iPhone 5 Cases Go On Sale Ahead of Actual Device

Chinese manufacturers have begun flooding retail-supplier markets with early models of iPhone 5 cases. The companies have begun to build and package the cases after receiving purported leaked CAD diagrams of Apple’s next-gen device that give the companies rudimentary iPhone 5 dimensions to design around.

The iPhone 5 cases are currently available for purchase in bulk from Asian websites like Alibaba.com and sold by small enterprising companies like Dongguan Zhi Shang Hong Plastics Trading Co and C&T Industry Company Limited.

One set of iPhone cases caught our eye because their design does not fit with the others. This set of cases appear to be made for an iPhone 4-shaped case with one notable difference, the ringer switch has been moved to the other side of the phone, just like the iPhone 5 cases:

These “iPhone 4S” cases fit with rumors that Apple was working on 2 new models of iPhone—the redesigned iPhone 5 and a cheaper version of the iPhone 4 designed for prepaid markets.

Also of interest are images posted by 9to5Mac that hint the iPhone 5 will have a subtle wedge shape. One of the benefits of a slopped back would be a more comfortable viewing angle when laid on tables.

We’ve collected several images from Alibaba as well as those posted by other rumor websites, viewable in the gallery below.


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