations.
118. Everest: Hidden Expedition (4 stars, $4.99) is a hidden object game where the object is to discover a new route up the tallest mountain in the world because your normal route is blocked. Travel from scene to scene looking for the clues that will reveal the next step in your journey up the deadly mountain. Race against three other expeditions trying to reach the top first. A hint systems helps you along if you get stuck.
119. Azkend (4 stars, $2.99) is a thinking man’s match 3 game. Strategically decide which tiles to match in order to get a talisman fragment to drop to the bottom of the screen by the end of the stage. Use special talisman powers to aid you in your quest.
120. Bejeweled 2 + Blitz (4 stars, $2.99) is the classic, time-tested match 3 game. Match similarly colored sparkling jewels to make them disappear. Bright colors, animated shining jewels, and addictive gameplay maintain the game’s status as a casual gamer favorite.
121. The Treasures of Montezuma (4 stars, $1.99 is an addictive match 3 game with colorful, Aztec-themed graphics. Swap the position of artifacts by tapping two next to each other. Create longer strings to trigger spectacular chain-reaction bonuses. Just make sure to keep an eye on the clock.
122. Blackbeard’s Assault (4 stars, $1.99) is a pirate-themed marble-launcher where the object is to match three marbles of the same color by accurately launching (and landing) them into a marching string. Use special powers like bombs, reverse direction, and rainbow marbles to aid you in the task.
123. Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D (4 stars, $1.99) is a unique skill game where the object is to drop segments of a building from a swinging crane so that they land one on top of the other. Stack them as straight as you can, else your building will wobble and ultimately fall over. Built on top of that is a fun puzzle game that involves strategically placing your built towers so that you can reach a certain population threshold. The beautiful cartoon graphics and relaxing music make this a pleasure to play.
124. Slayer Pinball Rocks HD (4 stars, $2.99) is the pinball game all the bad boys in the arcade would play for hours on end. Features the music of heavy metal band Slayer. Features pentagrams and other demonic graphics. A solid, well-designed pinball table.
125. Super Mega Worm (4 stars, $0.99) is a game of vengeance where you play a worm out to rid Earth of its infestation of humans. Direct your worm through the ground and burst onto the surface to devour humans. Grow larger and reach new jumping heights (including eating satellites and UFOs). Retro graphics and over-the-top violence make it a giddy pleasure.
126. Gangstar: West Coast Hustle (4 stars, $4.99) is a Grand Theft Auto clone set in Los Angeles. Progress your way into the world of gang crime. Car jack, murder, etc. Nothing is off limits as you explore the city and complete set missions and avoid the police.
127. Solomon’s Keep (4 stars, $0.99) is a top-down dungeon crawler in the spirit of games like Diablo. Direct your wizard upwards through a dungeon, defeating waves of enemies that grow more difficult the higher you go. Use magical attacks and skills such as teleporting to survive. Level up and upgrade your stats. Collect gold and purchase equipment and potions. Nice graphics and sound effects.
128. Sims 3 Ambitions (4 stars, $4.99) is the classic life simulator with an emphasis on careers, but with the normal Sims gameplay included as well. Choose from many included careers and play minigames that involve the jobs (like putting out a fire as a firefighter). Start a family (make love to make a baby, naturally), and then tend to the baby’s needs. Build and decorate your home.
129. Battle for Wesnoth (4 stars, $4.99) is one of the more massive games you can buy on the iPhone, with over 190 missions to complete and 100+ hours of gameplay. It’s a turn-based RPG where you maneuver your army strategically into battles, take advantage of beneficial terrain, and use your units’ powers wisely. Strategic, deep, and challenging.
130. Star Hogs: Online & Campaign (4 stars, $4.99) is a tank game/physics shooter where the object is to strategically launch missiles and turn your enemies into rubble. Upgrade your vehicles, adding more weapons like power guns and mines. Features both online play against strangers as well as a single-player campaign.
131. Resident Evil 4 (4 stars, $4.99) is a classic dark zombie action game ported onto the iPhone. Play agent Leon Kennedy as he tries to free the daughter of the President. Improve your aim, collect more power weapons, and solve puzzles as you take down some nasty zombies.
132. Terminator Salvation: The Official Game (4 stars, $4.99) is based on the 2009 movie. Features impressive graphics with nice backdrops and many of the wicked Skynet machines featured in the movie. Play John Connor for most of the game, collect more powerful weapons to take down Terminators of increasing difficulty.
