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12 Best Free iPhone Calorie Counters (Diet Apps)

The fact that the iPhone is always with you makes it an ideal way to track your calories consumed and burned on a daily basis. And the best calorie tracker apps below make it easy to not only find and add up your daily calories, but to track your progress over time. And probably the best thing about using these apps is that, even if you stop tracking your calories after a while, the time you do manage to spend tracking helps you learn about those little habits that sabotage your weight loss—who knew that morning bagel had over 350 calories? Using these apps, even for a short while, will help you learn the right habits to help manage your weight over time.

The list below is of are 12 iPhone Calorie Trackers. My top pick (and the one I personally use), is MyFitnessPal, but Lose It! is another great app that many enjoy (and I’ll admit, it’s a little better looking). MyFitnessPal has an accompanying website where you can enter your calories and have it sync back to the app. There is also a community message board where people trying to lose weight can share their triumphs and struggles.

Free iPhone Calorie Counter Apps

1. MyFitnessPal 4.5 stars. Quick and easy tracking of calories. Database with over 525,000 foods. At-a-glance daily calorie count, including calories burned from exercise. Save favorite meals for quick tracking in the future. No Internet connection required. Track daily protein, carbs, sugar, etc. Syncs and backs up with website. Free account you can create within the app. Community forums with over 1,000,000 users. .
2. Lose It! 4 stars. Features a fast and good-looking interface. Large database of foods and exercises to quickly add calories and calories burned. Sync and backup with website. Export data to Excel. Save favorite meals for quick and easy tracking in the future. Track nutrients like protein, fat, carbs, etc.
3. DailyBurn 4 stars. Food database with over 350,000 entries, featuring food pictures, nutrition info, and macronutrient breakdown. Track calories, protein, fat, carbs, fiber, sodium, etc. Set personalized weight-loss goals based on fitness, age, weight, gender, and activity level. Get customized diet plans for weight loss, low-carb diets, low-fat diets, and bodybuilding. .
4. Calorie Counter
by MyNetDiary
3.5 stars. Database features over 225,000 foods. Search as you type. Set up desired weight-loss pace based on your age, gender, activity level, etc. Built-in barcode scanner. Water tracking. 500 exercises. Internet connection required. Download.
5.Diet & Food Tracker by SparkPeople 3.5 stars. Features over 1 million foods in its database. Offers a quick-glance view of calories consumed and burned. Tracks exercises and calories burned. Charts show weight loss over time. Syncs with account. Free account. Access to articles on health and dieting.
6. Calorie Counter by 3.5 stars. Search and log nutritional data from a database of over 100,000 foods. Easy-to-use dashboard to navigate the app and visualize your progress. Compare daily calorie intake vs calories burned. Includes over 150 healthy recipes in-app selected by registered dietician. Record and chart your daily weight. Sync with account. Supports limited offline logging.
7. Calorie Counter by ShapeUp Club 3 stars. Has over 400,000 foods in its database. Create your own entries for foods, meals, and exercises. Track calories, water intakes, and nutrition. See your dieting progress in charts. Write daily comments in a diary. Take “before and after” photos. Protect your entries with a password.
8. Calorie Counter by FatSecret 3 stars. Quickly find the calorie and nutrition info of your favorite foods, brands, and restaurants. Features a barcode scanner for quick entry of foods. Food diary helps plan and keep track of what you’re eating. Exercise diary for your calories burned. Track your weight.
9. Eat What? 3 stars. Set healthy eating objects like weight control, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. Establish a daily calorie budget. Record your calories from foods and those burned from exercises. Simple, intuitive interface.
10. Weight Watchers Mobile 3 stars.Uses Weight Watchers brand new PointsPlus program to help you diet. Must be a Weight Watchers Online member to use the points system tracker, otherwise there are basic features like accessing healthy recipes and shopping lists.
11. Nutrition Genius FREE 2.5 stars. Features beautiful user interface. Everything-at-a-glance calendar view. 75,000+ foods in its database. 540+ restaurant menus. 160+ exercises. No internet required, even for access to the foods database.
12. Calorie Master Free 2 stars. Track calories consumed and calories burned in a calendar view. Create a daily goal. Add custom foods and favorites. Includes over 100 exercises for tracking calories burned. Log your weight over time and view in charts. Password protection for privacy.

The 150 Best iPhone Games of All Time

With close to 40,000 games available in the App Store, it can be difficult to find not just the good games, but the best of the best. We’ve compiled a list of the 150 best-reviewed iPhone games of all-time.


