12 Best Free iPhone Calorie Counters (Diet Apps)

The fact that the iPhone is always with you makes it an ideal way to track your calories consumed and burned on a daily basis. And the best calorie tracker apps below make it easy to not only find and add up your daily calories, but to track your progress over time. And probably the best thing about using these apps is that, even if you stop tracking your calories after a while, the time you do manage to spend tracking helps you learn about those little habits that sabotage your weight loss—who knew that morning bagel had over 350 calories? Using these apps, even for a short while, will help you learn the right habits to help manage your weight over time.

The list below is of are 12 iPhone Calorie Trackers. My top pick (and the one I personally use), is MyFitnessPal, but Lose It! is another great app that many enjoy (and I’ll admit, it’s a little better looking). MyFitnessPal has an accompanying website where you can enter your calories and have it sync back to the app. There is also a community message board where people trying to lose weight can share their triumphs and struggles.

Free iPhone Calorie Counter Apps

1. MyFitnessPal 4.5 stars. Quick and easy tracking of calories. Database with over 525,000 foods. At-a-glance daily calorie count, including calories burned from exercise. Save favorite meals for quick tracking in the future. No Internet connection required. Track daily protein, carbs, sugar, etc. Syncs and backs up with MyFitnessPal.com website. Free account you can create within the app. Community forums with over 1,000,000 users. .
2. Lose It! 4 stars. Features a fast and good-looking interface. Large database of foods and exercises to quickly add calories and calories burned. Sync and backup with LostIt.com website. Export data to Excel. Save favorite meals for quick and easy tracking in the future. Track nutrients like protein, fat, carbs, etc.
3. DailyBurn 4 stars. Food database with over 350,000 entries, featuring food pictures, nutrition info, and macronutrient breakdown. Track calories, protein, fat, carbs, fiber, sodium, etc. Set personalized weight-loss goals based on fitness, age, weight, gender, and activity level. Get customized diet plans for weight loss, low-carb diets, low-fat diets, and bodybuilding. .
4. Calorie Counter
by MyNetDiary
3.5 stars. Database features over 225,000 foods. Search as you type. Set up desired weight-loss pace based on your age, gender, activity level, etc. Built-in barcode scanner. Water tracking. 500 exercises. Internet connection required. Download.
5.Diet & Food Tracker by SparkPeople 3.5 stars. Features over 1 million foods in its database. Offers a quick-glance view of calories consumed and burned. Tracks exercises and calories burned. Charts show weight loss over time. Syncs with SparkPeople.com account. Free account. Access to articles on health and dieting.
6. Calorie Counter by CalorieCount.com 3.5 stars. Search and log nutritional data from a database of over 100,000 foods. Easy-to-use dashboard to navigate the app and visualize your progress. Compare daily calorie intake vs calories burned. Includes over 150 healthy recipes in-app selected by registered dietician. Record and chart your daily weight. Sync with CalorieCounter.com account. Supports limited offline logging.
7. Calorie Counter by ShapeUp Club 3 stars. Has over 400,000 foods in its database. Create your own entries for foods, meals, and exercises. Track calories, water intakes, and nutrition. See your dieting progress in charts. Write daily comments in a diary. Take “before and after” photos. Protect your entries with a password.
8. Calorie Counter by FatSecret 3 stars. Quickly find the calorie and nutrition info of your favorite foods, brands, and restaurants. Features a barcode scanner for quick entry of foods. Food diary helps plan and keep track of what you’re eating. Exercise diary for your calories burned. Track your weight.
9. Eat What? 3 stars. Set healthy eating objects like weight control, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. Establish a daily calorie budget. Record your calories from foods and those burned from exercises. Simple, intuitive interface.
10. Weight Watchers Mobile 3 stars.Uses Weight Watchers brand new PointsPlus program to help you diet. Must be a Weight Watchers Online member to use the points system tracker, otherwise there are basic features like accessing healthy recipes and shopping lists.
11. Nutrition Genius FREE 2.5 stars. Features beautiful user interface. Everything-at-a-glance calendar view. 75,000+ foods in its database. 540+ restaurant menus. 160+ exercises. No internet required, even for access to the foods database.
12. Calorie Master Free 2 stars. Track calories consumed and calories burned in a calendar view. Create a daily goal. Add custom foods and favorites. Includes over 100 exercises for tracking calories burned. Log your weight over time and view in charts. Password protection for privacy.

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