Preview: iPhone 5 Cases from Griffin and Otterbox


Griffin Chevron Case for iPhone 5

Griffin Chevron for iPhone 5
The Griffin Chevron is a super-slim hardshell snap-on case with some purty, purty patterns. I usually don’t recommend these kinds of cases due to lack of protection and the fact that if they aren’t lined with a soft material, they can scratch your iPhone. But if you like them purty patterns and very thin cases, thin hardshell cases are usually very affordable. Not yet available for preorder, but you can check the cases out at the official Griffin Chevron website.
Griffin Survivor for iPhone 5

Griffin Survivor
Griffin says the Survivor is the most protective case they’ve ever built. They even brag it has been tested to meet or exceed US Department of Defense Standard 810F, whatever that is. The case is two layers: a hard polycarbonate frame surrounded by shock-absorbing silicone rubber. Also comes with a manly belt clip. Available from the official Griffin Survivor site.
Griffin Reveal for iPhone 5

Griffin Reveal
The Reveal are thin clear plastic cases that let everyone know, hey, thats the iPhone 5 I’m carrying, how ya like me now, while adding a splash of color around the iPhone’s edges. I’m personally not a big fan of these cases (historically, the clear plastic tends to get scratched and smudged over time). Find more info at the official Griffin Reveal website.
Griffin Kazoo case for iPhone 5

Griffin KaZoo
The Kazoo cases are built for kids or the kid at heart. They are made from soft silicone (rubber), which also means decent shock absorption. Available in blue elephant or monkey. Your kids has an iPhone 5? Lucky kid. Available at the official Griffin KaZoo website.

Griffin Animal Parade iPhone 5 Case

Griffin Animal Parade
The Griffin Animal Parade cases are cute, extremely cute. Koala Bear? Hello. There’s also an Animal Parade app you can download to add a matching wallpaper to your iPhone. At $19.99, they ain’t too expensive either. Available at the official Griffin Animal Parade website.
Griffin Wise Eyes iPhone 5 Cases

Griffin Wise Eyes
A wise old owl once told me to always have a case around your iPhone. Griffin Wise Eyes is a thin polycarbonate (hard plastic) case covered in owls—what a hoot! The case is so thin it will barely add any weight or thickness to your thin iPhone 5, yet protects it from everyday scrapes and scratches. Available from official Griffin Wise Eyes website.
Griffin Moxy

Griffin Moxy
Those with moxy enough to wear leopard prints should check out the Griffin Moxy case series for iPhone 5, which combines style with protection. Available in several different types of patterns, including tiger stripes and snow leopard white, the Moxy is a polycarbonate case with a thin rubber lining inside to protect your iPhone’s surface from the getting scratched. A case for when things get rough in the urban jungle. Check it out at the official Griffin Moxy website.
Griffin Protector iPhone 5 Case

Griffin Protector
The Griffin Protector is why I like silicone rubber cases, at $19.99, it’s cheap but its thick silicone offers good protection, especially in the shock absorption area. Sure, silicone has its downsides—pull it out of a pocket and it can be covered with lint. Never a big deal for me. Check it out at the Griffin Protector website.
Griffin Mustachio case

Griffin Mustachio
Nothing is more beautiful than a finely styled mustache. Curl up the corners and the ladies come a running. The Griffin Mustachio Case is inspirational. Sure, it’s merely a thin hard-plastic case with pictures of mustaches on it, but so what. Found at the official Griffin Mustachio website.


Otterbox Defender for Apple iPhone 5

Otterbox Defender for iPhone 5
Otterbox is known for its best-in-class protective cases, why should the iPhone 5 cases be any different? The Otterbox Defender is its flagship protective case, and it follows the same successful three-layer formula as previous generations: a polycarbonate (hard plastic) skeleton wrapped with a thick silicone rubber protective shell along with a built-in screen protector to help prevent scratches to the iPhone’s glass screen. The Defender is available in a ton of colors this time around as well. Available for preorder from the official Otterbox Defender website.

Otterbox Reflex case for iPhone 5

Otterbox Reflex
The Reflex is a lightweight 2-piece case that is easy to slide on and off for docking purposes. One interesting feature is the air cushions in the cases’s corner help absorb impacts. Made of a combo of poylcarbonate and rubber. Available for preorder from the official website.
Otterbox Commuter case for iPhone 5

Otterbox Commuter
The Commuter is a good compromise between protection and pocketability. It has two layers of protection (hard plastic and rubber) and comes with an adhesive clear screen protector. Available in several different colors. Check it out at the official Commuter website.
Otterbox Skeleton case for iPhone 5

Otterbox Prefix
The Prefix is Otterbox’s affordable line of cases. It has a unibody design with a hard inner skeleton yet a textured outer silicone exterior for a softer feel in than hand. Interior rubber pads help protect your iPhone 5 from damage from the case itself. Official Otterbox Prefix website.

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