Screenshot Description, Avg Review, Price
1. Cut the Rope (5 stars, $0.99) is a casual puzzle physics game where the object is to cut ropes so that a piece of candy falls into the On Nom’s mouth. Your task is complicated by candy-eating spiders, floating bubbles, and other challenging obstacles. Beautiful graphics, and clever, not-too-easy, not-too-hard puzzle designs make this one of the best casual iPhone games ever.
Bastion on iPhone 5 2. Bastion (5 stars, $4.99) may be 2012’s Game of the Year for iOS. It is a stunningly beautiful action RPG that has received critical acclaim on other gaming platforms as well as iOS. The game’s controls have been adjusted perfectly for the iPhone—there are no compromises or clunky control schemes. This is a game that gets every element of game design right: fun combat, a good story, and great voice acting, and it maintains challenging and surprising gameplay through the end.
3. Plants vs. Zombies (5 stars, $2.99) is a tower-defense/strategy game where you use plants to protect your home from invading zombies. Use the various plant types and their unique powers to kill zombies and gather energy to build even more plants for protection. Features 50 levels in Adventure mode.
The Room Great iPhone Games 4. The Room (5 stars, free, $0.99 IAP to unlock full game) may be the best puzzle game ever for the iPhone. The premise starts out simple enough: a box in a dark room with a few items. But the smallest details become the biggest clues that let you open the box, layer after layer. Beautiful graphics, stunning surprises….this game has it all. Who knew a game about a box can be so thrilling?
5. Where’s My Water? (5 stars, $0.99) is a whimsical puzzle game from Disney. The object is to direct water down to Swampy the Alligator so he can take a shower. Too bad the other alligators have sabotaged Swampy’s plumbing. You must build paths with your finger, remove obstacles, and use various objects to direct the flow of water so there’s enough water for a nice clean shower. With over 200 puzzles to solve, lots of humor, and tons of collectibles, Where’s My Water is one of those casual gaming bargains that makes the iPhone a great casual gaming device.
6. Fieldrunners 2 (5 stars, $2.99) is a sequel to the best-selling tower defense iPhone game. Few thought the developers could improve on the game, but they have, with beautiful graphics and sharpened gameplay. Place weapons strategically on a map so that they efficiently destroy waves of enemies that march on screen. Call in airstrikes, set traps, and conquer the new maps. Likely 2012’s game of the year, just about every professional iPhone game critic gave it a perfect score.
7. Infinity Blade (5 stars, $0.99) features some of the most stunning graphics and sound effects of any game on the iPhone and iPad. Infinity Blade is a fighting game where you take on warriors one-on-one, using swipes and taps to attack and dodge. Collect treasures to update your equipment. Brilliant all-around game design makes this one of the best iPhone games ever.
Rayman Jungle Run game 8. Rayman Jungle Run (5 stars, $2.99) is a 2012 Game of the Year and a beautiful game where you run, jump, and helicopter through dozens of perfectly designed levels. There is plenty of replay value for each level as well. The game also comes with iCloud support, so pick up where you left off on the iPhone and iPad. A quirky mood keeps the game light, but it also can be challenging at times. Another personal favorite, and a game that only gets better the deeper into the game you get. Highly recommended for those who don’t want to get too serious with a game.
Bejeweled iPhone game screenshot 9. Bejeweled (5 stars, $0.99) is the classic match 3 game, and there’s a reason it has long remained one of the most popular iPhone games and survived the ages. This is polished match 3 play. Match 3 or more jewels of the same color to remove them from the board. It’s easy, sure, but there are also subtle strategies that reveal themselves over time. Bejeweled is a casual game that can be played anywhere for any length of time. Features 5 game modes to keep things interesting.
Walking Dead Assault Best iPhone Game 10. Walking Dead Assault (5 stars, $1.99) is a squad-based tactical game based on the now famous comic book (and now TV show). Control Rick, Shane, Carl, Lori, and the others, each with their own abilities and strengths (ranged, melee, etc) as they fight their way through 11 levels of zombies. Walking Dead Assault utilizes an iPhone-friendly control system—no direction pads here. The developers have promised more episodes in the future.
11. Tiny Wings (5 stars, $0.99) is a fun casual game where you fly a little bird as far as you can before the sun goes down. Ride down slopes of hills and launch yourself into the air. Develop perfect timing to keep yourself aloft as long as possible. Beautiful graphics and a play-anywhere casual style make this one a winner.
Plague Inc Best iPhone Games List 12. Plague Inc. (5 stars, $0.99) is a strategy game where your goal is to destroy the world by developing and spreading a plague. Evil, huh? Fun and challenging, too! Choose a country of origin, then begin to strategically develop the plague’s characteristics. Do you want your victims to spread the disease by sneezing and coughing, or simply by touching each other? Earn “DNA points” that allow you to upgrade and mutate your disease. Just make sure you dance around the annoying good-hearted doctors trying to find a cure.
13. Peggle (5 stars, $2.99) is the classic, time-tested casual game that is well-suited for the iPhone. Launch pinballs and try to clear all the orange pegs from the screen. Part strategy, part luck, the game features 55 levels of play. Colorful graphics and fun music make the game a pleasurable experience.
14. Ski Safari (4.5 stars, $0.99) is a lighthearted gamed that puts you in control of a skier who has just been pushed out of his bed by an avalanche and sent careening down a mountain. Your goal is to keep up enough speed to outrun the avalanche. What’s so special about this game is the beautiful and detailed design that has gone into not only the artwork but also gameplay and animations. Especially fun are the animals and items you come across during your unexpected journey, like Abominable Snowmen, penguins, eagles, and snowmobiles. Sure, Ski Safari borrows (steals) its basic gameplay style from the popular Tiny Wings, but Ski Safari takes things up a notch to not only be better, but one of the best iPhone games ever.
15. Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery (4.5 stars, $4.99) is one of the most unique games on the iOS platform. The developer describes it as “an exploratory action adventure with an emphasis on audiovisual style.” It really is a beautiful game visually, and it comes with a soundtrack of completely original music. Some say you either love this game or you hate it, but professional app reviews show that most love it. A truly revolutionary game.
16. Angry Birds (4.5 stars, $0.99) is a challenging physics puzzler with deep gameplay. Launch birds and knock down the pigs’ protective barriers. Utilize various powers (split birds into three, accelerate their speed mid-air) to reach and destroy the pigs. A fun combination of logic, skill, and trial and error. Features over 195 levels—dozens of hours of casual gameplay for $0.99. And it has a rare 5-star average review rating in the App Store.
17. Fruit Ninja (4.5 stars, $0.99) is a unique, fast-paced swipe game where your finger becomes a ninja sword, slicing up fruit and avoiding other obstacles like bombs. Chop all the fruit and please your sensei.
Angry Birds Star Wars 18. Angry Birds Star Wars (4.5 stars, $0.99) takes the casual puzzle game and adds a Star Wars theme to it. Over a 100 levels to solve with more being added periodically. Use the force, wield a lightsaber, and fight against Darth Vader (who’s now a pig, of course).
19. Space Miner (4.5 stars, $1.99) takes the basic elements of the classic arcade Asteroids and adds in a money system, upgradeable ships, and a funny storyline. Blast away at asteroids and enemies in 48 unique sectors of space while taking on monsters and special side missions to earn extra cash.
20. Trainyard (5 stars, $0.99) is a puzzle game that make look somewhat plain graphics wise, but is still one of the most clever casual games I’ve played on the iPhone. The goal is to get trains to the end station by creating tracks with your finger. Red trains go to red stations, blue to blue, etc. The game starts off easy enough, but soon you are splitting trains, combing colors to create a third, and other wicked gameplay twists. A perfect casual game for the iPhone
21. Monster Dash (4.5 stars, $0.99) is a survival platformer where the object is to jump over gaps, navigate obstacles, and blow away enemies as you constantly run left to right on the screen. Features a fun cartoon monster theme, large collection of weapons, and lots of humor. From the creators of Fruit Ninja.
22. Solipskier (4.5 stars, $2.99) is a unique skiing game where you draw a path for your skier to navigate a course. Create jumps and slopes for your skier using your finger all the while guiding him through gates and tunnels. The longer you survive, the faster your skier moves.
23. Sally’s Spa (4.5 stars, $1.99) is a time management game that puts you in charge of a running a beauty spa. Manage customers as they arrive, and move them along through the various stations while making sure they never wait too long. Buy new equipment to assist you in the task and use strategy to make sure the impatient customers get moved along the quickest. Fun and quirky.
24. Crosswords (4.5 stars, $9.99) gathers daily crossword puzzles from the top newspapers, including the Washington Post, New York Times classics, Wall Street Journal, and many others. Nearly unlimited crossword puzzles to solive, and constantly updated. Perfect app for crossword addicts.
25. Mushroom Age (4.5 stars, $2.99) is a hidden-object game that pulls you along with a great mystery and sci-fi story. Travel through time as you try to find hidden objects and solve puzzles. A nice healthy dose of humor as well.

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The 200 Best Free iPhone Apps

One of the best things about owning an iPhone is the amount of good and useful free apps available. But it’s tough to comb through the 200,000+ apps in the App Store to find them, so here is a list of our handpicked 200 best free iPhone apps, in no particular order, loosely grouped by similar apps. Did we miss any? Mention them in the comments and we may add them. Looking for the best free games? Here’s our list.

