Want More iPhone 5 “Nano” Concept Images? Here You Go

iPhone Nano Concept

Ever since Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal claimed earlier this year that Apple was working on a smaller, inexpensive version of the iPhone destined for prepaid phone markets, the flame of the iPhone Nano has been revived. Today we’re featuring some cool mockups from Qudong.com based on the “edge-to-edge” screen concept from the rumors.

iPhone Nano

This version of the iPhone Nano features a home button made of a thin sliver of metal that also doubles as a fingerprint scanner for security purposes. This fingerprint recognition could also be used for mobile NFC payments that all the phone carriers are desperate to get set up.

The screen remains the same 3.7-inch screen in a regular iPhone, so Apple will have to shrink, cram, or otherwise remove some of the internal hardware to get this phone to work.

It’s just a concept, but it’d be cool if Apple could pull it off. Check out all the images in the gallery below.


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