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iOS 6 Available for Download Today

iOS6 logo

iOS 6 is arriving today, so rev up your Internet connections. The update is compatible with iPhone 3GS and newer, iPad 2 and newer, and 4th-gen iPods and newer. The release is expected around (*update* it’s available now, although it may not show up as available for everyone right away) 1:00PM Eastern time today (according to rumors). The file size should be around 900MB (this won’t be a quickie update).

The easiest way to update is right on the iPhone/iPad itself. You’ll need to be on a WiFi network, then simply go into Settings > General > Software Update and tap Download and Install. You can also update through iTunes as well. Connect to iTunes, click on your iPhone in the left sidebar, click Summary, then click Check for Update.


iOS 6 Software Update on iPhone


Check for iOS Software Update in iTunes Check for iOS Software Update in iTunes

Not all of iOS 6’s features will be available on older devices. Engadget created this handy chart (see below) showing which features work on older devices:

Engadget List of Supported iOS 6 features

But just what are all the features of iOS 6? iPhoneHacks has a good quick-but-extensive rundown, and then the forums at MacRumors has a sweet list of “all the little things” that are new, if you like minutiae (personal dictionary in iCloud!).

iPad Version of ESPN Fantasy Football App Now Available in App Store

ESPN Fantasy Football iPad App icon

There’s no need for ESPN Fantasy Footballers to run the iPhone app at 2x on the iPad anymore. ESPN Fantasy Football 2012 for iPad (free) is now available for download.

The best news is that app is well designed, unlike most other fantasy football apps out there. The app includes full management tools (add, drop, waivers, trades, etc), ESPN’s FantasyCast for live scoring of matchups, Fantasy news and Videos, and viewing and posting to league message boards.

The app currently rates 4.5 stars in the App Store. Hats off to ESPN.

Download ESPN Fantasy Football 2012


ESPN Fantasy Football 2012 iPad screenshot

ESPN Fantasy Football 2012 iPad screenshot 2

Tip: How to Prevent the iPhone/iPad’s Screen from Automatically Turning Off

There may be times when you want the iPhone/iPad’s screen to remain on until you physically turn it off. To prevent the screen from auto shutting off, you must turn off the iPhone/iPad’s Auto-Lock feature (just remember to eventually turn it back on for your battery’s sake). To turn off Auto-Lock, go to Settings > General > Auto-Lock and select Never (see visual instructions below).

1. Open Settings:

2. Tap General:

Tap General in the iPhone's Settings

3. Tap Auto-Lock:

Tap Auto-Lock in iPhone General Settings

4. Tap Never:

Tap Never in iPhone Auto-Lock Settings

And that’s it, your screen will no longer automatically shut off. Note that you can still manually shut off the screen and lock the iPhone/iPad by pressing the sleep button on top of the device. Again, remember that leaving the screen on depletes the battery very quickly, so make sure to eventually turn Auto-Lock back on!

Every once in a while, I turn off the iPad’s Auto-Lock when I’m using the iPad to display reference material while I’m working on something else, for example, when I’m writing on my desktop or doing my taxes. I also turn off Auto-Lock on an old iPhone I use as a desk clock.

6 Fantasy Football iPhone & iPad Apps to Manage Your Fantasy Team

Want to manage your fantasy football team on the go? Thankfully, all the major fantasy football services offer an iPhone app with basic management tools (add/drop players, trades, etc). However, when it comes to drafting your teams, only one lets you draft via app (the app). Without further ado, below are 6 apps for the major online fantasy football services.

Yahoo Fantasy Football

Yahoo Fantasy Football (free) has slowly improved the interface of their app over the years, and it now runs smoother and is much easier on the eyes. They’ve also added iPad support, so it’s a universal app. Yahoo just updated the app with new features, including improved waiver-wire management. With app you can now:

  • Claim players off the waiver wire
  • Make trades, including proposing, rejecting, vetoing, and allowing trades
  • View league activity (waiver-wire adds, drops, trades).
  • View pending adds and trades.
  • Manage your player watchlist.
  • Read Roto Arcade articles.

