New iPhone 5 Case Images

iPhone 5 Cases

Our friends over in China sent over a new batch of iPhone 5 cases images, and unlike previous iPhone 5 cases, these are actually kind of cool. TGBus sent us these photos of 3 new case designs that hint at the iPhone 5’s slick new redesign, indicating the next-gen device will be both wider and longer, perhaps due to a new 4-inch screen.

iPhone 5 Case

TGBus also shows a Samsung Android phone with a 4-inch screen (seen below) next to one of the cases as well as another photo contrasting the case with an iPod touch. It’s also interesting to us how much some Samsung phones look like the upcoming iPhone 5, especially the oblong home button. This similarity has previously led some to speculate that the original leaked iPhone 5 case blueprint could actually be for an Android phone modified for the Apple logo and buttons.

A pair of calipers were used to measure extra space between the frame of the iPhone 5 cases and an iPhone 4 placed inside. This seems to indicate the iPhone 5 with be 3/10ths of an inch longer and 4/10ths of an inch wider.

Check out the gallery below for the full collection of 11 images.


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