Q&A: What Is the Largest Capacity External Battery You Can Buy for the iPhone?

If you’re traveling with your iPhone to a place without power outlets, an external battery can be a lifesaver. And if you’re going to be there a long time, you’re going to need a bigger battery. So just how big of a portable battery can you get? Here’s what my research found.

The Turcom 33,600 mAh External Battery Pack

Turcom 33600 mAH battery

The Turcom 33,600 mAh External Battery Pack and Powerbank Charger ($140) is the largest capacity portable battery that I could find that recharges the iPhone. How big is it? This baby will completely recharge an iPhone 4S/5 around 15 times. 15! And it weighs about 1.8 pounds.

The Turcom comes with a built-in USB port, so you’ll need to bring your own USB lightning cable or 30-pin connector for the iPhone/iPad to charge. The battery also comes with several adapters for charging various brands of laptops. The Turcom will recharge an iPad 4 around 3-4 times (the iPad has a much bigger battery than the iPhone and thus gobbles up more juice).

How to measure a battery. The simplest way to measure the capacity of a battery is by milliamp hours (mAh). The more mAh, the longer it can power a device. The Turcom’s 33,600 millamp hours of storage is the most I found short of hooking your iPhone up to a car battery (which I don’t recommend). Car batteries start at around 45,000 mAH (truck batteries are around 100,000 mAh), so 33,600 mAh is impressive for a 1.8-pound package. Most of the biggest external batteries for charging electronics like somewhere in the 20,000-26,000mAH range.


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