1. CNN Mobile brings the popular news website to the iPhone. Read breaking news, watch live video of important events, and get breaking news alerts.
2. Google Mobile App lets you do voice searches. Simply speak your search query and Google does the rest. Surprisingly accurate. Also excellent for regular text searches. Open webpages within the app, then return to search results quickly.
3. CNBC Real-Time offers real-time stock quotes (no delay) as well as lots of CNBC’s video content. Track your porfolio, get the latest news, watch clips from CNBC’s best financial shows. One of our choices for best iPhone financial apps.
4. Bloomberg lets you track the markets and your own stocks, view charts, and get the latest news. Our pick for the best iPhone for reading financial news.
5. NYTimes is the New York Times in an iPhone-optimized format. Cool features like downloading and offline reading and tool-bar navigation improve the experience over reading it using the iPhone’s browser.
6. USA TODAY brings the US’s most read newspaper to the iPhone in an optimized format. Maintains the popular News, Money, Life, Sports, Tech, etc, section format. Get local weather too.
7. BBC News provides the latest breaking news from the BBC on your iPhone. Browse stories by geographical location or by categories, including business, tech, sports, etc. Features video with 1-minute headline news.
8. Fluent News Reader aggregates the top stories from the major news services like CNN, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, FOX News, etc. Once downloaded, they are available for offline viewing. Not sure how this is legal, but it’s sweet. Very basic interface makes using the app easy. Great for getting the day’s biggest headlines in a glance.
9. Facebook gives you optimized access to the popular social network. Update your status. Post photos. Catch up with your friends. Includes push notifications for status updates and replies. A must-have for Facebook users.
10. RunKeeper Free is an app that tracks your jogging stats in real time using the iPhone’s GPS. Track distance, speed, calories burned, and even your run’s elevation. Look at your run on Google Maps. Can upload your info to, a free website, for even more powerful features. Our favorite iPhone fitness app.
11. Pandora Radio is a streaming radio app and one of the most popular apps for the iPhone. It creates personalized radio stations based on your taste. The more you rate the songs, the better the music delivered to you is. Surprisingly accurate and easy to use. A must-have for iPhone music lovers. Great way to discover new music or rediscover old favorites.
12. Shazam lets you identify songs playing on the TV, in a store, in the car, etc, just by recording a short clip using your iPhone’s microphone. Buy and download the song right to your iPhone. Surprisingly useful for discovering new music.
13. is an offline dictionary for your iPhone (not Internet connection required). Features over 1 million words. Also has some online features like word pronunciation. Features slick and easy-to-use interface, including recent word look-up and similarly spelled words.
14. Soundhound is a pop-music discovery tool. Browse top music lists, watch music videos, get lyrics, hum a song and the app will identify it, search for music. Lots of curated music info.
15. Navfree USA offers 1.8GB of maps for offline turn-by-turn directions with voice guidance. Auto-rerouting. Day & night modes. Access your music from within the app. Uses OpenStreetMaps.
16. Living Social provides daily deals that save 50% to 90% on restaurants, vacations, teeth whitening, flowers, etc. You’ll never know what the next daily deal will be.
17. GroupOn presents an awesome deal a day. If enough people sign-up to participate in the deal, it’s on! Push notifications tell you the bargain of the day.
18. SHOUTcast Radio gives you access to over 32,000 stations of streaming audio, both professional and amateur. It’s the largest collection of streaming audio on the iPhone, and it’s free.
19. iHeartRadio is basically Clear Channel’s official iPhone radio app (Clear Channel is the largest radio company in the US). Access live streams of 750 of the biggest and most popular local radio stations from around the country. Get access to shows like Ryan Seacrest, Rush Limbaugh, and Dr. Laura.
20. Groups Free lets you create groups of contacts on the iPhone and then send mass emails or text messages to those groups. A nice feature, since the default iPhone contacts apps won’t let you create or edit groups of contacts.
21. FStream is a barebones but powerful radio streaming app with one killer feature: the ability to record live audio within the app. Record your favorite songs and download them off the iPhone to your computer using a home WiFi network. Many preset radio stations within the app with the ability to add a lot more.
22. MenuPages lets you view menus of local restaurants as well as read reviews and get basic info. Call and order food with a single tap. Use GPS to find nearby restaurants (and their menus). Rate and write restaurant reviews within the app.
23. Disney is everything Disney in your pocket. Listen to Disney Radio, play games, add Disney-themed frames to your photos, get Disney news, watch videos. The perfect app for Disney lovers.
24. The Weather Channel brings quick and easy weather forecasts to your iPhone, including 10-day extended forecasts and animated radar. Long our pick for the best iPhone weather app.
25. ESPN ScoreCenter is a slick sports-scores app from ESPN. Quickly scan through the day’s scores. Push notifications can keep you updated on a particular game or your favorite teams in general. Beautiful graphics.
26. Grocery IQ lets you create grocery lists quickly and accurately. Features a database of millions of grocery items so you don’t have type full grocery names. Tons of other features like a barcode scanner to quickly add items to lists, send lists over email, and remember favorites for quick adding.
27. TV Guide Mobile lets you view your local TV listings quickly and easily on your iPhone. Enter in your zip code, choose your cable service provider (or over-the-air signal), and the app will pull up the TV schedule. Customize the listing to only view your favorite channels. Get TV show information. Read up on the latest entertainment news.
28. Crackle offers free streaming movies and TV shows like The Da Vinci Code, Seinfeld, Ghostbusters, and more, all from Sony Entertainment. Unlimited streaming of over 1,000 TV episodes and 100+ movies. You just have to watch the occasional commercial. Sweet app with good content, for free!
29. Yellow Pages brings the famous Yellow Pages business directory to the iPhone. Very simple search interface. Includes business info (telephone, address, etc) as well as driving directions (using Google Maps), quick adding to your iPhone contacts, tap-to-call, and automatic finding of nearby businesses. Simple but powerful. The Yellow Pages in your pocket.
30. lets you test the speed of the wireless data network (EDGE, 3G, and WiFi). Keeps a history to see when and where you get the best speeds.
31. AT&T Mark the Spot lets iPhone users tell AT&T the areas where signals are poor or non-existent, with hopes of one day receiving a remedy. When attempting to send a report and there isn’t a data connection, the app will mark the GPS location and then send the data once you’re back in range of a signal. Help AT&T improve their service. Also shows nearby AT&T WiFi locations.
32. FCC Mobile Broadband Test not only lets users test the upload speed, download speed, and latency of their wireless connection, it also lets the FCC know where signals are weakest in the country.
33. StumbleUpon brings up random recommended Internet content based on your tastes along with the votes of millions of other users. It’s an app that cuts through the noise of the Internet and helps find only the good stuff. One-time account signup required, but you can do it quickly within the app.
34. Flickit lets you upload photos from your iPhone to Flickr. Even supports batch uploading. Keep your Flickr stream updated with your iPhone photos. Take pictures within the app. Even supports geolocation tagging.
35. iQueue Free – Netflix Queue Manager lets you manage your Netflix account while on the go. Features a nice drag-n-drop interface. Search the catalogue, browse the various top lists, add and remove movies from your queue, rearrange, see expected availability of movies, etc.
36. Contacts Fast Add simplifies the process of adding contacts, giving you one screen with first and last name, phone number, and email. A quick way to add a lot of contacts fast.
37. Skype is the most used VOiP app in the world (and on the iPhone). Make free Skype-to-Skype phone calls anywhere in the world. Make calls to regular telephones too (for a fee). Now supports calls over 3G as well as WiFi. Access your iPhone contacts to make calls. Cheap international phone call rates.
38. Discover Mobile gives access to your Discover Card credit account. Check your balance, statements, recent transactions, and pay your bills. Never not know your credit card balance again.
39. American Express lets you access and manage your American Express credit card account. Supports multiple cards. Check your transactions, balance, rewards, and pay off your card.
40. Bank of America – Mobile Banking lets you access your Bank of America accounts. Check balance, pay bills, find ATMs.
41. Citi Mobile gives you access to your Citi bank accounts. Check your balance, pay bills, see transactions, and find nearby ATMs.
42. Chase Mobile offers mobile access to your Chase accounts, including credit cards. Check your balance, pay bills, see transactions, and find nearby ATMs.
43. Wells Fargo Mobile gives you access to your Wells Fargo banking accounts. See your balance, transfer money, pay bills, and find nearby ATMs.
44. Personal Finance syncs all of your banking and investment info together in one place and keeps the info secure using the same encryption technology used by online banks. No need to add your daily transactions, the service fetches the info from the online banks. Get push notifications when you make a big purchase, are low on cash, when your paycheck is deposited, when unusual banking activity is detected. A powerful finance tool.
45. Redbox lets you see what’s available at the Redbox DVD/Blu-ray vending machines near you. Reserve the movie ahead of time before you pick it up. It also helps find all Redbox machines near you.
46. Fandango Movies – Times & Tickets offers easy access to nearby movie and theater listings. Watch trailers. See ratings and read reviews. Buy tickets before you get to the theater.
47. Movies gives you access to Rotten Tomatoes website (a website that gathers movie reviews) as well as movie time listings. You can also watch movie trailers and buy tickets from Manage your Netflix queue within the app.
48. IMDb Movies & TV is an iPhone-optimized version of the popular movie and TV info database. Access the entire careers of actors, directors, etc. You can also find movie showtimes, watch trailers, browse photo galleries, see US TV listings, find latest DVD releases.
49. E! Online helps you keep up with the latest entertainment news. Create personalized celeb pages to get all the latest news on your favorite stars.
50. Betty Crocker Mobile features over 9,000 tried and true recipes available for offline use. Features photos, search by ingredient, favorites, and coupons for General Mills products.
51. Epicurious offers access to over 28,000 professionally tested recipes from cookbooks and magazines such as Bon Appétit and Gourmet. Browse recipes by meals, search by ingredients, and save your favorites.
52. Kindle gives access to your Kindle books, which can now be synched to your Kindle, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Read free book samples. Increase the font size for better readability. Dictionary tool for looking up them confusing words.
53. Stanza is one of the most download e-reader apps on the iPhone. Access and download over 50,000 classic books.
54. iBooks is Apple’s official book reader that lets you purchase books from iTunes from directly inside the app (the only app that lets you do so). Bookmark, highlight, and make notes on interesting passages. Change the screen brightness from within the app. Change the font size.
55. Starbucks Card Mobile lets your iPhone replace your Starbucks card in Starbucks Target stores as well as 16 select Starbucks stores in Silicon Valley and Seattle (will be expanding in the future). Check your balance at any time, reload with your credit card. Track stars in the Starbucks reward program. Again, only works in Starbucks in Target stores.
56. Virtual Zippo Lighter is a stand-in for the moments you don’t have a lighter at a concert. Launch this app and lift your iPhone into the air. Freebird, dude, Freebird!
57. Lightsaber Unleashed is a Star Wars lightsaber in your pocket. Features authentic lightsaber sounds as you swing your iPhone around. Fun. Chose various characters form the movies and get the corresponding sounds.
58. Yelp is the Yelp website in your pocket. Find nearby restaurants using the iPhone’s GPS. Browse reviews. Get addresses and phone numbers. Search and filter results by neighborhood, price, food type, etc.
