iPad Display Dock Used in Apple Stores Now Available for Purchase

If you’re looking to recreate the entire Apple Store experience inside your house, here’s another piece of the puzzle. Website NewPCGadgets is selling the clear acrylic iPad display docks that have recently cropped up in Apple stores. The dock costs $74.95, supports the iPhone and iPod as well, and gives access for USB docking cables to double as a charging station.

Here’s the official product description:

Now you can dock your iPad 2 and iPhone just like the professionals do at the Apple Store. The new iPad 2 Display Dock is designed out of high-quality clear acrylic and provides the optimum viewing angle for your iPad 2 while also docking your iPhone (or iPod).

The iPad 2 Display Dock is the perfect solution for combining your favorite Apple devices into one charging base. The elegant look of the Dock will compliment any office environment.

The iPad 2 Display Dock will make you the envy off all your friends who bought inferior stands. Order yours today.

Now all you’ll need to find is a hipster doofus to fix your Mac at your homemade Genius Bar.


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