Tip: How a CDMA iPhone Can Do Voice and Data Simultaneously, Just Like an AT&T iPhone

One of the advantages of using the iPhone on AT&T’s GSM network is that it can do voice and data at the same time. CDMA networks like Verizon and Sprint don’t offer this capability, a fact that AT&T likes to use in its commercials (see below). However, did you know that a CDMA iPhone is, in fact, capable of simultaneous voice and data? It is, if the iPhone is connected to a WiFi network. This means if a CDMA iPhone owner has a WiFi network at home, at an airport, etc, they can, in fact talk and browse the Internet at the same time. That’s why I find AT&T’s commercial below a little misleading.

Does this guy not have a WiFi network in his home? He probably does, and he’s probably not using AT&T’s network to connect to the Internet.


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