Review: Kensington Windshield Car Mount for iPhone


If you regularly use your iPhone for its GPS or mapping capabilities, a sturdy and reliable car mount is an essential accessory. The Kensington Car Mount ($25) is a tough little mount that delivers where it really counts — it safely and securely holds your iPhone while you drive.

The Kensington Car Mount is compatible with the original iPhone, 3G, and 3GS, in addition to the iPod touch and some generations of the iPod and iPod nano. The mount itself has adjustable side clamps, so it can be sized to fit snugly on all of these devices. Since it is adjustable, you can use the mount without taking off your protective iPhone case.


The mount also includes a heavy-duty suction cup attached to a 12-inch flexible arm. The arm adjusts easily but is strong enough to support the iPhone without sagging or bouncing while you drive. In some states, including California and Minnesota, it’s illegal to place anything on the windshield where it may impede the driver’s view. To get around this problem, Kensington includes several pieces of velcro backed with 3M tape so you can mount the device to your dashboard instead of the windshield.


During testing, the Kensington mount had no problem keeping our iPhone secure. The suction cup is surprisingly strong, and it even stays in place if you give it a good tug (the suction cup includes a small plastic tab that helps you remove it easily when you need to). Bumpy car rides were no problem, and even on rough roads the iPhone stayed stable without bouncing or vibrating unnecessarily. You can twist the mount to position the iPhone vertically or horizontally, and it’s easy to get the iPhone in and out of the mount.



The Kensington Car Mount isn’t the most exciting accessory, but it works well and we recommend it. I have few complaints about the mount, although at times I felt the arm was almost too long. While this may depend on the length of your dash, I would probably prefer an 8- or 10-inch arm instead of the standard 12 inches. Other than that, the Kensington Car Mount is a great choice for taking your iPhone on the road.


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