Review of CaseCrown Polycarbonate Slim Fit Case

For owners looking to add a little color to the iPhone, the CaseCrown Polycarbonate Slim-Fit case might be a good way to go. The CaseCrown is a thin, hard-shell case for the iPhone 3G and 3GS that comes in 5 colors. And the colors themselves are quite impressive–created from a premium paint that resembles that used on cars. The case is more for changing the looks of your iPhone than it is for protection, particularly in the shock absorption area. The CaseCrown is generally well-designed but not spectacular. We find it a decent value for its price point and assign it an overall rating 7.1 out of 10, recommended.

For those looking to protect your iPhone from falls, the CaseCrown is not an ideal choice. Its thin case does not deliver much shock absorption. It does offer some scratch protection to the back of the iPhone. The upside to having this smaller form factor is that there is almost no added weight or width to the iPhone, keeping it light and easy to slide in and out of your pocket.

The case is available in five colors: black, blue, green, red, and silver. We found the red case, in particular, to be an impressive shade, with a subtle dark tone. To produce the color, the polycarbonate material is covered with a premium paint job that has an appealing shiny metallic sheen, which goes well with the iPhone’s chrome detailing.

To apply the case, you snap the iPhone inside. The iPhone is held in place via long rails on the side and 4 gripping teeth in the corners. It’s a snug, secure fit–we had little worry of the iPhone ever accidentally slipping out. However, the tight fit also makes it hard to remove the iPhone from the case.

The CaseCrown leaves plenty of room around all ports for easy accessibility (docking port, headphone jack, etc). Our one complaint in this area is that the volume and ringer switch become slightly inset when the case is on and are therefore not as comfortable to operate.

Another quibble we have with the case is that its corners are rectangular teeth, separated by thin slots, that help grip the iPhone. While the teeth make sure the iPhone fits snug, they’re also a bit awkward in terms of the overall contour, and we envision snagging them on something in the future.

The iPhone itself is pretty drop friendly thanks to its slick casing. The CaseCrown’s polycarbonate material only offers a slight improvement in terms of slippage. It’s not quite as slippery as the iPhone’s glossy surface, but it’s smooth to the touch with little added grip.


The CaseCrown is an affordable way to give your iPhone some premium color without adding weight or bulk. It offers little protection in case you drop your iPhone, as there is virtually no shock absorption. We see the CaseCrown as perfect for value-driven customers looking to add color to the iPhone and keep it from everyday scratches. Rating: 7.1 out of 10, recommended.


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