Google Catalogs for iPad Is the Best Catalog App So Far

Google Catalogs

Google Catalogs for iPad (free) isn’t perfect, but it’s the best catalog app I’ve seen yet. The major problem so far for publishers trying to bring print content to the iPad has been horrible download times. The large file sizes required for sharp readable print and high-res images makes it tough to get them down to a more manageable level. I’m not sure how Google did it, but Google Catalogs just a great job at straddling the line between image resolution and manageable file sizes—although you’ll still have to wait a minute or two for each catalog to download.

And unlike some other poorly designed catalog apps, Google Catalogs feels like flipping through each store’s print catalog, as opposed to navigating through an online store.

There are catalogs from several dozen stores available, including:

  • Urban Outfitters
  • J Crew
  • Patagonia
  • Macy’s
  • Eddie Bauer

Another neat feature is that the app organizes the catalogs by date. Want to find the latest fall fashions? Just browse the August catalogs. The sheer number of catalogs allows you to power through dozens of stores—you’ll get an idea of what’s hip and trendy in no time. The app also adds graphical links to the individual products that you can tap on and navigate to an online store where you can buy it.

The app is not without issues though. I frequently experienced crashes, even after restarting my iPad. Hopefully Google will get these bugs ironed out in the next update.


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