The 10 Most Useful iPhone/iPad Links of the Week

iCade Mobile for iPhone

1. Review: iCade Mobile

Andrew Podolsky of Slide to Play reviews the iCade Mobile ($69.99), an accessory that turns your iPhone into a Gameboy/PSP competitor (as if it wasn’t already) with hardware buttons and a directional pad. Andrew reviews the device with 8 different games and notes that, overall, there are a hundred or so games that are compatible with it. A hundred sounds like a lot, but it isn’t really. Anyways, Andrew seems to dig it. The iCade Mobile sounds awesome to me but limited in its usefulness. And will it work with the iPhone 5? That’s the 69-dollar question.

2. 4 iPad Writing Apps Compared

Jacqui Cheng of Ars Technica says to hold on to your butts as you read her review of 4 iPad writing apps. She picks Writing Kit ($4.99) as her top choice. She likes the app’s Dropbox support, diverse exporting formats, and Quick Research tool. Her second choice is the popular iA Writer ($0.99) for its Dropbox and iCloud support. Now that you have all the tools, its time to write Great American Novel, on the iPad.

3. iPhone Tip: Use Keyboard Shortcuts to Quickly Fill In Usernames and Passwords

Rob LeFebre has a sweet little tip over at Cult of Mac. He suggests using Keyboard Shortcuts to enter in usernames, passwords, addresses, etc, into web fields instead of repetitively typing them in. This would come in especially handy if you like to use the Private Browsing mode where login details aren’t saved.

4. Review of Mophie’s New Rugged Juice Pack Pro Battery Case for iPhone 4/4S

There are few accessories more useful than an iPhone battery case. The problem is that they usually aren’t very protective. The new Mophie Juice Pack Pro is a solution. The company brags that the Pro “exceeds military specification” for protection. Steven Sande of TUAW reviews the Juice Pack Pro and says don’t expect to stick the iPhone in your pocket with this thing on as it’s a monster (thankfully, it comes with a belt clip), but do expect your iPhone to be well protected. The Pro is also water resistant (but not water proof), and its rubberized surface improves grip.

5. Review of the TouchFire iPad Keyboard Accessory

Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac reviews the TouchFire ($49.99), a clear plastic overlay that attachs to the iPad’s screen and fits perfectly over the touchscreen keyboard’s keys, the idea being the TouchFire adds tactile feel to the touchscreen keys. Gurman recommends the accessory, saying it’s like “night and day” using the TouchFire than without, providing improved typing speed and accuracy. My opinion? Just buy an iPad bluetooth keyboard.

6. NBC’s Official 2012 Olympics App in App Store

The good news is that the NBC Olympics Live Extra app (free) lets you watch every event of the 2012 Summer Olympics. It also has full event replays, push notifications, and even freakin’ DVR capabilities for live events. This is one slick app. The bad news? You have to pay for cable in order to watch it. Just enter in your log-in details for your cable provider, and you’re good to go. A lot of streaming video apps are going this route these days.

7. Hungry? App Store Now Has a Food and Drink Section

Tired of searching high and low for food apps in the App Store? Me neither, but maybe the new Food and Drink section will come in handy for someone someday. Click here to peep an ugly browser view of the new section’s popular apps.

8. Next Issue App Offers All-You-Can Read Magazines (Free 30-Day Trial!)

Loius over at TouchMyApps shines his spotlight on Next Issue for iPad (free), an app that offers you unlimited access to 34 magazines for $9.99.There are some good ones like Esquire, GQ, Vanity Fair, Wired, Car and Driver, and Elle. If you toss in the more expensive weekly magazines like Entertainment Weekly, then its $14.99 a month. There is a free 30-day trial with the app. Not sure I dig the cost. $120 a year is a lot. You could subscribe to a lot of magazines yourself for that much, especially if you use some of these discount websites. I’ll pass.

9. Target Offering a $25 Gift Card When You Buy the New iPad

Hey, if you’re going to buy the New iPad, why not get a $25 gift card for free? That way you can also pick up the Michael Graves-designed shoe rack you’ve had your eye on as well. The deal starts July 15. And if you buy an iPhone? A $20 gift card. Enough for a Michael Graves garlic press.

10. Klipsch S4i iPhone Earphones Getting Ruggedized

The Klipsch Image S4i are probably the best value in iPhone earphones when it comes to sound quality vs price (says me and many others). But their main problem is, like most earphones, they’re flimsy. Well, Joe Pollicino of Engadget reports Klipsch is introducing a rugged version of of the S4i that are water resistant. The best news is that the new Image Rugged S4i are keeping the same 8.5mm dual-magnet micro-speakers inside as their un-ruggedized predecessor, so you’ll get the same beautifully rounded sound and thumping bass. Klipsch already makes the “Rugged” S5i, but they don’t sound as good as the S4i. You can read my S4i review here. $99, and they come in some kooky colors. Get your credit cards warmed up.


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