4 Features From Android I Wish the iPhone Had

1. Mobile Data Limits. Android now has a built-in data-limiting feature that will shut off mobile data usage once a user-defined limit is reached. Just set a maximum amount of data, say 200 MB, and the phone will prevent you from going over it. In a world where wireless carriers are putting caps on data plans, going over your allotted data can lead to horrific bill-shock moments. This feature would be killer for that. I would feel much more comfortable going with AT&T’s cheap $15 for 200MB data plan if I knew I wouldn’t one-day wake up to a $400 wireless data bill.

2. A Micro-USB (or Anything Else) Port Instead of the iPhone’s 30-Pin Connector. Apple’s 30-pin dock connector is a dinosaur technology that should have gone extinct years ago. The connector is too big and ugly. I think Apple knows this too, and iOS 5’s new Wi-Fi wireless sync is evidence. But I also think Apple will never completely cut the cord from the iPhone. Maybe Thunderbolt could replace it? I’m just tired at seeing all that gunk that collects inside the big gapping toothy hole at the bottom of my iPhone.

3. Built-in Barometer. The new Samsung Galaxy Nexus has a built-in barometer. How cool is that? It can measure barometric pressure, which can be used to tell your altitude and for weather forecasting. Sensors in general are cool, and I wish Apple could jam more of them into the iPhone. Yes, I want the iPhone to be a Star Trek tricorder.

4. NFC Chip. I pay for everything these days with a credit card, so being able to swipe my iPhone instead of a credit card would be useful. I hate digging through my wallet for cards, taking them out, putting them back in, worrying about remembering them, etc. As long as I can use my rewards credit cards with NFC mobile payments, I’d be glad to have this feature. NFC payments haven’t quite arrived in the US, but I think if Apple would lead, the credit-card companies would follow.


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