59. OpenTable is a restaurant-reservation assistance tool. See what reservations are open. No need to call, reserve a table within the app. Earn real gift certificates by eating at restaurants.
60. AroundMe is a quick and easy way to find what’s immediately around you. Uses the iPhone’s GPS to discover banks, bars, restaurants, gas stations, theaters, supermarkets, etc.
61. Stubhub gives iPhone-optimized access to Stubhub’s fan-to-fan ticket service. Get last-minute tickets for concerts, sporting events, and theater shos. Features search and various filtering tools.
62. NYTimes The Scoop NYC is a guide to New York City put together by the staff of the New York Times. Features lists of favorite restaurants, bars, etc, of NYTimes writers. Find nearby places using the iPhone’s GPS. Check off the places you’ve visited.
63. AT&T MyWireless Mobile lets you access your AT&T Wireless account, view your minutes and data usage, pay bills, and add or remove features from your monthly bill.
64. Twitter is the official app from Twitter. Beautiful and simple interface gives you full access to all of Twitter’s features.
65. The Onion brings it quirky “news” service to the iPhone. Read the day’s hilarious headlines, listen to audio reports, search the web archive, save up to 25 items for offline viewing, share on Facebook and elsewhere.
66. Opera Mini Web Browser is perhaps the best alternative to the iPhone’s browser. Faster loading thanks to data compression technology. Lowers you data usage. Browser tabs. Synchronize your bookmarks with your desktop browser.
67. To Do’s List offers both a quick way to create to-do lists, but also takes advantage of the iPhone’s local notifications so you can set alerts for when you need to do a specific task. Many other features buried beneath the quick and easy interface. Simple and powerful—a recipe we lile.
68. Amazon Mobile gives you iPhone-optimized access to’s website. Search, filter, add to cart, add to wish lists, and use one-click buying. Experimental feature lets you snap photos of products you want, and Amazon identifies the product and offers you it, or something similar, that’s available on Amazon.
69. Target lets you view the weekly ad circular for Target stores, browse wedding gift registries, find the nearest store using GPS, browse Target’s online store, and check product availability at nearby stores.
70. Red Laser lets you scan barcodes of products and compare prices from online stores. A powerful tool to always get the lowest available price.
71. Lose It! is a weight loss app. Set a goal and establish a daily calorie budget. Record your food and exercise and stay on track. Features foods from major fast food restaurants and major chain restaurants. Tons of advanced features, track nutrients, get motivators sent to you to, set up daily or weekly email reports. Automatically backs up your data online if you choose.
72. Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal is a way to keep track of your daily calorie consumption and track. Set a weight loss goal (1 pound a week, 2 pounds, etc), and use the app to track the calories you consume during the day. Also count calories you burn from exercise. Access to a huge database of foods, including fast food restaurant and brand supermarket products. I’ve used it to lose some weight. Very useful.
73. Dropbox is a simple and easy way to store your documents in the cloud and access them anywhere on any device that supports Dropbox software, like the iPhone. Read documents like pdfs and doc files. Watch videos. Listen to music files. Share and send files via email, text message, or copy and paste links to use in another app. A basic account with 2GB of storage is free.
74. Google Earth lets you navigate the world with a swipe of your finger. View satellite and aerial photography, including high resolution of over a third of the Earth’s landmass. View geolocated Wikipedia articles.
75. AT&T Virtual Receptionist lets you add a free toll-free 888 number to your iPhone and gives you 60 free minutes to use each month (you must use the 888 number at least once every two months to keep it). Lots of useful features for small business owners, like support for receiving faxes (view the fax on your iPhone) and separate voice mail with personalized business greetings. Calls made through app show up as business number on caller ID.
76. Pocket Pond is a interactive fish pond that fits in your pocket. Ripple the water with your finger. Scare away the fish. Enjoy a soothing rainstorm.
77. NASA App gives you access to all of NASA’s wealth of information. View NASA’s Image of the Day, view Mission Orbiter Trackers, read the lastest on NASA missions, and get info on sighting data for the International Space Station.
78. Evernote is a memory aid and flexible note-keeping tool. Type out notes, take pictures, record voice notes, etc. Everything is backed up to Evernote’s servers and can be viewed on other devices like desktop computers, iPads, iPods, etc. Text recognition automatically makes pictures with text in them searchable. Keep your ideas in sync across all your devices.
79. 2Do Lite: A Stunning To Do List is a good-looking to-do app. Chock-full of features. The Lite version is a fully functioning to-do list organizer. Group tasks under projects and checklists. Attach contacts to items in checklists for quick emailing, calling, etc. Add repeating to-dos. Password protect your tasks. And tons of other features. Probably the App Store’s most powerful to-do list app.
80. CNET News brings the best tech news website to the iPhone in a friendly format. Save articles for offline viewing. Share stories via e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter.
81. ReQall is a memory aid, data organizer, and reminder tool, all in one. Save ideas, to-do lists, and voice notes. Organize info by keywords, location, dates, etc.
82. Siri Assistant is a speech recognition app that works like your own personal assistant. Say things like “What movies are opening this weekend” or “Buy Chicago Bulls ticket for tonight” and instantly get the correct results. Sometimes offers better results than Google.
83. Dragon Dictation is like having a secretary taking dictation. Simply speak into the iPhone for up to 20 seconds and your voice will be turned in text. Email, Twitter, or Facebook your text.
84. Google Translate is a language translation app from Google. Speak or copy text and have it translated into dozens of languages. Have the app actually speak the translation for you. Also features a nifty full-screen mode in case you need to show someone translated text.
85. Backgrounds supplies 10,000+ wallpaper backgrounds for your iPhone. Browse by dozens of categories like animals, textures, cars, girls, space, etc.
86. MapQuest 4 Mobile brings free voice turn-by-turn GPS directions to the iPhone. The voice guidance informs you of upcoming turns. Search for hotels, movie theatres, gas stations, and other destinations based on your location.
87. Bing is the official app for the Bing search engine. Features the popular image search, and also general search, Bing’s daily image, speech recognition searches, and daily trivia.
88. DISH Remote lets you control your DISH DVR anywhere. Schedule recordings, search the programming guide for up to 9 days in advance, delete shows you’ve already watched. A must-have for DISH DVR owners.
89. Remote lets you control iTunes on your computer or an Apple TV with your iPhone. Requires a home WiFi network. Browse through songs, playlists, etc, on your iPhone.
90. Touch Mouse turns your iPhone into a touchscreen mouse. Control a Mac or PC. Works great for computers hooked up to TVs.
91. Kayak Flight, Hotel Search is probably the best airline ticket finding service out there right now. Search hundreds of travel sites, find the best prices. Powerful search and results filtering tools.
92. Priceline Hotel Negotiatior lets you bid for a Hotel room and get up to half off on rooms using your iPhone. See winning bids of other customers. Winning Bids Radar lets you see nearby winning-bid deals.
93. Drum Kit Lite features a 6-piece drum kit you can play by tapping with your fingers. Nice touches like blended cymbals and 16-bit stereo drum sounds.
94. TonePad is a fun music-creation tool. Tap in your notes on a 16×16 matrix. Share your creations with friends by uploading and sharing song codes. Songs are saved automatically upon exit.
95. iDaft 2 is a fun musical app that puts you in control of the sound effects for the Daft Punk songs “Harder Better Faster Stronger” and “Technologic.” Use headphones, and it’s indistinguishable from the real thing.
96. Gibson Learn & Master Guitar Application is a guitar player’s Swiss army knife. Features a chromatic tuner, chord library, metronome, and support for alternate tunings. Also features guitar lessons in the form of videos.
97. wikiHow: How to and DIY Survival Kit not only gives you access to 75,000 How To articles from WikiHow, it features offline reading for the wikiSurvival Kit for life-or-death situations, including instructions on CPR, Heimlich, treating burns, etc.
98. wikiHow’s Love Survival Kit gives relationship and love advice for all stages of relations, from flirting, to dating, to serious, to breakups.
99. Motor Trend provides you with the latest automative news and trends. Features reviews, photos, videos, vehicle road tests, and spy shots.
100. lets you car shop anywhere. Search for used and new cars. Filter your results by price, model, year, etc. Comes with loan payment calculator.
101. FantasyMonster Lite lets you check up on your Yahoo! Fantasy sports teams. Support for major sports: Baseball, Football, Basketball, and Hockey. Check matchups, transactions, news, lineups. Read and post to the message board. Paid version adds lineup changes.
102. Wikipanion optimizes the Wikipedia experience for your iPhone. Includes nice features like bookmarking, history, in-page searching, Wiktionary dictionary look-up, and font resizing.
103. Air Video Free is a powerful app that lets you watch videos from your home computer everywhere. No need to even convert your videos to an iPhone-compatible format, Air Video does it for you. Requires Air Video desktop software (free, link) too. Free version limits the number of items you can view in a folder.
104. Mobile offers quick and easy photo editing on the iPhone. Crop, straighten, color correct, add effects and borders to your iPhone photos. Works with, which offers free 2GB of storage for your iPhone photos and videos.
105. iHandy Level Free puts a carpenter’s level in your pocket. Never hang a crooked portrait again. Pretty accurate after calibration.
106. Planets is a guide to the night sky for amateur astronomers. Features both 2D and 3D views that display constellations, planets, and sky visibility.
107. Geotimescale is a quick and easy cheat sheet for the Earth’s geologic timescale. Fast access to the names and numerical dates of the eons, eras, periods, epochs, and ages of the Earth’s history.
108. Shakespeare is the complete works of Shakespeare in your pocket, for free. Search within the works easily, find famous quotes or specific words. Never be without a little Shakespeare. To be or not to be an awesome iPhone app?
109. AIM (Free Edition) lets you access not only your AIM chat account, but also chat with Facebook friends too. Send and receive messages over Wi-Fi, EDGE, or 3G networks. Manage your Buddy Lists.
110. Yahoo! Messenger gives you access to Yahoo’s instant message service as well as Windows Live messenger. Send messages and photos. Set your status.
111. Meebo brings together all your instant messaging and social networks together in once place, including AOL / AIM, Yahoo!, Windows Live Messenger, Gmail / Google Talk, Facebook, and MySpace. Send and receive messages. Get push notifcations when the app is closed. Send and receive photos.
112. Fring is an award-winning communication and social network Swiss Army knife. Make voice and video calls. Connect to IM services like AIM, MSN Messenger, ICQ, Yahoo, etc. Voice calls work over 3G too.
113. Windows Live Messenger is the official app that allows you to connect and chat with you Windows Live Messenger account. Also supports Yahoo! Messenger. Upload photos. View your Hotmail email account.
114. TweetDeck for iPhone gives you full access to your Twitter account. Support for multiple accounts. Get notifications for tweets. Nice features like easy re-tweeting.
115. Twitterrific is one of the better looking Twitter clients out there for the iPhone. Manage multiple accounts, add and remove friends, view conversations as threads, change the look of your theme. Powerful features for a free app. Highly recommended.
116. 5-0 Radio Scanner Lite features police radio and other emergency broadcasts from around the country. The free version offers 50 live feeds.
117. C-SPAN Radio quick and easy access to CSPAN’s streaming audio stations, including the audio from their TV channel. Includes audio for C-SPAN Radio, C-SPAN, and C-SPAN 2.
118. PayPal makes it easy to transfer money to friends and families. Send cash gifts, collect money from a group of people (to pay restaurant check, for example). Features new bump feature that exchanges money by bumping two iPhones together.
