How to Send a Call to Voicemail With the iPhone

We’ve all been in this situation: the iPhone rings, but you can’t take the call. If you want to immediately silence the call (turn off the ringtone and vibration), press the sleep button once.

If you want to send the call directly to voicemail, press the sleep button again. So in other words, to send a call to voicemail after it rings, press the sleep button twice. The sleep button is located on the top of your iPhone on the righthand side.

Send iPhone Call to Voicemail: Press Sleep Button Twice

If you’re using the iPhone headphones, press the headphone button once to answer the call. Press it twice to send it to voicemail.

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  1. CDboulder says:

    is there a way to mark numbers in your contact list so that they always go to voicemail? This is available on android phones and is useful for redirecting sales calls.

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