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iPhone Basics: the iPhone Alarm Clock’s Snooze Button(s)

iPhone clock app

The iPhone’s default Clock app has an alarm clock feature that many people, including me, use to wake them up in the morning. And like most alarm clocks, it has a snooze feature. When snooze is activated, it will delay the alarm from sounding again for 9 minutes. So how do you hit snooze? The iPhone offers 4 ways:

Snooze buttons on iPhone

The snooze buttons are:

  1. Sleep/wake button on top
  2. The up volume button on the side
  3. The down volume button on the side
  4. The Snooze button on the iPhone’s screen

To fully shut off the alarm, you must do the swipe-to-unlock gesture. There is, however, an exception to that rule. If you turn off the snooze option when creating the alarm (see example below), then the sleep/wake and volume buttons will shut off the alarm instead of acting as a snooze button.

Set to snooze to off