119. MasterCard MoneySend lets you transfer money (send, receive) using a participating debit, credit, and prepaid MasterCard card. You can check if you bank/credit union participates using the app. There are fees for transactions, but varies for each bank (check with your bank).
120. SimpleSense is a simple way to check your Adsense account on your iPhone. Never have to enter your username and password again. Never have the iPhone’s browser screw up the Adsense website’s page rendering again.
121. Valentine’s Photo Free is an iPhone-friendly way of adding cute valentine graphics to your photos. Adds hearts and other valentine-themed art to any photo on your iPhone. Save and send.
122. Kitty! Annoy Your Cat is a funny way to annoy your cat with cat sounds. A nice soundboard app that get strong reactions from some cats. Check out YouTube for some funny examples.
123. Blockbuster gives access to your Blockbuster Online account, letting you add and remove movies from your queue rearrange the order, find movies from various lists.
124. Rise&Shine is a useful clock app for the iPhone that shows not only the time but the weather and day & date as well. Landscape and portrait modes. Multiple themes.
125. Concert Vault offers streaming audio of live concert recordings from the world’s biggest acts—for free. Features classic acts like Jimi Hendrix, Smashing Pumpkins, Rolling Stones, etc. Great for rock nostalgia. Lots of content.
126. vTie – Necktie Guide is a simple but useful app that shows you how to tie a tie. Could be a lifesaver if you’re going to a wedding or other formal affair.
127. Chipotle Ordering lets you preorder your Chipotle before you get there. Skip the line. Pay for it within the app using your credit card. Find the nearest Chipotle using the iPhone’s GPS. View the entire menu. Use secure login to save your credit so you don’t have to keep entering it.
128. Zillow Real Estate Search lets you find and view real estate info like homes for sale and the prices of recently sold homes. Use the iPhone’s GPS to instantly bring up homes for sale in areas you like you are traveling in. Save favorites. Get an idea of what costs where. Invaluable home shopping tool.
129. AAA Roadside utilizes the iPhone’s GPS to make asking for emergency roadside assistance much quicker. View your AAA card inside the app. Call AAA from the app, see nearby AAA repair stations.
130. TMZ keeps you up-to-date on the latest celebrity gossip. Lots of photos and video as well. Did you hear the latest on Lindsay Lohan? OMG!
131. NPR News gives access to everything National Public Radio, including both live streaming radio stations as well as podcasts. Create your own NPR playlist of audio news stories and podcasts within app. Read the latest news. See what live programs are playing on local stations from around the country and listen in.
132. Netflix is the official Netflix app that lets you watch your instant streaming movies on your iPhone. Works on WiFi and 3G. Only bad news is that there is no snail-mail movie queue management features in the app (yet).
133. Diet & Food Tracker by SparkPeople is the official calorie counter from one of the most popular dieting websites out there, SparkPeople. More than 1 million foods in their calorie database. Create and follow diet plans. Track your weight and progress. Only downside is that it requires an Internet connection.
134. ShapeUp Club – Calorie Tracker is a powerful weight loss tool. Track the calories of each food you eat throughout the day. Track calories burned from exercise. Features of 150,000 foods. Track your weight, waist size, and body fat over time. Password protection in case you don’t want people to see how fat you really are.
135. Meet the Press gives access to the Meet the Press podcasts (audio and video) as well as extras for the popular TV show including the post show web extras with expanded roundtable discussions and viewer questions.
136. World of Warcraft Mobile Armory lets you view your WoW character using your iPhone. View character stats, equipment, achievements, etc. Browse any auction house your character has access to. View in-game calendars.
137. Instapaper Free is a simple but powerful reading tool for the iPhone. With a click of a button, take articles from the web, strip away ads and annoying formating, and make them highly readable for the iPhone and iPad. Also makes them available for offline reading. One of our favorite reading apps.
138. SimpleNote is a barebones text editing app whose standout feature is super-simple and easy synching of your notes. Synch notes from the iPhone to the cloud to your desktop and other devices very easily. Simple and powerful: the formula for a great iPhone app.
139. Are You Left Brained or Right Brained? lets you test which of your brain hemispheres is dominating your thinking. Are you left brained, logical and symbolic, or right brained, creative and intuitive? Find out!
140. Bible lets your carry the Bible in your pocket everywhere. Features 41 translations in 22 languages. Powerful search tool. Bookmark favorite passages.
141. Alarm Clock Free turns your iPhone into a clock radio alarm clock where you can create your own playlists to wake up to. Features several colorful themes and a flashlight mode for those late night trips to that bathroom.
142. AOL Radio offers over 350 live radio streams including 150 local CBS radio stations from around the country. Easy to use.
143. PadMapper Apartment Search shows you apartments for rent from Craigslist on Google Maps. Search by price, bedrooms, bathrooms, location, etc. Supports 65 cities.
144. Southwest Airlines is the official app for the Southwest Airlines. Book tickets, check in for flights, view the latest DING! deals, access Rapid Rewards, and make EarlyBird check-ins using the iPhone.
145. Engadget is the official app for the popular tech website. Besides the text articles, you can watch Engadget’s videos within the app as well as tweet and email stories.
146. UPS Mobile lets you track your packages, nickname shipments, create shipping labels, find nearby UPS locations, and estimate shipment costs and delivery times. What can Brown do for you?
147. TextPlus gives you free, unlimited text messages to any phone in the US or Canada.
148. Photobucket lets you upload and backup all of your favorite iPhone photos to the Photobucket website. Support for geotagging.
149. Pizza Hut is a slick app that lets you not only order pizza from Pizza Hut (and WingStreet wings), but access coupons and deals, find nearby Pizza Huts, slap together a pizza with visual tools, and order without a phone call (requires you to register with
150. Mobile lets you find the perfect pet to adopt. Browse through 290,000 pets from over 13,000 shelters and rescue groups. Search by location, breed, age, gender, and pet size. Includes cats, dogs, and other pet categories. Pictures, descriptions, contact, etc, included in the data.
151. Sushipedia is an encyclopedia of sushi. Read up on the types of sushi, see multiple photos for almost every type included in the app, see what’s in season, tag favorites, read interesting facts and history of sushi.
152. Fidelity Investments lets you access your Fidelity brokerage account anywhere. Buy and sell stocks and options. View your second-by-second net worth. Research stocks. Get the latest financial news. View charts.
153. Lucyphone makes sure you never wait on hold again. Find the company in the app’s directory, enter in your call back number, and dial. Once you’re on hold, hang up! LucyPhone will call you back when you’re no longer on hold. The only downside is that you’ll have to maneuver through voice menus as normal.
154. Zipcar lets you quickly find and reserve Zipcars in your area. Honk the horn and even lock and unlock the car door (once you swipe your Zipcar card in car’s scanner). You can also get directions to your Zipcar, extend reservations, and easily call Zipcar representatives for help within the app.
155. Teavana Perfect Tea helps you make the perfect cup of tea. Comes with a tea timer that advises you how long to steep for different types of teas. It even offers unique alert sounds depending on which type of tea you’re steeping. While an advertisement for Teavana teas, comes with lots of useful information, like tea descriptions and how to create your own blends.
156. NBC Nightly News lets you watch the full NBC Nightly News broadcast via WiFi or 3G, or you can watch just the various news segments from the show you find interesting.
157. TripIt – Travel Organizer brings all your travel info into once place in an easy-to-scan list. Just create an account and forward your travel confirmation emails to TripIt, and the app takes care of the rest. The app organizes flight times, hotel check-ins, rental car pickups/drop-offs, etc, all on one screen. Check your flight’s status. Discover nearby points of interest for where you’re staying.
158. MobiQpons uses the iPhone’s GPS to show you coupons for stores near your. You can even view and use the coupons in the app. Simply show the coupon to the cashier, who can scan the barcode right from the screen or type in the coupon code. Push notifications can alert you when there’s a new batch of coupons to browse.
159. TUAW is the official app for The Ultimate Apple Weblog. Get the latest news and tips on everything Apple, including tons of iPhone info.
160. College Football Live! offers live play-by-play coverage for the top college football teams. Personalize the app with your favorite team to get one-touch access to live games, news, and photos. Access the latest polls. Talk smack with other fans during the game.
161. Mixology: Drink Recipes (Free) lets you view over 7,900 drink recipes and 1,300 ingredients. Search by drink categories (martinis, cocktails, etc). Keep a “liquor cabinet” within the app that lets you catalogue all the liquor you own. Learn bartending terminology and techniques.
162. OKCupid gives you access to one of the largest free online dating services out there. With the app you can browse and rate profiles, send and receive messages, get match recommendations, see who’s viewed your profile, and upload pics from your phone.
163. NewEgg Mobile gives iPhone-optimized access to the most popular online computer hardware store. Search for products, get comprehensive product specifications, read over 1.7 millions customer reviews, view product image gallery, buy products using the app.
164. Onion News Network features hilarious videos from the satirical newspaper/news network. Free and full access to archives as well. Great if you need a good laugh.
165. DC Comics lets you download and read comics from the biggest North American comics publisher. Sync between computer, iPhone, iPod, and iPad.
166. Marvel Comics is a way to enjoy some of your favorite Marvel characters and comic book issues on the iPhone, including Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Spider-Man, Wolverine. Comics are backed up at as well.
167. Comics features the largest comic library and store. Features Guide View feature that makes reading comics on the iPhone very comfortable. Includes Marvel comics as well.
168. Battery Magic gives you a quick time estimate of battery life left depending on what you’re using your iPhone for. The app also tells you how long it will take to fully charge your iPhone from its current level. Change the look of the app with multiple themes.
169. Fake-A-Call Free fakes a call from your wife, boss, kids, etc. Uses real voices to help keep up a brief fake conversation. Get out of a bad date, boring meeting, or intrusive in-laws who just won’t stop talking. Can’t think of what to say? Choose from 9 scripts that you just need to repeat.
170. LED Light for iPhone 4 Free instantly turns on your iPhone 4’s LED light, creating a flashlight much brighter than using the glow from the iPhone’s screen. Also turns the LED light into a strobe light, with various blinking speed intervals.
171. Converter Plus: Currencies, Units & Calculators converts units including live exchange rates for 167 different currencies (dollars into yen, yen into Euros, etc). Also supports conversions for area, weight, energy, force, length, mass, power, pressure, speed, temperature, volume, bits and bytes. Comes with a standard calculator.
172. Wikipedia Mobile is the official app from Wikipedia. Very simple and fast, the app is open source and supported by a community of developers.
173. Trapster Speed Trap Alerts lets you view and report speed traps on roads. Cool features include real-time communication with other drivers, and color coding to see when the road was last driven down by another driver. Push notifications can alert you of traps even when you aren’t running the app.
174. Private Pics Free lets you protect photos on your iPhone from prying eyes with a password. Free version lets you protect up to 10 photos in a folder (you can have more than one folder). Drag-and-drop to organize photos. View in slideshows. Maintain your privacy
175. State Capitals Study Buddy! helps you learn the state capitals. Colorful interface makes it nice to use. No Internet connection required. Great for kids. App remembers where you left off in case you have to quit suddenly.

