Pieces of iPhone 5 Internal Hardware Available for Purchase?

Tired of waiting for the iPhone 5 to arrive? You may be able to build your own from scratch. Online retailer TVC-Mall is claiming to be selling pieces of the iPhone 5’s internal hardware, at affordable prices, we might add. Customers can buy the parts in lots of up to 5,000. The more you buy, the cheaper they get. The iPhone 5 battery can be had for around $12, not bad.

TVC-Mall isn’t necessarily doing anything wrong or illegal here. Most of the iPhone’s parts are “generic” in the sense that they are available to anyone who wants to build a phone. Some of these parts will likely appear in Android and other phones as well.

It’s impossible to confirm that these are indeed iPhone 5 parts without access to a real iPhone 5, but TVC-Mall does have ties to Shenzhen, China, manufacturers. The iPhone is assembled in Shenzhen by Foxconn.

iPhone 5 back camera part?

iPhone 5 front-facing camera?

iPhone 5 proximity sensor?

iPhone 5 headphone audio jack?


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