There are some downsides. The app is useless until after you draft your team, and you can’t draft using the app. And if you’re a commish, there are no commish tools in the app. Essentially, it’s still a limited app, but useful enough that it can save your butt more than once during a season.

iPhone screenshots:

Yahoo Fantasy Football app iPhone Screenshots

iPad screenshots:

Yahoo Fantasy Football iPad app screenshots

ESPN Fantasy Football

ESPN Fantasy Football (free, iPhone, iPad) has all the basics to let you manage your ESPN teams, and yes, you can manage multiple teams across multiple leagues. It even has a few nice tricks like push notifications for injuries. Some of the app’s features are:

  • View FantasyCast real-time scoring
  • Manage your line-up (start and substitute players)
  • Add and drop players from waiver wire
  • Propose, access, or reject trades
  • Read fantasy news, watch videos, and read tweets from ESPN fantasy columnists
  • View and post to league message boards

Some of the app’s downsides are no iPad version (of course, you can run the iPhone version in 2x mode), no drafting of teams via the app, and no league management tools for commissioners.

iPhone screenshots:

ESPN Fantasy Football iPhone app screenshots Fantasy Football Fantasy Football app icon for iPhone and iPad Fantasy Football (free) is another app that lets you take care of the basic management duties of your team. Developers are promising that the app will see significant updates before the season starts. One of app’s strengths is access to official news and injury updates, which excels at. Overall, the app lets you:

  • Manage your lineup (sit, bench players)
  • Add and drop players to the waive wire
  • Access player rankings
  • Make and accept trades
  • Manage multiple teams across multiple leagues

Some of the limitations of the Fantasy Football app are that it can’t be used for your draft, there is no iPad-optimized version, and the are no commish tools available.

iPhone screenshots:

NFL Fantasy Football iPhone app screenshots

CBS Sports Pro Football for iPad

CBS Sports Pro Football for iPad

CBS Sports Pro Football for iPad (free:, iPhone, iPad) is more of a NFL news app with CBS fantasy football manager built into it. That doesn’t mean you can’t get the job done with it, though. And, there is a separate iPad version, too. Some of the app’s features are:

  • Live fantasy scores
  • Line-up management (add, drop, start, bench players)
  • Fantasy football news and opinion
  • projections, roster trends, and player stats
  • Live NFL Gametracker with play by play and box scores
  • Exclusive RapidReports with inside info on all 32 NFL teams.
  • Live, on-demand video for CBS’s Fantasy Football Today

iPhone screenshots:

CBS Pro Football Fantasy iPhone app screenshots

iPad screenshots:

CBS Pro Football fantasy football app screenshots

Fantasy Football ’12 for Yahoo/ESPN/

Fantasy Football 12 app icon

Fantasy Football ’12 for Yahoo/ESPN/ ($2.99) is not an official app from any of the online fantasy football services. But the app does allow you to manage multiple teams across all the multiple services (Yahoo, ESPN, and Some advice though: if you’re willing to shell out the $2.99 for this version, you may want to consider Fantasy Monster Pro ($4.99) from the same developer, as it also lets you access fantasy baseball, basketball, and hockey teams as well. I’ve used that app for years, and while it’s not perfect, it removes a lot of hassle of switching between apps. Features for this Football-specific app are:

  • Drag and drop to quickly edit your lineups
  • Use Auto-complete to limit typing when finding players
  • Add, drop, and trade players
  • Check scores of weekly matchups and NFL game scores
  • Read and post to the message board
  • View latest transactions
  • View standings and rosters
  • Check player news and injury reports

iPhone screenshots:

Fantasy Football for Yahoo, ESPN, and

My Fantasy League iPhone app icon ($2.99) is a paid fantasy sports service and is used primarily by serious fantasy gamers. Basic leagues cost $85 and deluxe leagues $185. It’s a highly customizable service and worth checking out if you want to take your fantasy game up a notch. The app, which is iPhone & iPad compatible, indeed takes things up a notch by being the only fantasy app that has draft support, and also the only one with commissioner support. Features include:

  • Full draft support with integrated ADP rankings and quick filtering
  • Add, drop, and trade players
  • Edit starting lineup (iPad version has projected scores and ‘Who Should I Start?’ recommendations)
  • Player News
  • League Polls
  • UI customization lets you reorder features throughout the season
  • Commissioner login
  • Live scoring for both teams and players, now with bench and optimal views due to high demand!
  • Player injury news
  • League standings
  • Message board reading and smack-talk posting with HTML content display
  • Full weekly results including bench and optimal reports
  • Manage multiple leagues
  • Positional Point Differential (PPD) shows you what positions are helping and hurting every single team in your league
  • Top adds, drops, owns and starts across

iPhone screenshots:

iPad screenshots: football iPad app screenshots

Huffington Post’s iPad Magazine Now Offering Free Subscriptions Via Newstand

Weekly iPad magazine Huffington (link) is shedding its paid subscription model and is now offering free subscriptions inside Newstand. You can download all issues one-by-one or subscribe to receive automatic downloads once a week. Each issue is around 200 MB per issue.

