Side-by-side Speed Comparison of iPad 2 vs Original iPad

We know the iPad 2 is faster than the orignal, but just how much faster? Nothing like a little visual comparison for some perspective. The video below shows the iPad 2 and original side-by-side, booting up, then launching various apps at the same time. The video was done by the same people who compared all 4 generations of the iPhone in a similar manner. In one surprise, the original iPad beats the iPad 2 time to shut down. It turns off a full 14 seconds faster.

A few numbers from the video:

iPad 2 Original ipad
Cold boot up 25.3s 28.6s
Infinity Blade 10.6s 26s
Google Earth 17s 20.3s
Garageband 3s 6s
Angry Birds 8s 10.5s
Shut down 26s 12s

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