Review: SwitchEasy Colors iPhone 4 Case

The SwitchEasy Colors case for iPhone 4 ($15) continues its tradition of being one of the best-fitting silicone cases out there. And what it lacks in style, it makes up for in functional design and fit and feel.

A lot can go wrong with the design of an iPhone case (and often does), so that’s why it’s a pleasure to come across a case like the SwitchEasy Colors, which gets almost all the details right. Our favorite feature of the Colors is a perfect fit and feel. The case hugs the iPhone 4 like a glove, with very little looseness and no sagging that some lesser cases experience. Its surface has a pleasant soft texture that feels good to hold, where some silicone rubber cases take on a sticky rubber-tire feel.

The Colors comes with the innate grip improvement that just about every silicone rubber case provides. Because the iPhone 4 is glass on both sides, improving the grip is a big plus. But one knock against the Colors in this area is a pebble smooth surface, which makes it not quite on par with textured-surface cases in terms of preventing slippage. But again, the Colors does offer improved grip over a naked iPhone.

Silicone has always been one of our favorite material for iPhone cases. It’s easy to take on and off, feels good in the hand, and offers good shock absorption. The Colors case too offers shock absorption, something we feel is very important for the dual-glass surfaces of the iPhone 4. The case is thinner than the average silicone case, so its protection is less than much thicker cases like the Gumdrop MotoSkin. But it should be enough to prevent cracked screens from normal accidental drops. The case raises up around the around the front screen of the iPhone and will provide protection should the iPhone fall on that side.

The case adds very little in terms of thickness or weight to the iPhone 4. We love the fact that iPhone 4 packs in so much power and battery life into such a thin, compact form factor, and it’s a shame to sacrifice its svelteness for protection. The Colors case makes for a great compromise between slimness and protection.

The case’s most distinguishing visual feature is a hard plastic button that covers the iPhone’s home button. The button comes in a variety of colors that may or may not contrast with the rest of the case, depending on the color of case you select. We really like the button’s tactile feel, as it sticks out quite a bit from the case. It’s easy to blindly discover, and it operates perfectly (we never experienced a miss-press). The button is less clicky thatn the iPhone’s home button, but we don’t think anyone will miss the click much.

The case covers the iPhone’s sleep and volume buttons with its own silicone buttons. The silcone buttons have a nice soft feel when pressed and work accurately with the controls underneath.

The Colors is available in 9 different colors, including black, white, red, pink, purple, yellow, orange, burnt orange, and teal. It comes with a good variety of accessories, including two clear screen protectors, a squegee for applying the protectors, a cleaning cloth, and two plugs each for the headphone and docking ports.


The SwitchEasy Colors iPhone 4 case ($15) gets all the little details right, including being the best-fitting silicone case we’ve come across. Combine that with an affordable price (it’s one of the cheapest brand-cases available), and we think you’ve got yourself quite a steal. We rate it an 8.2 out of 10, highly recommended.


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3 Responses

  1. Matt says:

    Ya this case looks epic, just trying to decide which color to get because they look soooo good!!!!!!!!

  2. Nhwhazup says:

    Love the SwitchEasy colors cases for the iPhones. Love everything about them except the hard push of the jelly bean button. I like the look and the feel but I have to push so much harder than usual to make it work – so much so that it actually bothered my thumb. For me I did a quick fix by putting a tiny piece of double sided sticky tape under the button. Now it works perfectly. SwitchEasy could fix this design flaw quite easily by having the silicone underneath the button protrude just a bit to make up for the natural concave design of the iPhone home button. I wrote them and hope they take my advice cause other than the hard push of the jelly bean, the case really is perfect if you’re in the market for a silicone case.

  3. Salib says:

    And the big problem is because the button isnt concave and he will leave a mark on your home button and you cant remove the mark,if you want to see what im saying remove the case and cloud over the button and will see a circle on the home button of the phone.

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