Apple Announces Media Event for September 12, Invite Shows a Shadowy Number 5

Apple Event 2012 Invite

Apple today sent out invitations to select press outlets for a media event to be held Wednesday, September 12, where Apple is likely to announce the upcoming iPhone 5. In an image on the invitation is a numeral 5 traced out by the shadows of the numeral 12 shown for the date. The “5” an obvious hint toward the announcement of the iPhone 5. The invite also reads, “It’s almost here.” Unless they are talking about an Apple television, the only other thing people are waiting for more is the next iPhone.

The September 12 date does not come as a surprise to most rumor watchers, as it has been reported in the past weeks by several major media outlets, including the NY Times and Wall Street Journal, as the date for the iPhone 5 announcement.

Customers may not have to wait long to get their hands on the new phone, either. Rene Ritchie at iMore was the first to report the September 12 date for the iPhone 5 announcement and he also published a release date: Friday, September 21.


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