176. Gibson Learn & Master Guitaris a Swiss army knife for guitarists. Features a chromatic tuner with alternate tuning settings, a chord library, and free video lessons.
177. CraigsPro Free is the best-looking Craigslist app available. Browse multiple cities at once. Post to Craigslist. Save your favorite postings for fast access later. View full screen photos. Neighborhood filtering for big cities.
178. Instagram is a camera and photo-sharing app that’s been exploding in popularity over the past few months. Features over a dozen image filters to give photos a special look. Share photos on just about any social network (Facebook, Twitter, etc).
179. Google Voice is an official app from Google to access your Google Voice account. Get a real telephone number that can receive and make calls. Listen to voicemail or receive transcripts as email. Send free text messages to US numbers. Make international phone calls at cheap rates. Import contacts from your iPhone contacts.
180. PlainText is a basic but powerful text editor that syncs with the Dropbox cloud service (offers free account). Store your documents on the iPhone and in the cloud. Download your documents anywhere you can access the Internet.
181. Glympse lets you share your location quickly and easily. Share your travels in real-time that can be followed on a map. Perfect for parents wanting to make sure their children arrive at their destination. Lots of nice privacy features as well.
182. Google Places is a quick and easy way to find important places near you (using the iPhone’s GPS and Google Maps). Access reviews from multiple review sites. Use Google’s new Hotpot service to review places, and get recommendations based on your likes.
183. GateGuru shows airport restaurants, shops, and services for over 115 airports around the world. View maps of concourses and gates. View airport security wait times. Access over 20,000 reviews.
184. Boxcar provides push notifications for dozens of online services like Twitter, Facebook, email, etc. Get notifications for Twitter mentions, direct messages, etc. Works with dozens of Twitter apps as well. A great push notification solution for things you didn’t know you could get notifications for.
185. PageOnce – Money & Bills lets you track all your money and bills in once place, and get push notifications when it’s time to pay your bills. Track your frequent flyer miles, credit card reward, mobile phone minutes, and more. Safe and secure. Used by over 3 million people to simplify their daily financial lives.
186. The Official App offers a free iPhone app a day. Download paid apps for free. Sometimes features some great apps too!
187. Find My iPhone is a free service from Apple. Locate your iPhone (or your kids iPhone) anywhere. This app is mainly good for tracking someone else’s iPhone, for example, making sure your kids are at school. Requires an iPhone 4 or newer phone.
188. Foodspotting is a fun and social way to share the food that you eat, and to view real food at restaurants before you buy. Earn points and badges for your culinary explorations.
189. HarvestMark Food Traceability lets you trace your fruits and vegetables back to their source (in other words, where they were grown and harvested). Easily scan in the food using the iPhone’s camera, or type in code from the label.
190. GasBuddy is a quick way to find the cheapest gas prices near you. Just one tap brings up the cheapest prices. You can also report gas prices using the app.
191. On This Day is a good looking app that lets you view historical events, birthdays, and deaths on the current date (or future dates as well). Read Wikipedia articles on the interesting events.
192. E*TRADE Mobile Pro gives you almost complete access and functionality of your e*Trade brokerage account. Trade stocks and options. Get real-time quotes. View your portfolio. Set up and receive push alerts for stock prices.
193. Healthy Recipes – By SparkRecipes lets you view over 190,000 healthy recipes from the popular diet website SparkPeople. Save your favorite recipes for quick viewing. Browse by course type, ethnicity, cooking time, etc. View calories and other nutrition facts for meals.
194. PBS lets you watch PBS programs for free, streamed over 3G or WiFi. Watch popular programs like Antiques Roadshow, Frontline, NOVA, Secrets of the Dead, and more.
195. Mall Maps Mobile provides mall for malls in the US. Find your favorite stores. Discover malls near you easily using GPS. Call stores from the app to find if they have a product you’re interested in. Bookmark your favorite malls maps for fast access.
196. Parking Mate is your all-in-one parking-spot tool. Set a meter to remind you to feed the meter. Use GPS to mark and help find your parking spot. Take a photo of your parking spot to help you remember the location. Add details about your favorite locations like street sweeping dates and other restrictions, then quickly check what spots are “safe” to park in.
197. Thomson Reuters News Pro gives you access to the respected Reuters global news service in an easy-to-browse way.
198. Restaurant Nutrition provides restaurant nutrition info for your favorite chain restaurant foods. See how fat your going to get from eating that yummy food!
199. Paperless Lite: Lists + Checklists is a simple but powerful app for making lists. Create to-do lists, grocery lists, take notes, write story outlines, plan a vacation. Add fun sticker icons to help identify lists (over 300 to choose from). Simple and clean interface makes making a list quick and easy.
200. Weight Watchers Mobile lets you manage your Weight Watchers PointPlus system anywhere. Easy find and calculate PointsPlus values for food. Track and view your weight loss progress in charts. View a daily healthy recipe.