133. James Cameron’s Avatar (4 stars, $4.99) is an action/adventure game that mixes platform play with combat. Play as Ryan, a human in Avatar form decades before the movie’s setting. Collect wisps by defeating enemies and completing stages. Use the wisps to upgrade your character’s abilities. Collect new weapons, and use them in the appropriate settings. Features beautiful graphics that push the limits of the iPhone.
134. Iron Man 2 (4 stars, $4.99) is based on the movie of the same name. Play as either Iron Man or War Machine as you use Iron Man’s various weapons (or his fists) to complete missions.
135. Modern Combat: Sandstorm (4 stars, $4.99) is a first-person shooter that puts you in the heat of the fight in the Middle East. Fight your way through terrorists and enemy combatants as you attempt to complete your missions. Solid graphics, professional voice-acting, and challenging AI make this one of the better adventure FPS games on the iPhone.
136. Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus (4 stars, $6.99) is a clone of the popular console game Modern Warfare. Play a modern solider fighting in the global war on terrorism. Get thrown into a variety of missions in locations all over the world. Supports online multiplayer too, including capture the flag and deathmatch modes of online play.
137. Flick Fishing (4 stars, $0.99) is a fishing simulator with a fun control scheme: flick the iPhone forward to cast your line. Trace your finger in a circle to reel in fish. Don’t do reel in too fast, else you may break the line and lose the fish. Fun tournament modes.
138. Wolfenstein 3D Classic Platinum (4 stars, $1.99) is the classic FPS game ported to the iPhone by the original creator. Mow down Nazis in over 60 stages. Features all the classic, well-loved cheats, secret rooms, and characters. A full retro experience—no updated graphics here.
139. Myst (4 stars, $1.99) is the classic point-n-click adventure game. Weighing in at 722MB, the game features hundreds of high resolution graphics and videos. It’s a faithful port of the original, feature all the challenging puzzles, along with nice in-game hints if you get stuck. A triumph of game and narrative.
140. FIFA 10 (4 stars, $4.99) is EA’s popular soccer series brought to the iPhone with as many teams and features that could fit. The game features 570 teams from 30 leagues from around the world along with all the accompanying real players. The controls are tweaked toward the casual gaming crowd.
141. Monster Trucks Nitro 2 with More Races (4 stars, $2.99) is a side-scrolling racer where you control the acceleration of a monster truck during various races. Use tilt to control the truck’s balance during jumps and nitros for extra boosts. Nice graphics and sound, and fun, cartoonish physics.
142. Siberian Strike (4 stars, $4.99) is a top-down bullet-dodger game set during an alternate reality Cold War era. Choose one of three pilots and fly through hostile communist territory taking on enemies, including strange concoctions like Joseph Stalin combined with the Mir Space Station. Wait, what? Exactly. Collect special bonuses to power up your weapons and armor.
143. MiniSquadron (4 stars, $2.99) is a cartoonish airplane fighting game. Loop-de-loops are your main maneuver as you try to be the last plane flying. Take on all sorts of crazy airships and upgrade your own plane along the way. Fast-paced casual fun.
144. Soosiz (4.5 stars, $1.99) is a platformer where the concept of up and down takes on new meaning. Take on and defeat enemies by mastering such obstacles as reduced gravity, slippery surfaces, gravity fields, freezing water, etc. Features 66 challenging levels scattered through 7 worlds.
145. Archibald’s Adventures (4 stars, $3.99) is a platformer that adds in some nice puzzle twists as well. Start off as Archibald, a kid with a skateboard, and travel through 114 levels of play. Discover new tools and methods of getting around, including a floating bubble and magnetic vehicles that can travel on the ceiling.
146. Space Ace (4 stars, $4.99) is a Dragon’s Lair style game born of the laser-disc arcade cabinet era, but now on the iPhone. Guide main character Dexter through the various scenes by reacting quick enough and tapping the correct side of the screen. A fun memorization game where you are in control of the cartoon.
147. Zombieville USA (4 stars, $1.99) is a sidescrolling survival game. Play a trucker-hat wearing survivalist, taking out zombies with a variety of weapons, collecting cash, and breaking into homes to take a break from the slaughter.
148. Tetris (4 stars, $2.99) is the classic puzzle game brought to the iPhone. Features classic-style Tetris along with some new modes just for the iPhone, including bubble wrap (pop bricks by tapping them) and magic crayon (draw the next shape you want to place).
149. Diner Dash (4 stars, $2.99) is a time-management game where the object is to run a restaurant and keep customers happy. Pick up orders, deliver food, clear tables, seat new guests. Can you keep up as business picks up?
150. Doodle Army (4 stars, $0.99) is a humorous army sidescroller filled with heavy cartoon violence. Progress your soldier through each level by blowing away enemies with an assortment of weapons. Unlock new “uniforms” such as Rambo, KGB officer, and even Santa.
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58 Responses

