iPhone Basics: How to Attach Multiple Photos to an Email

To send multiple photos on the iPhone, you need to start in the iPhone’s Photo app, not in the Mail app like you’d assume. Below are step-by-step instructions for attaching multiple photos to an email.

1. Launch the Photo App:

2. Tap the album where the photos are located:

3. You’ll see a bunch of thumbnails of the pictures in the album. Tap the Share button in the top right corner:

4. Tap up to 5 photos you want to share. A red check mark will appear on the selected photos:

5. Tape Share in the bottom left.

6. Tap Email:

7. A new email will pop up with your photos inserted into the email. Choose your recipients, write a subject and message if you want, and tap Send. And that’s it.

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10 Responses

  1. yabbox says:

    One thing to note, when ‘sharing’ you can only select a maximum of 5 images.

    If you ‘copy’, there doesn’t seem to be any limitations.

  2. Lisa says:

    On behalf of the new to iphone and not as tech savvy as others, I thank you!

  3. Rich says:

    Great…thanks, racking my brains trying to figure it out until I came across your advice.

  4. Brent says:

    Another tip is to tap the photos in the order you want them to display in the e-mail before tapping Share.

  5. mick c says:

    nice one

  6. Ohgiggle says:

    Big Thank it very big problem for me. ^____.^

  7. Swampwitch says:

    Not too good. It will not let me select the share button. I can only select the delete button. Of those three selections, only the delete button is highlighted. What now? I have the new Iphone 4 is that different in some way?

  8. Dean says:

    Thanks for the help. What a pain it was to send several emails just to send multiple pictures.

  9. mark says:

    Same here- only can press delete. is there a limit as to how many one can ‘share’?


  10. Ranu says:

    I think you can only share 11-12, at least that’s the limit on mine!

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