How to Set the iPhone’s Sleep Timer

If you like to listen to music or podcasts on the iPhone as you go to sleep, there is a sleep timer function that can automatically stop playing audio after a set amount of time. The function is sort of hidden within the iPhone’s Clock app. Here’s how to set the sleep timer.

How to Set the iPhone’s Sleep Timer.

1. Open the Clock app.

2. Tap the Timer tab in the bottom right:

3. Set a time you want the iPhone to countdown:

4. Tap When Timer Ends button:

5. Scroll down to the bottom and tap the Stop Playing button:

6. Tap the blue Set button in the top-right corner:

7. Tap Start to start the timer countdown:

When the timer reaches zero, it will close the iPod app, lock the iPhone, and place it in sleep mode.

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11 Responses

  1. Matt Seibert says:

    AWESOME! My daughter has been asking about this! Terrific find!

  2. Pancho Daskalov says:

    Hello.Well I would like to share something with you.It’s connected with the Clock which is placed on Springboard.I just can’t open it.I mean every time when i try to open it(the Clock) it’s loading in the begining for a couple of seconds and then it close itself.I will be very grateful if you can help me to handle with that problem.I’ve tried many things so far but with no success.

  3. L'aura says:

    GOD SEND! Thank you SO much!

  4. kathy says:

    Thank you. I just got my iphone and i have been looking for this in settings. i knew if my nano could play music and sleep, then my iphone should. figuring it out or finding someone who has is the challenge!

  5. kathy says:

    I tried this listening to Pandora, and it would never turn off. Do I have to listen to non-internet music?

  6. DAFF says:

    Brilliant. Appreciate the assistance – now just need to expand it to include a turn-off feature for Contacts who don’t know when to hang up.

  7. Doug says:

    Is there a way to do that for the apps like Pandora? I like going to sleep listening to a station on Pandora.

  8. izzie says:

    this is brilliant, i was beginning to lose hope of finding the sleep function on my iphone… thanks for the help! :)

  9. Rebecca says:

    Thanks!! I will now impress my husband with finding this out! He has been trying to find an APP that does it!

  10. Trang says:

    woa, i was trying to find an free app that suit 3.1 software but couldn’t. Then thank you so much ^^

  11. SusanK says:

    That’s a feature that should be advertised more!
    Thanks for making my life better!

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