The 25 Best Free iPad Apps

With more and more iPad apps flowing into the App Store every day, it can be tough to find the best of the best. To help you cut through the clutter, the following is a list of our picks for the 25 best free apps for the iPad so far, in no particular order.

25 Best Free iPad Apps:

Continue reading…

The 25 Best Free Games for iPhone and iPod Touch

One of the great things about the iPhone is the sheer number of excellent free games available. Why pay for a game, ever?! Check out the following list of our handpicked top 25 free iPhone games. We keep it updated, but many are true classics that have been on the list for a while. Also check out the video below for a brief glimpse at all games in the list.

Screenshot Description
1. Mega Run is like Super Mario Bros except built perfectly for the iPhone’s touch screen. Run and jump your way through 64 stages scattered throughout 4 worlds. There is a ton of replay value for each stage as well, with hidden gems and gold coins to uncover. As you progress, you unlock new characters to play and add new power-ups to game. There is an in-app purchase element where you can purchase coins to speed things up, but it’s not required. Mega Run is one the best, most well-designed free games for the iPhone. I can’t believe it’s free! Download.
Dead Trigger iPhone Game 2. Dead Trigger is a zombie arcade shooter that is both difficult and scary—no babies allowed, take off your diapers and put on your big boy pants, there’s zombies to slaughter. Dead Trigger features beautiful Retina graphics built using the Unity Engine. It is a freemium game, but you don’t have to spend a dime to get tons of fun. And supposedly every weapon in the game can be purchased for $5 of in-app purchases, in case you want to take things that far. Dead Trigger is a thrilling game that makes me say, woah, this is free? Download.
CSR Racing iPhone Game 3. CSR Racing is an intense street racing game where you buy, build, and tweak cars and race them against competitors. The game features real cars like Ford Mustangs, Audis, BMWS, etc. Beautiful Retina graphics and next-gen lighting effects make the game quite a looker. Time your gear shifts and boosts to shave off every millisecond you can. It’s a freemium game with in-app purchases, but they’re not required to play the game. I was personally addicted to this one for months. Download.
4. iFighter 2: The Pacific 1942 is a World War II themed survival shooter that puts you in the pilot’s seat of a fighter plane dodging bullets left and right. A sequel to the popular original iFighter, Pacific 1942 is set in the Pacific theater of war, which means lots of ships and fighter planes and a few other surprises. When things start to get hairy, you’ll need to upgrade your plane by collecting weapon power-ups, health potions, and wingmen. You can purchase better planes and wingmen by collecting stars and gold coins. Pacific 1942 is an awesome classic bullet dodger for free. Download.
Brutal Street free iPhone game 5. Brutal Street is a fighting game that pits your own personal gang members against waves of street thugs. Each member of your gang has their strengths and weaknesses. The boxer can take a lot of punishment, the marksman deals damage from a distance, and the sexy vixen is deadly with a blade. Earn cash and upgrade the powers of your characters. Add new mega powers to change the direction of a fight in an instant. This is the game I’m playing at the moment. Very addictive with nice graphics. Download.
Heroes of Order & Chaos Best Games 6. Heroes of Order & Chaos is an online battle arena that is basically Gameloft’s version of League of Legends, a free and popular online game. Control heroes on either side of a raging battle where armies try to destroy protective towers in an effort to reach the other side’s castle. This is an intense game, and currently my favorite iPad game to play (it’s great on the iPhone too). A freemium game, but you don’t have to spend a cent to get everything out of it (I haven’t spent any money). Download.
Bombshells iPhone Game 7. Bombshells: Hell’s Belles is a sweet airplane dogfighting game with some nice Retina-friendly graphics. Fly missions, take out enemy aircraft, and earn cash to upgrade your planes. Take on random players in online multiplayer. Bombshells is a freemium game, but no in-app purchases are required until very high levels in the game (to get the really elite weapons, you have to spend a little dough). Download.
Indestructibles iPhone Game 8. Indestructible is a fast-paced driving/fighting where you control a vehicle battling against other vehicles in an arena. This is mainly an online multiplayer game, but there is a practice area for some light offline play. As you destroy and win battles, you earn cash to buy new vehicles, upgrade your weapons and armor. You can also collect power-ups and repairs inside the arena to stay alive longer. The challenge of this game is learning to do two things at once: driving and aiming your guns at the same time. This one is a blast to play, and good looking, too, with 4 different arenas to play in. Indestrucible is a freemium game with some in-app purchase elements. Download.
9. Sudoku by Finger Arts is simply the best free Sudoku game you can get on the iPhone. Whether you’re a beginner or veteran, the game offers limitless puzzles to always keep you challenged. Beautiful high-def graphics look great on the latest high-rest iPhone screens. It’s the perfect casual game that your can play anywhere and exercise your brain. Over 100,000+ App Store reviewers agree with me, Sudoku is one of the best free games for the iPhone. Download.
10. Gun Bros is an intense survival game with an arcade feel to it. You control a soldier, who, along with a buddy, must fight off wave after wave of enemies. At your disposal is a growing arsenal of guns, grenades, and other helpful objects you can collect along the way. A recent update introduced online multiplayer, allowing you to hook up with a random stranger to stand back-to-back and mow down the alien hordes. The game has a lot of depth and polish, as its been updated and upgraded many times. It can get a bit monotonous as well. The most fun comes from collecting bigger and badder guns, some of which have some pretty crazy powers. There’s also a subtle adventure-game element where you travel to new worlds and discover new enemies to defeat. Gun Bros has freemium elements where you can speed up your weaponry upgrades, but there’s lots of depth to the game without having to spend a dime. Buckle up, because Gun Bros is violent fun. Download.
11. Shape Shift is a challenging puzzle game where you must match 4 of the same color in a row. But there’s a catch—you can only swap squares with the same shape inside. To complicate matters further, squares with numbers inside them count down each time you make a move. You’ll need to clear those squares before they reach zero, else it’s game over. Shape Shift is a challenging casual game that is well-designed. Download.
12. Temple Run puts you in control of an Indiana Jones-like archeologist escaping a tomb he has just robbed. You must dodge around, jump over, and slide under obstacles as you outrun an angry pack of apes defending their territory. The crisp 3D graphics and solid jungle sound effects (complete with jungle beats!) provided great atmosphere for this fast-paced casual game. Collecting gems along the temple path will allow you to upgrade your temple runner, and of course that’s where a freemium element comes in, allowing you to buy more coins in order to speed up your upgrades. But it’s not necessary to spend a dime to fully enjoy the game. Overall, Temple Run is a well-designed casual game with that Indiana Jones mystique. And it’s free! Download.
13. Tiny Tower lets you build a tower floor-by-floor and manage all the businesses and people inside of it. You can customize each floor, choosing the type of business that occupy it. You’ll also need to supply living space for the tower’s residents, called Bitizens. Give your residents jobs, collect money and rent, and keep building up to the sky. The game combines strategy and humor for an entertaining yet still challenging mix. There are some freemium elements (in-app purchases), but you don’t need to spend money to play the game. Download.
14. iJewels is an addictive match-3 puzzle game similar to the popular Bejeweled. Features 4 different game modes: Normal, Timed, Quick and Infinite. High-def graphics makes the game look crisp on the iPhone’s Retina Display. Integration with GameCenter. Download.
15. Zenonia 4 is an epic RPG game offering 227 unique maps and 136 quests of action-packed adventure. The game features 4 classes to play, Sword Knight, Shadow Hunter, Mechanic Launcher and Nature Shaman. Outfit your character with hundreds of different pieces of equipment and battle against hundreds of different types of monsters. Dozens of hours of epic fantasy gameplay for free. Not bad. Not bad at all. Download.
16. Air Wings is a fight to the death with paper airplanes. It’s an online game (Air Wings uses Apple’s Game Center to assign you a random online opponent), so you’ll need an Internet connection. Using tilt controls, you must pull off some serious maneuvers to avoid opponents or position your plane for the offensive, all the while gathering the right weapons to launch at your opponent. Weapons include spitballs, exploding rubber darts, “heat-seeking” pencils, and more. This game is one of my personal favorites, as it’s just well-designed in all aspects. There is even built-in voice chat in case you want to chat up your opponent (although there are some funny moments when players don’t realize their microphone is on). Air Wings is a great dog-fighting game only with paper airplanes. The game is completely free to play for as much as you want, but you can purchase other types of paper planes, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Download.
Baseball Superstars 17. Baseball Superstars is a highly configurable baseball game featuring six different modes of play, including seasons, exhibition, and even a home rub derby. Not only do you have to perform on the field but off the field as well. Make strategic player trades, earn money from victories, and upgrade your players. You can acquire Hall of Fame caliber players via trades and upgrade your equipment. One of the best baseball games on the iPhone. Download.
Soccer Superstars 2011 iPhone game 18. Soccer Superstars 2011 is a full-featured soccer game from the makers of the popular Baseball Superstars series. The game features 6 modes of gameplay, including Exhibition, My League, Season, Cup, Dramatic, and Match Mode. You can create teams and players and upgrade player stats over time. Use legendary players and their special skills to pull of some sweet moves on the field. A highly customizable soccer game with limitless hours of challenging gameplay. Download.
19. Zen Pinball is a beautiful Retina Display-friendly pinball game that comes with a free table called Sorcerer’s Lair—no strings attached. It’s a polished pinball game with professional sound effects and voice acting. As a free game, Zen Pinball is a total steal, and there are no freemium elements, although if you like the pinball you can buy more tables inside the app. This is the best pinball game in the App Store (the in-app purchase tables are the best on iOS). Even better on the iPad. Download.
20. Deer Hunter Challenge is a hunting and skill shooting game. Locate roaming animals on a map, set up your location, and take them down with a skillfully aimed shot. Upgrade your weapons, equipment and clothing on the path becoming a master marksman. Download.
Candy Train iPhone Game 21. Candy Train is a challenging puzzle game. Keep your train rolling by rearranging the track ahead of it. Collect the various pieces of train to build a bigger train, then drive it through the station to complete the level. Collect candy along the way to build up your points. Sounds simple, but it’ll take some thinking ahead to keep your growing train going. Speed up the train when you’ve built a clear path, slow it down to buy yourself more time. Don’t let the cute graphics fool you, this is a tough one. Download.
22. Tiki Totems is like Jenga in reverse. The object is to make the structures fall down, but in specific ways. Colorful and unique, and an overall challenging puzzle game. Perfect for the casual puzzle game lover. Download.
23. Jetpack Joyride is a side-scrolling game where you strap on a jetpack and fly through a secret laboratory, collecting coins and power-ups while dodging various obstacles. Jetpack Joyride is a fun, fast-paced survival game similar to classics like Doodle Jump in that the object is too see just how long you can last. The fun is in learning the various ways to survive the longest as well as updating your character with cool new types of jetpacks. An all-around well designed game with lots of critical acclaim. Download.
24. Samurai II: Dojo is a fun and gory fighting game where the object is to slice up hordes of onrushing enemies. Has light RPG elements where you can upgrade your character’s health, buy new weapon attacks, and upgrade your attack power. Beautiful Japanese artwork make this the best free fighting game on the iPhone. Download.
25. Mega Jump is a colorfully addictive casual game where the object is to keep jumping higher and higher without falling off the screen. Your character is propelled upward each time it touches a coin or other special object in the game. Working against you are gravity itself and other objects that can have a negative effect on your character. Mega Jump features beautifully crisp graphics that look great on the iPhone’s Retina Display. A collection of silly and fun sound effects provide the game with a whimsical feel. The more coins you collect along the way, the more upgrades you can buy for your character and for the special objects that randomly appear in the game. There’s a freemium element where you can buy extra coins to quicken your upgrades, but it’s not necessary to spend any money to enjoy the game (I haven’t spent a dime and love it). Mega Jump is the perfect casual time-waster. Download.

