The 5 Best Waterproof iPhone Cases…That Float!

While there are many waterproof iPhone cases out there, there are very few that also float when dropped in water. Why a floating iPhone case? Because if you work around deep water or are a kayaker, outdoor sportsman, etc, a floating iPhone case could save you some serious money and a lot of hassles if you drop your iPhone in deep water. Below are several of the best solutions from keeping your iPhone from the bottom of a lake.

1. LifeProof Waterproof Case With LifeJacket

LifeProof LifeJacket Floating iPhone Case

The LifeProof case ($79) for the iPhone is waterproof for up to 6 feet, but to make it float, you’ll also need the LifeJacket ($39.99), a buoyant orange casing that fits around the LifeProof as a second layer and will make the iPhone float. The LifeProof even comes with waterproof headphones that will allow you to listen to music as you swim! (See video examples below). The LifeProof is the best and most popular waterproof/floating iPhone case solution for the iPhone, but at around $120 for the combo, it’s also one of the most expensive.

Helpful links:

Official LifeProof website

LifeProof Waterproof case for iPhone 4/4S at

LifeProof Waterproof case for iPhone 5 at

LifeJacket Floating Case for iPhone 4/4S at

LifeJacket for iPhone 5 at

2. EcoPod by Grace Digital

Eco Pod Waterproof floating iPhone Case

The EcoPod ($49.99) is a waterproof iPhone case what will float as long as it has a standard payload (smartphone) inside. Despite its waterproofing, the EcoPod isn’t the type of case you’ll to expose the iPhone to submersion in water for long periods (ie, you can’t go swimming with this case)–it’s only certified to keep water out at depths of 3 feet and for only 30 minutes. Still, it’s good for most outdoor tasks where briefly dropping the iPhone in water is a risk. The EcoPod comes with waterproof earbuds.

Helpful links:

Official website for EcoPod Waterproof iPhone case

EcoPod iPhone Case at

3. Overboard Waterproof & Buoyant Case


The Overboard ($29) is a clear waterproof pouch that is buoyant (it floats). The Overboard is waterproof up to an impressive depth of 19 feet. Another benefit of the Overboard is that, if you already use a case on your iPhone, you won’t have to remove it to place it in the Overboard—you can use both at the same time (unless the case is extremely bulky). The Overboard has a Pro Sport version that comes with an armband and waterproof headphones. There is even a version for the iPad.

Helpful links:

Overboard for iPhone 5 at

Overboard Pro Sport Case for iPhone 4/4S

4. Chums Camera/iPhone Float

Chum Camera Float

The Chums Camera/iPhone Float ($9.99) isn’t a case, but it a cheap accessory that you can attach to other waterproof cases to make them float. The Chums Float is made of high-density bouyant foam. Because there are way, war more waterproof iPhone cases and pouches that don’t float than do, purchasing the Chums Float along with a cheaper waterproof iPhone case can save you some money over an expensive all-in-one solution, the tradeoff being this combo is more bulky.

Helpful links:

Official website for Chums Camera Float

Chums Camera/iPhone Float at

5. DandyCase Waterproof Case (Requires a Float for Buoyancy)

DandyCase Waterproof for Smartphones

The DandyCase ($29.99) is an affordable waterproof solution that works with just about every smartphone under 5″ in screen size (all current iPhones fit into the case). The DandyCase is a clear pouch that lets your operate the iPhone’s touchscreen through its plastic. You can also take reasonably good photos with the case on. It doesn’t float by itself but does allow you to attach a floating dongle, like the one mentioned above in this article.

Helpful links:

DandyCase at

6. BeachBuoy by Proporta (Requires a Float for Buoyancy)

Beach Buoy case 2

The BeachBuoy by Proporta ($19) is another affordable waterproofing solution that is a see-through pouch. It is waterproof up to 16-foot. The clear plastic allows you to operate the iPhone’s screen through the plastic, so you can still use apps, send text messages, and take pictures with the iPhone’s camera. The BeachBuoy requires you to attach a float dongle to become buoyant (sold separately). You can often find this case cheaper than the $19 retail price on Amazon. And although it says “for iPhone 5,” it works with most smartphones, or any thing you want to waterproof, for that matter.

Helpful Links:

Official website for the BeachBuoy by Proporta

BeachBuoy for iPhone 5 at


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