Tip: iPhone Music Mysteriously Skipping to a New Track? Turn Off Shake to Shuffle

While playing music, is your iPhone suddenly switching to a new track in mid song? Your iPhone isn’t broken, nor is there something wrong with your song. The skipping is mostly likely due to an annoying feature of the iPhone called Shake to Shuffle that is bafflingly turned on by default. To turn it off, go to Settings > Music and move the Shake to Shuffle tab to Off (see visual instructions below).

Shake to Shuffle does exactly what its name implies, randomly shuffles to a new track when the iPhone is given a good shake. The problem is, if you run with your iPhone or make any sudden movement while holding it, it’s easy to activate Shake to Shuffle accidentally.

Visual instructions:

1. Open Settings:

2. Scroll down and tap Music:

Scroll down in iPhone Settings and Tap Music

3. Slide the Shake to Shuffle tab to Off:

And that’s it, your music will no longer skip when the iPhone is shaken.


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1 Response

  1. Brett says:

    Woah, thank you so much for posting this!! This problem has never happened to me before, but this past Saturday I was out walking around and, just as you said, my iPhone skipped to a new track mid-song. When it did so, it made this odd little noise. I looked at the phone, and it not only had jumped to a new track, but it turned on the shuffle feature. I had never seen or heard of this before, and wondered if there was some sort of “defect” in the particular track. I came home and played the track through on iTunes, and it worked fine. For good measure, I re-ripped the track from the source CD, and hoped the problem would not return. What a coincidence that you posted this today. I checked, and indeed “shake to shuffle” was turned on. So, the phone must have been moving around in my pocket more than it usually does, and it activated this feature. Very bizarre that this would be on by default. Anyway, thanks again!

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