Second Wave of iPhone 5 Case Images Hits

iPhone 5 Case

Following reports yesterday of a leaked iPhone 5 case diagram, website 9to5Mac today published photos of what it claims to be an actual iPhone 5 case. The case’s shape suggests that the new iPhone will get a complete visual revamp, becoming thinner with a flat back that is edged with tapered curves similar in style to the iPad 2.

According to 9to5Mac, the images come from a Chinese manufacturer who previously leaked accurate images of iPad 2 case molds before the iPad 2 was released.

The images of the iPhone 5 case also indicate that the location of the iPhone’s ringer/mute switch will be switched to the opposite side of the phone from its current position of just above the iPhone’s volume buttons.

A second image published by 9to5Mac shows the case from the front:

9to5Mac claims that multiple Asian iPhone case manufacturers are actively shopping new iPhone 5 cases to potential retail outlets.

Today’s photos follow on the heels of reports yesterday that revealed blueprints for an iPhone 5 case that were leaked by Chinese case manufacturers. Website MobileFun made headlines by publishing the diagram, seen below.

That report from MobileFun included an image of a manufactured iPhone 5 case that resembles today’s leak, right down to the relocated ringer/mute switch:

iPhone 5 case

The leaked iPhone 5 case blueprints show a large band aid-shaped cutout for the iPhone’s home button, indicating a radical change to that area. This seems to match previous reports that the iPhone 5’s home button will be replaced with an elongated touch-sensitive strip. While some have speculated that this meant Apple was removing the home button altogether, we believe the touch strip will work in tandem with a slightly different tactile home button, and the touch strip will simply add new functionality, like the ability to swipe through home screens.

new iPhone 5 home button

Earlier reports from this year had also hinted that the iPhone 5 would get a major visual overhaul similar to what is being shown today. A concept of the iPhone 5 created by Japanese website Macotakara in March, which were in turn based on reports out of China, shows the iPhone with a flat back with round tapered edges similar to what the leaked iPhone 5 cases show today. That concept image is shown below.

In April, This Is My Next reported that Apple was testing a redesigned iPhone 5 with a teardrop shape that goes from thick to thin. Their mock-up photo, however, does not resemble what the photos published today indicate.


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  1. Are they really real? or is it just an idea of how they will look like?

  2. iPhone 5 says:

    The crazy Chinese people made a fake iPhone 5, based on this cases and the called it the hiPhone 5. LOL

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