  1. Craig Wolff says:

    Words With Friends is my favorite. In addition to being a good time-waster, I can tell myself I’m keeping my brain sharp as I hit middle age…

  2. Alex says:

    Cut the Rope, definitely.

    As an added bonus to the great gameplay and gadgets that add complexity – you can just pass your phone over to anyone and they can play the game immediately with just a one sentence explanation of the mechanism. They’ll even be able to advance quite far since the levels are quite easy if you’re not going for the three stars.

  3. Daniel says:

    Honestly, surprised that “Tilt to Live” isn’t here. So even though it isn’t, I have to go with it as my favorite. By far the best game for me. Simple, but while other games lose their luster, Tilt to Live keeps me coming back for its addictive gameplay and ultimately superior replay value.


  4. Conrad says:

    Angry Birds by far. Although I’ve just started playing Cut the Rope and it is almost as addicting.

  5. Kevin Dern says:

    From this list – Fruit Ninja is my favorite! Great list.

  6. Seth Huntley says:

    I have several of the games listed here and enjoy them immensely. My favorite game listed here has to be Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars. Most games play through in a couple of days. I am still playing through GTA.

  7. Angry Birds, always; it’s so addictive an fun. it’s my number one.
    btw: great list!!!

  8. Amy says:

    Out of the 150+ listed here, I’ve only played a few. I’m a word puzzle kind of gal, so most of these don’t appeal to me. Crosswords was some of the best $10 I ever spent. I’ve never run out of puzzles yet!

  9. Ben says:

    Angy Birds. The best.

  10. Alan Lee says:

    I’ve been addicted to Angry Birds when it first came out. I still play it every day.

  11. Eva says:

    I go back a long way with Myst.

  12. Spencer says:

    Tower Madness for sure.

  13. Jan Cervinka says:

    It’s not easy to pick just one but Canabalt is my favorite. I love the simplicity, graphics and the fact that is not time-consuming.

  14. Kendall says:

    Osmos is my favorite.

  15. John C says:

    chopper 2!!!!!!!!

    The Best!!!!!!

  16. KerryH says:

    Bejeweled and Angry Birds are the two I keep going back to. Many others have come and gone, but these two had stood the test of time.

  17. Mark says:

    Angry Birds is the best!

  18. Simon says:

    Surprisingly, Trainyard was my favourite. I just kept coming back to it and enjoyed every second I played. Simple and elegant. Hope that there’s more in the pipeline!

  19. Space Miner, easy!

  20. Nick says:

    Bookworm is my favorite game and that bow-tied dirt creature would sure sound good on some Denon headphones I tell you what.

  21. Mario says:

    I have to say Words with Friends. I have ten games going now and love to trash talk as I play

  22. Joe says:

    Angry Birds is still my favorite.

  23. Adrian says:

    Tough choices. I’d choose Gangstar: West Coast Hustle, only because it was my first game and I became immersed, obsessive even. I was amazed at what could be done with my little Touch. It will be interesting to see how great games get in a year or two.

  24. Tiff says:

    Fishing Kings!! Think fishing is gross in real life, but love it on the iPhone! Great list, thanks for this mammoth wrap up!

  25. skp says:

    Not sure how Field Runners is so far down on the list, that game rocks!! No matter what games I end up playing, I’ll always play a good round of field runners for some fun.

