Starbucks Giving Away a Free iPhone App a Week

Starbucks is extending their free “Pick of the Week” iTunes music program to iPhone apps. This week, they are giving away Shazam Encore ($5.99), a neat little app that identifies any song playing in the environment around you. To get the free Pick of the Week app, you’ll need to visit a Starbucks store and log-on to their Wi-Fi (see full instructions below).

Previously, Starbucks had been giving away a free iTunes music track a week, but the company has now expanded to iPhone apps.

To get the free apps, you’ll need to head to your local Starbucks, connect to their Wi-Fi network, and click into the Starbucks Digital Network. A shortcut for iPhone owners is to use the official Starbucks app (free), which has a direct link into the Starbucks Digital Network.



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