Foxconn Pumping Out 150,000 iPhone 5’s a Day

DigiTimes is reporting today that Foxconn, the Taiwanese manufacturer who assembles the various components of the iPhone into a finished product, is currently putting together 150,000 iPhone 5’s a day. That’s roughly 4.5 million a month. That likely won’t meet demand, but Apple is probably establishing a starting pace for quality control before a major ramp up. iPhone 5 output is expected to reach 22 million devices for the fourth quarter of the year.

In concert with iPhone 5 production, supply of the iPhone 4 GSM and CDMA models is likely to dwindle in the fourth quarter, say sources speaking to DigiTimes. Shipping times for the iPhone 4 have recently increased to 1-3 days, indicating the start of supply contraction.


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