Star Trekkies Finally Get Their Official iPad PADD App

The writers of Star Trek knew the iPad was coming long ago, maybe even before it was a twinkle in Steve Job’s eye. Any Trekker worth his weight in salt can tell you it’s called a PADD (Personal Access Display Device), and it doesn’t run iOS, it runs the LCARS operating system.

Star Trek PADD ($4.99) is an official Star Trek app from CBS that turns the 21st-century iPad into 24th-century tech. Sort of. The app provides access to the official online encyclopedia of Star Trek info wrapped in the LCARS graphical wrapper. Want to know all of Seven of Nine‘s measurements? It’s an app for that.

Check out the crazy video promo for a taste:

Probably the coolest thing about the app is its sound effects, with authentic computer noises and voice from the show. The app also offers direct access to the official Star Trek Facebook fan page and Twitter feeds. And all it costs is $4.99 worth of gold-pressed latinum. I know I’ll be using it while streaming old STNG episodes over Netflix.


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