Huffington Post’s iPad Magazine Now Offering Free Subscriptions Via Newstand

Weekly iPad magazine Huffington (link) is shedding its paid subscription model and is now offering free subscriptions inside Newstand. You can download all issues one-by-one or subscribe to receive automatic downloads once a week. Each issue is around 200 MB per issue.

Huffington has original content as well as some of’s better content from the previous week. Previously, Huffington cost $1.99 a month or $19.99 a year, but reading through a few issues, I can say the magazine seems a bit too small to justify charging that much. But hey, now it’s free.

A warning: if a partisan political viewpoint bothers you, Huffington is somewhat of the liberal persuasion. It’s even a little more heavyhanded then the conservative views of The Daily. It’s a partisan world, my friends.

Huffington iPad Magazine


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