    Also high on the list of that type of game is an original, Tap Defense :)

    Of course there is Angry Birds and Plants V Zombies no question those should be high on the list, but what may as well be called “crack for the iPhone” is Bejeweled Blitz!! Talk about a distraction. Whether it be in work meetings, walking around shopping or dare i say while driving, that game is absolutely addicting!!

  26. Dylan says:

    Angry Birds! I have wasted way to many hours with this game. Love it.

  27. ChristopherC says:

    I love The Simpsons Arcade game!

  28. Walter says:

    Angry Birds is my favorite. Rovio upgrades it often enough to keep it fresh and it’s endlessly challenging and entertaining. It takes skill and some smarts to win. Classic.

  29. brad grossman says:

    meteor blitz

  30. Kurt Place says:

    I like a lot of the games here, but I keep going back to Angry Birds. The game has so many positives. It starts up fast and playing for 3 stars is such fun. Such a kick.

  31. Al says:

    Radiant is my favorite, although it’s not listed here. For games in this list I would have to go with Predators as the best.

  32. Rick says:

    I love racing so I have to go with Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.

  33. Mike Alexander says:

    Tie between Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja for me…!

  34. Amit Khanna says:

    I have many games from top, I love playing on IPHONE, it’s great to play so many FULL version games on IPHONE since you don’t need a computer also they turn out to be cheaper.

  35. Mark Meszoros says:

    Can’t get enough Words With Friends. All the game needs is a poke function for when you’re frustrated your opponent hasn’t played in a while.

  36. Rhea says:

    Angry Birds hands down. I will crush those pigs!

  37. Ryan W. says:

    It’s gotta be peggle or angry birds for me.

  38. Joe H says:

    I really like plants vs. zombies…. I couldn’t put it down.

  39. Kevin S. says:

    Street Fighter IV would be my favorite

  40. Jess says:

    As of Christmas week, Osmos and Plants vs. Zombies are my newest favorites. But, my vote will go to WWF (words with friends) because that’s the only app that I’ve been activly using for well over a year and counting.

  41. R Spence says:

    As much as I love Angry Birds, Words With Friends, Plants vs Zombies and Doodle Jump, I’m gonna have to say that Soosiz has definitely been my favorite this year. I spent wayyyy more time with that game than I originally thought I would, and loved every moment of it.

    Also, thank you guys so much for adding Vay to the list! I had no idea that game was remade for iOS.

  42. godafil says:

    I like puzzle games and Unblock me is the king of all.

    off topic : this is probably , one of the most useful sites about iphone. keep it up !

  43. Barry Davis says:

    Angry Birds cause I HATE pigs.

  44. Tom says:


  45. Bo Chandler says:

    Definitely Cut the Rope

  46. Sulli says:

    Cut The Rope!

  47. Thom says:

    The game I always keep on my phone is Canabalt. It is one that I keep playing over and over. I just need to get a few more yards so I keep getting sucked back in. Good music, graphics and user interface is the best. One tap is all you need.

    I was surprised that SimCity was no where on the list though. The Deluxe version is finally getting the experience as close to the PC version as possible.

  48. Chris says:

    cut the rope … it’s too addictive

  49. Chris Foresta says:

    Ive found myself turning into an angry bird trying to rebeat the game but with Three Stars on each level. For me its a toss between Words and Birds…

  50. Felipe O. says:

    Angry Birds is fun but Plants Vs. Zombies was by far the best! Well it certainly decreased my productivity at work in 2010 haha.

  51. Kylie Larsson says:

    Definitely Plants vs. Zombies

  52. Jim says:

    Gotta go with Infinity Blade! Slice and dice away…

  53. Chris says:

    Fragger, the best. 2 times in a row finished all over again…

  54. Cris305 says:

    I have to say that Angry Birds, Cut the Rope and Infinity Blade. But I am surprised that JOSE COMES TO USA and Dead Space are not in the list.

    So here are my suggestions-
    152-DEAD SPACE

  55. Kyle says:


  56. denise says:

    Hector is by far the best game I have ever played – even better than Angry Birds – and I never thought I would say that about any game.


  57. Dmitriy says:

    Yeah, Angry Birds really cool, also I like “Finger Snake” game from my childhood :)

  58. Rannakis says:

    Cut the rope is the best!
    Puzzle Man Pro is my second