Cool Video: 100 Reasons to Jailbreak Your iPhone

We don’t talk about jailbreaking much on this site, but the above video is a good primer on some of the more interesting things that can be done with a jailbroken iPhone. Jailbreaking your iPhone is legal, and it’s easy to do, but it can be a pain to maintain over time. Plus, if something goes wrong with your jailbroken iPhone, Apple can refuse to fix it.

As for this video, what’s with the random girl in her underwear at the end?


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2 Responses

  1. Jerry says:

    I used to have a jailbroken iphone. It was cool. Then I found out that Android can do pretty much all of that stuff right out of the box.

    • Alan says:

      And then you found out you had malware on your Android phone and someone had stolen your identity, leaving you with 100k in debt and little legal recourse.

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