Preview: iPhone 5 Cases from Ballistic

iPhone 5 Ballistic SG Maxx case

Ballistic SG MAXX
The Ballistic SG MAXX has 4 layers of protection….4! Layer 1 is silicone rubber with padded corners. Layer 2 is hard polycarbonate plastic. Layer 3 is shock resistant polymer. And Layer 4 is a molded screen protector. Comes with a belt-clip holster for quick-on-the-draw phone calls. Available in several different colors. Check it out at the Official Ballistic SG MAXX website.
Ballistic Every1 Case for iPhone 5

Ballistic Every1 with Stand
The Ballistic Every1 is another 4-layer case, this time with a built-in kickstand. The Every1 has what Ballistic calls “Air Gap Suspension Springs,” which the company describes as surrounding “your phone with 1mm of air so your phone never lays against a hard surface.” Whatever that means. Comes with a belt-clip holster and available in several colors. Available at the official Ballistic Every1 website.
Ballistic Smooth Case for iPhone 5

Ballistic Smooth
The Smooth is Ballistic’s slimmest case and best looking (in my opinion). The case’s corners are its most interesting feature. Each case comes with 4 different-colored sets of interchangeable corners (4 pieces in each set for 16 total), which add extra protection for the iPhone’s impact points. Available in several color schemes. Available at the official Ballstic Smooth website.
Ballistic Hard Core iPhone 5 Case

Ballistic Hard Core with Stand
The Ballistic Hard Core has a ridiculous 5 layers of protection. 2 layers of shock-absorbing polymer, 1 layer of hard plastic, an optional layer of silicone rubber, and a clear plastic screen protector. A built-in stand lets you prop up the iPhone on a desk. Comes with a rotating belt-clip holster. Click here for the official Ballistic Hard Core website.
Ballistic Shell Gel case for iPhone 5

Ballistic Shell Gel
The Ballistic Shell Gel offers 3-layers of protection. Layer 1 is shock-absorbing polymer, Layer 2 is hard polycarbonate, and Layer 3 soft silicone rubber. The case features extra padding at the iPhone’s 4 impact points (the four corners). More info at the official website for the Ballistic Shell Gel case.

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  1. Charlie I. says:

    For anyone looking for info on these like I was, I just got the smooth today. All my previous iPhones I had been using Speck Candyshell. Was gonna do the same for the iPhone 5 but Sam’s Club had this case for $15! They also have the shell gel for $20 an the max for something like $28. Good deal for decent cases IMHO. Just thought I’d let any one else who’s looking for info a heads up.

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