Huffington has original content as well as some of’s better content from the previous week. Previously, Huffington cost $1.99 a month or $19.99 a year, but reading through a few issues, I can say the magazine seems a bit too small to justify charging that much. But hey, now it’s free.

A warning: if a partisan political viewpoint bothers you, Huffington is somewhat of the liberal persuasion. It’s even a little more heavyhanded then the conservative views of The Daily. It’s a partisan world, my friends.

Huffington iPad Magazine

10 Useful Tweaks You Can Make to the iPad’s Settings

When you first unwrap your iPad, it’s a pretty sweet device as is. But once you become familiar with it, there are a few tweaks to its settings you can make to improve your user experience even more. Below are 10 tweaks you can make to the iPad’s settings to improve the iPad.

1. Turn on 4-finger swipe gestures for improved multitasking. Want to quickly switch between apps by swiping the screen with four fingers? First, go into the iPad’s Settings–>General and slide the Multitasking Gestures tab to On. Now, launch a app, then to swipe to the left with four or five fingers touching the screen at the same time. See how quick that is? Now swipe to the right to switch back.

Having trouble getting your fingertips to touch the screen at the same time? Here’s a tip: form a claw with your hand and paw the screen (trust me, it’s more accurate). Full instructions here.

2. Add a bookmark bar to the iPad’s browser. Tired of navigating the maze of folders and subfolders in the iPad’s bookmark menu to launch your favorite sites? Turn on the bookmarks bar for always-visible, one-tap access to your favorite sites! Here’s how:

Go into the iPad’s Settings–>Safari and swipe the Always Show Bookmarks Bar tab to On.

Now go back into the Safari browser and you’ll see a bar has been added. Now fill that bar up with your favorite sites. To add bookmarks to this bar, tap the + symbol at the top of Safari, tap Add Bookmark, then tap Add to Bookmarks Bar. Visual instructions here.

3. Open new web links in the background in Safari. One annoying feature of mobile Safari is that opening links in a new tab means you automatically switch to that new tab. You can change this behavior so that the new tab opens in the background instead (without switching). To enable this, go to Settings > Safari and slide the Open New Tabs in Background to On.

Please note that, for this to work, you have to hold your finger on a link until a pop-up menu appears (see photo above) and then tap Open in New Tab. Simply tapping a link (without holding your finger on it) will always take you to that link in the current window.

4. Find a lost iPad by making it beep. Some people think that the Find My iPhone/iPad service is only for when your device is stolen. But it also comes in handy for an iPad lost under a stack of newspapers or between the couch cushions at your home. You can make the iPad emit a beeping noise to help you find it. It will even beep if you have the sound muted! But first, you’ll need to activate Find My iPad. Here’s how. Go to Settings on your iPad, tap iCloud, and enable Find My iPad. Note your iPad must be connected to Wi-Fi.

Now, to make your iPad beep, go to, sign in, and go to Find My iPhone (yes, iPhone). Select the iPad and click Play sound or message.

iPad Side Switch Settings

5. Change the iPad’s side switch to serve as an orientation lock. The switch on the side of the iPad by default functions as a mute switch. But you can change it so that it functions to lock the iPad’s screen into its current view (portrait or landscape). To change the switch’s function, go into Settings > General, and under Use Slide Switch to: tap either Lock Rotation or Mute.

6. Prevent email, contacts, songs, etc, from showing up in Spotlight search. Spotlight search is a powerful feature for the iPad that lets you quickly locate and launch apps, contacts, etc. But the search results can easily become clogged with items you may not want, like emails, notes, etc. You can filter out these items by going to Settings > General > Spotlight Search and selecting or deselecting items in the list.

7. Have the Camera app display a grid while taking photos. Part of good photo taking is making sure subjects are centered and aligned. To aid you in this, the iPad’s Camera app has a grid to help you align objects in your photos. To turn on the grid, open the Camera app, tap Options in the bottom left corner, and slide the Grid tab to On.

