New BookBook iPhone 4 Case Doubles As a Wallet

Book Book iPhone 4 Case

High-end accessory maker TwelveSouth has introduced the BookBook case ($59.99) for the iPhone 4—a leather case that looks like a vintage book on the outside and serves as a wallet and iPhone holder on the inside.

TwelveSouth claims you can easily fold the case’s cover back to talk on the iPhone, although it doesn’t look very comfortable or convenient to us. The company also says that all of the iPhone’s buttons and ports are accessible while in the case, so you can charge, sync, and use the headphone jack with no problems.

The case does have one cool innovative feature we’d like to check out: pull the red tab at the top of the case and your iPhone will slide out a quarter of inch, enough to snap a photo unobstructed. Pretty slick.

The BookBook is available from $59.99 from or TwelveSouth’s website, which puts it in the stratosphere of price points for iPhone 4 cases.


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