5 iPhone Apps That Password Protect Your Photos

There are plenty of good reasons why you might want to password protect photos on your iPhone, from protecting family photos from falling into the hands of strangers to keeping sexy photos from prying eyes. Here are 5 apps that can password protect photos on the iPhone.

My Secret Folder

My Secret Folder ($0.99) is our top choice for protecting your photos and videos, as it has several tricks up its sleeve to keep things private. First, the app’s icon camouflages itself as a folder filled with apps. Someone peepin’ your iPhone won’t suspect it’s an app at all! Next, the app requires a password to open. If someone tries to break in, the app records the password they enter and even displays the number of times someone tried to break in via a badge on the app’s icon! Download.


ePhotoChest (free) locks your private photos with a password. The app requires a password before granting access to photos. You can add photos from the iPhone’s Photo Album or via the camera. (For complete privacy simply delete the photos outside of the app.) The app supports multiple folders, landscape viewing, slideshows, and shake-to-lock. Even though your photos are protected inside the app, you can still move them in and out of the app and onto your computer easily enough if you choose to do so. Download.


PhotoFolders ($0.99) is a powerful little app that not only lets you protect your photos with a password, but also allows importing of photos from your computer via home WiFi network. Other features are drag-and-drop file support, email photos, slideshows, optional upgrade to video support. Download.

My Eyes Only Photo

My Eyes Only ($2.99) offers both password protection and encryption for your private photos. If your iPhone is stolen and hacked, 256-bit AES encryption keeps photos safe from prying eyes. Photos can be taken via the iPhone’s camera wihin the app and immedialtely be encrypted and password locked—no need to delete from the iPhone’s Photo Album. Other features include full data wipe if the wrong password is entered 6 times, sending of photos via MMS, and movement of photos back into the iPhone’s Photo Album.

Photo Safe Pro 2010

Photo Safe Pro 2010 ($1.99) password protects your photos and offers a ton of other features to boot. Probably the most powerful of the extras is the ability to transfer your photos from your computer into the app using an FTP connection. Other features include mutilple folders, slideshow, Snoop-Stopper, and a slick interface.


.folder ($0.99) is a simple app that let’s you password protect your photos. An interesting feature is a Recommended photo browser within the app that pulls sexy images from Flickr, ffffound,, and tumblr. Supports importing of photos from the iPhones photo library or direct from camera.

A Guide to the Best iPhone GPS Navigation Apps

The App Store is cluttered with iPhone GPS apps, and sorting through them is a daunting task. This guide is designed to cut through the clutter, gather all relevant info in one place, and aid you in making the best choice. We also take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of iPhone GPS vs personal navigation devices, and which accessories you’ll need to have the best iPhone GPS experience.

What Is the Best iPhone GPS Navigation App?

MotionX GPS Drive Best App

GPS apps are constantly evolving as developers add new features, iron out bugs, and tweak interfaces. Currently, the two best reviewed apps in their class are Navigon MobileNavigator ($49.99, iTunes link) and MotionX GPS Drive ($0.99, iTunes link).

Navigon MobileNavigator has long been the premiere navigation app on the iPhone. It been polished by several updates and has all the premium features (voice directions with street names, landscape mode, lane assistance, iPod controls, etc) you’d expect, along with clean, easy-to-read graphics. Recent additions are live traffic, 3D view, and ZAGAT content, which all cost extra (in-app purchases). Tech luminaries like Gizmodo (review) and Walt Mossberg (review) have chosen it as the best iPhone nav app, and it’s also the highest rated by App Store reviewers. Two other solid navigator apps worth checking out are >TomTom and, surprisingly, AT&T Navigator, which MacWorld recently rated the best nav app (but which has below average App Store reviews).

MotionX GPS Drive is all about value and price. At $2.99 a month, it’s a huge bargain, but it doesn’t come with stored maps. Instead, you must have a data connection and download maps as you go. But it does offer voice navigation and some sweet iPod controls. Tech journalist Andy Ihnatko named it his favorite iPhone GPS app, and Gizmodo called it “hands down the best value in GPS apps.” Blog iPhone JD has a thorough review of the app. It’s your best low-cost choice.

A List of All iPhone GPS Apps

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