Verizon’s New Smartphone Data Plans Detailed, Unlimited iPhone Ending?

The days of unlimited data for the iPhone and other smartphones on Verizon are soon coming to an end. Website Android Central got hold of some leaked training documents detailing Verizon’s new plans due to go in effect on July 7. The new smartphone data plans start at $30 for 2 GB a month, with a $10-per-gigabyte overage charge. The next cheapest plan is $50 for 5 GB per month, then $80 for 10 GB per month.

There is good news for current Verizon iPhone owners with an unlimited data plan: it will stay unlimited even after the changes go into effect. New customers buying a smartphone until July 7 can also keep their unlimited plans afterward. Current customers who want to upgrade to a new phone in the future will keep their locked-in unlimited plans.

Of course, this means anyone waiting for the iPhone 5 now faces a difficult choice. Purchase the iPhone 4 now and lock in the unlimited data plan, or wait for the updated hardware and suffer the cap on data? It’s important to note that the iPhone is not specifically mentioned in any of the documentation, so that July 7 date may not apply to it. But if you just have to have an unlimited plan, it may not be worth the gamble.


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2 Responses

  1. Patty says:

    If I’m paying $x for y megabytes…. why are some plans not even available on “smartphones”?

    $10 is $10.
    75mb is 75mb.
    No matter what model/brand/style/size/shape phone you use.

  2. Aaron says:

    Here is what I did. You can go buy a brand new palm pixi plus for verizon OFF CONTRACT.. thats right its off contract for $50 on ebay or even Best Buy online outlet. The Palm Pixi Plus requires the unlimited data plan for smartphones. Its not the best phone in the world, but it will get you locked into the unlimited plan if you active the phone on your line before the upcoming discontinuation of the unlimited data plan. According to the verizon rep you are grandfathered in before july 7th. Another cool feature is this phone comes with the wifi hotspot feature for free and it works great! just keep your phone on the charger. The phone is kinda small and way outdated, but i figured that it would get me and my wife through the summer until the Iphone five comes out in the fall. Personally I think this is the best option that there is out there not having to sign a new contract and trying to sell your old Iphone down the line on ebay and being stuck with the hassle of trying so sell your own phones. Time is running out. give this a shot as it is the cheapest way to secure your unlimited data!

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