8. Change or delete the “Sent from my iPad” email signature. If you’re annoyed that the iPad adds “Sent from my iPad” to the end of every email you send, you can personalize it with your own message or delete it all together. Simply go into Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and tap Signature. Delete the text shown or change it to whatever you want.

9. Cover your web browsing tracks by turning on Private Browsing Mode. We all occasionally go to websites we don’t want others to know we’ve visited. The iPad offers a Private Browsing Mode that won’t remember sites visited or your Google searches. To cover your tracks and enable Private Browsing, go into Settings > Safari and slide the Private Browsing tab to On.

10. Turn on Auto-Fill to Automatically Fill Out Web Forms. Tired of repetitively typing in your address, email, etc, into web forms? You can turn on the iPad’s Auto-Fill feature to instantly fill out those fields in web forms. To turn on AutoFill, go to Settings > Safari and tap AutoFill, then slide the Use Contact Info tab to On. Please note that it pulls info from your contact info in the Contacts app, so go fill out that information if you haven’t yet.

Amazon’s Netflix Competitor Hits App Store, But Without AirPlay Streaming

Amazon Instant Video iPad App Icon

The Amazon Instant Video for iPad app is now available in the App Store as a free download. Amazon’s relatively unknown Instant Video service is essentially a Netflix clone with around 18,000 titles available for streaming compared with Netflix’s estimated 30,00-45,000. You can also download and watch movies in the app you bought from Amazon’s digital catalog, which is much larger at around 120,000 titles.

Amazon Instant Video is included with a $79/year Amazon Prime membership. A Prime membership includes free 2-day shipping on eligible items and unlimited ebook borrowing (again, only on eligible books).

Amazon’s Instant Video is actually a bit cheaper than Netflix, as it works out to about $6.67 a month compared to Netflix’s $8 a month. It also has some content not on Netflix, like Mission: Impossible III and Mean Girls.

Alas, the app has no support for AirPlay, despite the fact that an AirPlay button appears when playing video. So there’s no watching on your big-screen TV via AppleTV. But with Hulu Plus recently showing up on the AppleTV, could Instant Video be right around the corner, too? Here’s hoping.

A screenshot of Instant Video’s most-popular movies is below. The list is usually a good source of movies not available on Netflix.

Amazon Instant Video popular movies

Smarter Stand Turns Your Smart Cover Into a More Versatile iPad Stand

Most people don’t use their iPad Smart Cover as a stand because, well, frankly it sucks as a stand. It offers only two angles to view the iPad at, and neither of them are particularly useful. The Smarter Stand seeks to remedy that situation. Smarter Stand is actually two plastic clips you attach to the Smart Cover to add 3 more viewing angles. It’s simple, cheap, and ingenious.

The Smarter Stand works like this: you slide the two plastic clips over the joints of the Smart Cover where it folds. The clips prevent the joints from folding, and thus through the simple laws of geometry and physics, the iPad can be propped upright at 3 additional angles. See the chart below for the positions

Smarter Stand is a successfully funded Kickstarter project that is going to ship (they sent over some samples that work as advertised). The clips can remain on the cover during normal use. Currently, $12 will get you a Smarter Stand in white. $14 will get you a color to match your Smart Cover’s color.


Image Gallery:

The 5 Best iPad Newstand Magazines With Free Subscriptions

Most of the magazines available in Apple’s Newstand app cost money (in some cases, a lot of money) for subscriptions. However, there are a handful of Newstand magazines that offer everything for free. Below is a list of what I consider to be the top 5 6 free Newstand magazine apps for iPad. For a complete list, check out our forum post.

1. Sporting News

One of my biggest complaints about the App Store is that there aren’t many great sports news apps. That’s why I love the Sporting News iPad magazine (free). It doesn’t offer automatic downloads, but it is available for a daily manual download that’s entirely free. Once downloaded, the issue can be read offline. Sporting News features big full-spread photos and pulls in the articles from AOL’s Sporting News website reformatted in a professional magazine manner (think Flipboard except with more color). If you do read it offline, some of ads and video are missing, so it’s best experienced with an Internet connection, but it’s not required.

Each issue of Sporting News is usually around 100mb, but you can’t store back issues, so there’s no worry about it taking up too much memory. Hey, it’s completely free!

iPad only.

