Basics: How to Change the iPhone’s Default From: Email Address

Is the wrong email address showing up in the iPhone’s From: field by default? Here’s how to change it. Note that the default email address only works for new emails created in the “All Inboxes” view and in emails created outside of the iPhone’s Mail app. For example, in third-party apps.

How to Change the Default Email Account:

1. Tap Settings:

2. Scroll down and tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars:

3. Scroll down and tap Default Account:

4. Tap the account you wish to be the default email address:


  • The default reply address will only show up when you create new emails. It will not show up when you reply to emails. See the next note for more info.
  • When replying to email (in other words, when you tap the reply button), the email address that appears in the From: field will always be the address the original email was sent to. For example, if you’re replying to an email sent to you at You@Apple.com, then You@Apple.com will appear in the From: field. This is true even in the All Inboxes view. To change the email address, simple tap the From: field and choose from your email accounts.
  1. Kelly says:

    You are a genius! This has been bugging me since I added a second email adress to my iPhone. Now the problem is solved! Thanks much!

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  2. laelene says:

    Here’s a variation of that problem that I’m still trying to figure out. I have my own domain email forwarded to my Yahoo account, so I read them in there and then reply with my domain email. However, on the iPhone, it forces my send from address to show up as the Yahoo one.

    So basically: I send an email using me@domain.com. I get a reply to me@domain.com, which I read in my Yahoo account. I go to reply and it defaults to me@yahoo.com. I just want my replies to come from the same email that the sender used.

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    • Alan says:

      Here’s a possible solution. So, the reason you are forwarding your email to Yahoo is because you want to view both of your email accounts at the same time and not have to check separate accounts. The iPhone’s “All Inboxes” feature already does this without requiring you to forward email. So stop forwarding your email, set up both email accounts on the iPhone, and now whenever you reply to an email, it will use that account’s reply address.

      Now, the problem is when you’re not using the iPhone. Possible solution:

      1. Download email software that has a similar “All Inboxes” feature as the iPhone.
      2. Switch over to the iPhone (and/or iPad) as your main email manager. Old desktop-computer habits die hard, I know. If you have to send long, epic emails, you’ll just have to tough it out by signing into the individual accounts and using a PC/Mac and using a traditional keyboard (or buy a wireless bluetooth keyboard for the iPad/iPhone).

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  3. Barbara McDonnell says:

    So my problem is related but different. Using my computer, I start an email with my msn account. The reply will then come to my msn account on my iPhone. so all is well. then I reply to that email on my iPhone and it shows up in both my msn and gmail sent folders. When I get a reply back, it is only to my gmail account. The default is set up for the msn account and the replies going only to my gmail happens whether I have my accounts merged or not. It is driving me nuts since people now have my gmail address and are confused about my address. So my problem is a little different.

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    • Alan says:

      Here’s a few things to check and try:

      (1) Go to Settings–>Mail, Contacts, Calendars, then select the MSN account, tap Account, and look at the Outgoing Mail Server and make sure it says something like MSN SMTP server. If not, I’d suggest deleted that account and adding it back to the iPhone.

      (2) In the same view (where we just left off in step 1), make sure under Description it’s not another email address (like your Gmail address). It’s the MSN address.

      (3) If both of those are ok, try deleting both accounts off the iPhone and adding them back again.

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  4. When I try to send out pictures to myself so I can send them out to others, my IPHONE 6 keeps putting in an old email address for me, and won’t remember my new email address. Any suggestions?

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