Amazon’s Netflix Competitor Hits App Store, But Without AirPlay Streaming

Amazon Instant Video iPad App Icon

The Amazon Instant Video for iPad app is now available in the App Store as a free download. Amazon’s relatively unknown Instant Video service is essentially a Netflix clone with around 18,000 titles available for streaming compared with Netflix’s estimated 30,00-45,000. You can also download and watch movies in the app you bought from Amazon’s digital catalog, which is much larger at around 120,000 titles.

Amazon Instant Video is included with a $79/year Amazon Prime membership. A Prime membership includes free 2-day shipping on eligible items and unlimited ebook borrowing (again, only on eligible books).

Amazon’s Instant Video is actually a bit cheaper than Netflix, as it works out to about $6.67 a month compared to Netflix’s $8 a month. It also has some content not on Netflix, like Mission: Impossible III and Mean Girls.

Alas, the app has no support for AirPlay, despite the fact that an AirPlay button appears when playing video. So there’s no watching on your big-screen TV via AppleTV. But with Hulu Plus recently showing up on the AppleTV, could Instant Video be right around the corner, too? Here’s hoping.

A screenshot of Instant Video’s most-popular movies is below. The list is usually a good source of movies not available on Netflix.

Amazon Instant Video popular movies


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  1. Lee says:

    You can use the Mirror play to watch content on your apple TV.

    Sure it is not a great as Airplay, it is better than nothing.

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