Apple Hiring for August 16 Release of the iPhone 5?

A recent online job posting indicates that Apple is hiring extra temporary staff for an iPhone-related event starting in mid August. The ad, which appears several times on the UK job website Reed, puts a call out for “iPhone Sales Specialists” to work full-time from August 16 to October 29, with a training course occurring from August 9-12.

Previous rumors had placed the iPhone 5 launch as occurring sometime in September, although a report last month by the website Boy Genius Report said the phone was coming in August.

AT&T is rumored to be currently field testing the iPhone 5. Once given final approval by wireless carriers, the iPhone 5 could begin mass production as early as the end of July. Release of a new iPhone usually occurs just a few weeks after mass production begins. Reports from China indicate that Apple’s suppliers have already gathered materials for the manufacturing of the next iPhone.

Apple’s job posting appears several times on the job site, each covering different regions of the country, including Moorsgate, Aberdeen, and Portsmouth. The ad notes that the job is temporary and requires the employee to “possess advanced user experience of iPhone’s [sic].” Those hired will receive around $110 a day.


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