2. Engadget Distro

Distro iPad Magazine App

Engadget Distro (free) is a weekly magazine that features the best writing from Engadget from the past week reformatted into a slick magazine format. It reads just as well as any print tech magazine, so it goes to show the quality of writing being done online these days. The magazine has Retina-friendly graphics for the new iPad. Every issue is completely free, but unfortunately there is no subscription/automatic download, so you manually have to open the app and download each issue one by one. Memory usage is about 100MB for each issue.

iPad Only.

3. Dash Recipes

Dash Recipes (free) is filled with beautiful food photography and accompanying recipes, and it offers free subscriptions delivered once a month. The magazine’s content reminds me of those coffee-table recipe books you used to see in Borders for like $6.99, meaning it’s heavy on the beautiful photos and light on content (mostly photos and recipes with some videos thrown in). But the photography is second to none and looks great on Retina screen.

Dash Recipes is great for collecting recipe ideas and making my mouth water with top-notch food photography.

iPad only.


TRVL (free) is a travel magazine that is also one of the most popular Newstand apps. Each issue focuses on a destination, so older issues are just as relevant as new. Currently there are 63 issues available for download for free (the Afghanistan issue is the only one that costs money, at $1.99). TRVL is filled with beautiful photos from travel locations around the world (try viewing in landscape to get the stunning full-screen view). The magazine also features travel stories and advice, but the strengths are the photography. I found TRVL is very useful for collecting ideas for vacations.

With TRVL, you have to download each issue one-by-one. There is an option to subscribe for $0.99 a month, which presumably supplies automatic downloads for each issue. The size of each issue is around 150MB. The developers recently updated the last 20 issues to be Retina-screen compatible.

iPad only.

5. GameQ

GameQ (free) is probably the best looking of all the magazines listed here. It’s a gaming magazine from Gamefly, the Netflix-like game subscription service. There is currently only one issue available, but it’s pretty sweet graphics wise. The content is a bit like most print gaming magazines in that it’s very advertorial in style, meaning it’s more about hyping the game than it is about reviewing games. Still, I enjoyed flipping through, seeing the latest games and what they look like. All gaming consoles/platforms are covered, even iOS. And it looks great on a Retina screen. File sizes are huge, however. The new issue is 485MB in size.

iPad only.

6. Huffington Post

Huffington (link) started out as a paid-subscription magazine but has recently gone free. The magazine is essentially a collection of the best longer-form content from the Huffington Post website from the past week reworked into a slick magazine format. You can subscribe and receive automatic downloads every week in Newstand. Each issues weighs in around 200 MB. If a political bias bothers you, Huffington is somewhat of the liberal persuasion, like a counterpoint to the conservative The Daily iPad magazine.

The 2 Killer Features of the Mr. Reader App That Made Me Switch From Reeder (Video)

I wasn’t looking for a new RSS reader for the iPad. But when Christine Chan over at App Advice, in her an awesome RSS-reader app roundup, recommended Mr. Reader ($3.99) as her top choice for iPad, and when I saw all the 5-star reviews it had in the App Store, I decided to give it a chance.

Mr. Reader is more complicated than my previous favorite RSS reader app, Reeder, and I like my apps simple. But digging into the app’s settings and customizations, I was blown away by all the features, some of which I didn’t even know I needed. The video below shows off 2 features that were the dealbreakers for me, but keep in mind there are dozens more that make Mr. Reader the best RSS reader for iPad:

The 2 Killer Features:

1. An Incredibly Clever and Simple Interface for Moving From Article to Article. Mr. Reader has an ingenious interface for navigating from article to article. It really must be seen (or used) to be understood (see the video above), but basically it involves sliding your finger from the edge of the iPad inward, which makes several buttons appear. To navigate to the next article, you simply lift your finger of the screen. If you want to go back to the previous article, slide your finger to the up-arrow button. To close the current view, slide your finger down to the X. It’s incredibly intuitive, easy, and addictive—I find myself trying to do the same motion in other apps as well. It’s also a much better interface than other RSS apps I’ve tried, which all rely on tapping tiny buttons or making dramatic full-screen swipes to move from article to article.

2. The Ability to Turn Partial Feeds Into Full Feeds. Partial RSS feeds are annoying. You only get a headline and maybe a sentence or two. Mr. Reader has a feature where you can lock a feed into a full-feed view. It does this by automatically loading the link of the feed into an in-app web browser or a service like Readability or Instapaper, all of which will show the full article. Never again will you have to suffer the tease that is a partial RSS feed.